To The Ones Who Mock Us

Thanksgiving day for me, started out pretty good. We had our family meal on Black Friday, so I chilled out at home. I lounged around, watching movies and occasionally going on my Facebook and Twitter to see everybody else enjoying their family fun and the delicious food. Everything was fine until about noon and it all went to hell.

I was scrolling through my Facebook and I saw this video and a very long status of somebody in the Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Facebook group that I’m happily a part of. Everybody in that group was furious. I didn’t want to watch the clip, FB just started playing it. Just reading the captions on the screen and all of the comments below pretty much took my breath away. I was so hurt. I’m not interested in politics, I actually try to stay away from it, but my folks are, my dad is still deciding I think, but my mom is, well was a supporter of Donald Trump.

After I saw everything on Facebook I retreated offline and watched the rest of Gone With The Wind from the night before. I didn’t know what to feel honestly. So I bottled it up, I just didn’t think I’d take my anger out on my parents. My poor mom came home from work to me in a mess of emotions. I was really upset and just before she took a nap I basically broke down. I was crying my eyes out. I was really hurt on how somebody who needs people to vote for him for president would make fun of another person’s disability. It doesn’t matter if that other person is a journalist, he is still a person and has feelings. People and family members of children like myself with AMC have feelings too. It’s never fun to be mocked by people who have nothing better to do.

Several days have past since seeing the video, thankfully not a lot of my family members have shared the video and talked about Mr. Trump with me in the room. I’m still fairly upset, because you know, he won’t apologize for it. At least he won’t give an sincere apology to the guy. It wouldn’t even matter if he apologized to all of the families that he offended, including mine. It wouldn’t mean a damn thing because the damage has already been done.

And then Kylie Jenner decided to piss off the wheelchair community, which is something else that I’m actively apart of since I don’t walk on my own two feet. Sad part is, I was less mad about it. Yes. I agree why everybody’s mad, she’s using it as a prop while the rest of us use it to get around. I’m on my second wheelchair but I’ve been waiting for a new one since 2013. The one thing I’m mainly upset about and I think everybody else would be too if they gave it some thought, shouldn’t this be part of the magazine’s fault for allowing this to happen in the first place? I’m not saying she’s not wrong, but think about it. Who made this to become the prop of the whole photo shoot? I doubt it was Kylie’s. So who’s really to blame here?

My most important question of this entire post is since when did it become cool to mock a person with any handicap? This goes for invisible, mental and physical disabilities. We have real problems here. I mean, the more these public figures continue to make the stupid choice in making fun of a person with a disability on television or in a magazine, who’s to say that they’re admirers won’t disagree? Everybody has said “we need to stop bullying” but yet I keep seeing these things pop up everywhere. You may have the right to freedom of speech, but it’s all bullying! Every single way you do it, it’s mocking somebody else’s daily struggle. I’ve been handicapped since the day I was born. Nobody has the right to make fun of what we might have wrong with us! And there’s nothing wrong with us, you’ll lose more people this way rather than gaining them.

So I’m done, for now.

23 thoughts on “To The Ones Who Mock Us

  1. I am not a fan of Donald Trump and I think that if he wins, which I am still not believing he has a chance in hell, that this country will be in a worse place than it already is. Donald Trump has no respect for anyone and definitely does not deserve to become the next President of the United States. Sorry about the rant. I really dislike him. I have never like him. Anyway, I agree that for him to mock someone with a disability is wrong and like you said about the bullying: I’ve seen that too. It’s like we spread the word about how bad bullying is, many states have made it illegal in schools, yet when the bullying happens, the school officials stick their heads in the sand and pretend that it isn’t happening and then you have celebrities getting away with mocking certain groups of people. Things really need to change. Thanks for your post Meghan! Someone needed to say it and you did a great job at wording it very well.

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    1. I’ve never really liked him either. I’m not a big fan of snotty rich folks.

      Yes to all the stuff at the bottom. I’ve kept my mouth shut enough this year, this one definitely bothered me too much to keep quiet. Thank you for the comment!

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  2. I agree with you wholehearted on this. Trump is an Arse. The fact he is also a possible contender for president is terrifying, some of his views are not fsr removed from what Hitler and the nazis expressed. That may sound rather extreme, but I genuinly believe that.
    As for bullying people with dissabilities, this makes me angry too. I work with peoole who have learning and physical dissabilities. They are the most wonderful bunch of people and for the most part are very accepted in our community, but every now and agaon someone will say or do something mean to them, usually I have to say the older generation who think those guys should still be locked away out of sight of ‘normal’ people.
    I do challenge them as much as I can without creating a confrontation (because my main concern is not to stress out my guys). #Anythinggoes

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  3. I saw that and was horrified that a) someone thought this okay and b) his supporters didn’t seem that bothered about it, let alone c) when called on it he didn’t have the decency to apologise. The other photo incident I had to google, but it does prove that planet fashion has no clue! I’m sorry that in the 21st Century we’re still having these conversations!

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    1. I was aggravated that he denied too! I mean even in the video it’s so obvious who he’s making fun of! The audience is another thing was I was angry about, I mean everybody behind him and they’re all laughing! What is funny about making fun of somebody’s disability? I mean seriously!

      My mom had to look up what Kylie did too, she was pretty mad about that too! :/


  4. It almost feels to me that unless your disability is “Flavor of the Week” and being talked about on talk shows and on the nightly news, or supported by some famous person, then it’s open season. Sort of like “It’s not cool to make fun of X, so we must instead find something else to make fun of – how about Y?” Then, when it’s not cool to make fun of Y anymore, they move on to Z. If we spent as much time engaged in the pursuit of understanding as we do in isolating ourselves from the trials of others, perhaps we would no longer need a “Flavor of the Week”. It’s 2015! No one should need to be told not to make fun of other people!


    1. I agree with you on this, everybody is just going back and forth to making fun of different things about people and then they say that’s bad and quickly change their views. Make up your mind people! It’s not that hard to find out what you support, you know?! You do or you don’t. If you don’t, just respectful to the ones around you. 🙂


  5. Well said. & I have to say that I think Donald Trump is a disgusting human being, and extremely dangerous should anyone actually give him any political power. He is so unbelievably ignorant, however, that you should not let anything he says bother you ever (of course, this is also why no one should give him any power ever). I actually get really annoyed by people harping on about their right to freedom of speech. 9 times out of 10 people going on about it are the ones wanting to use it to spread hate. It bugs me because very, very few freedoms are absolute – most are qualified by how they interact with other people’s rights and freedoms and by the need to maintain order in society. People spreading hate or ignorance are prime examples of why there do need to be qualifications on freedom of speech, because invariably they ARE interested in infringing the rights and freedoms of others by what they are saying. & I have never got why so many people think that their right to say publicly every nasty thing that enters their head would be more important than people’s rights to not have to hear it, be upset by it or be intimidated by it. #anythinggoes

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  6. If you have an issue with a journalist, call him out on his articles by all means, but to stoop to making fun of a disability says much more about Donald Trump than the person he is attacking. I still can’t believe there is a possibility, however tiny, that he could end up President of the USA. There is a line where free speech becomes bullying and that has to be stopped, especially when it is someone who in theory could be representing a country!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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