First Time Hosting A Blog Chat!

1vsaqykqwuzrr25ldxy3w915u3r3j6xnWell, I have to say I had myself too much fun! Thursday I did something I thought I’d never do, seriously! I hosted my first ever blog chat on Twitter. I’ve tried to promote it a bit throughout the week without being too annoying in the process! You know how I am, I feel I am driving people nuts when I’m not even doing anything! I’ve always wanted to do this, because as a blogger and finding that these things exists you automatically get so excited to talk to other bloggers, but actually hosting it! That’s a whole new level of both excitement and nervousness that you get to juggle! However, I wouldn’t have done it any other way! I will say next time, I’ll be eating first because I was so hungry towards the ending that I could hear my stomach growling over the music!

Back in July, Jasmine aka Color U Bold sent me a DM asking me if I would like to host US Blogger Chat sometime. I said of course, but in the back of my mind I was like, “no, what if your internet goes out that night?” So I’ll just go ahead and admit this now, this was what I am worried about all the time, which is why I haven’t asked to host any other chats that I see on Twitter yet. I took a chance on this one though because for two reasons: it is easy to know what time it starts, whereas my others start at like 2pm EST when it’s like 7pm overseas! This is my only chat on the weekdays that is from the US. I wanted to start out in a somewhat small, but fun way! I was thinking maybe talking about childhood memories at first, but I could never get the questions to form in my head but I could get like three about music. I thought this would be a lot of fun, because it isn’t necessarily blogging related. You don’t have go into technical details about what you do or don’t do. So I thought this could work better!

Something that I see in a lot of other chats is that whenever people give out questions, they only do like five or six of them in an hour! Granted for certain topics, if you want details for that question then I can understand that! I wanted to go big apparently, I somehow came up with ten questions! All of them were fun based, nothing too serious. Even though I almost went technical but I stopped myself. When the chat started, I was extremely worried that I’d be basically talking to myself. I honestly didn’t know how many people I’d really get especially talking about music. I knew it would be small, but when that clock hit eight, I was like I’m only going to have two people and that’s it! However, I quickly reassured myself with if you have two people tonight then you make it the best chat of the week! Ultimately I had a total of seven bloggers – one UKer even joined the party! So thank you Vianca, Lisa, Laura, Courtney, and Kirsty for joining me last night!

A reason why I wanted to do a “review” of how my first hosting job went, I thought it wouldn’t be fair to leave these questions for only bloggers. Plus, since it’s like 1am in the UK when the chat started, I figured maybe some of my other bloggers friends wanted to join the fun too!

Q1: What is your favorite genre and what is the last song you heard?

Now that I don’t have a word limit, I can kind of express myself a little bit more! I actually have a favorite genre, but there’s another that could be considered a “favorite” but also a little bit of a weakness too! I love symphonic metal! I was talking to a couple of girls that also like rock music, Lisa’s already told me she’s going to look it up! Don’t worry, I gave her a couple of suggestions: Within Temptation and Nightwish, if anybody else wants to explore the symphonic metal world a little! As for my second choice, I have a weakness for raggaeton! I really do! Sometimes I like to dance and it always makes me very happy!


Q2: I was a Backstreet Boys fan as a kid. I had posters, even had a small picture in a frame of Brian Littrell. So who did you have a crush on?

I’ve had Backstreet Boys, N’ Sync posters growing up! I’m still trying to figure out if that little picture in the frame was already made like that or if my nana did that for me? It honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

Q3: Music has the power to heal or help you escape bad times. Is there an artist/band or maybe a song that has rescued you?

In 2010 and 2012, I had some rough times in my life and there’s been one band during both years that really  helped get me through and it was the band My Darkest Days. Matt Walst’s voice is amazing! I was slightly happy when TDG announced him as their new singer last year, because I’d get an album with his voice on it. I’m still hoping for a miracle about the comeback of MDD though!

Q4: I am obsessed with movie soundtracks and scores. What is your favorite?

I love scores more than soundtracks actually! My favorite soundtracks are The Phantom Of The Opera and Spirit. Of course, The Lion King as part of the Disney classics! Favorite scores are Titanic and Avatar. 

Q5: What is the best place to find new music? Local radio stations, YouTube, SoundCloud, or Spotify?

I use local and Sirius XM channels, along with Spotify to take care of finding anything internationally based! I credit Spotify for allowing me to find music from The Netherlands, Sweden, and Poland.

Q6: Do you remember the time you could have a ringback tone on your phone? Do you remember what yours was?

My cousin and I tried to create one of these back in the day, I wanted “No Roads Left” by Linkin Park and it was a disaster! I have quite a few ringtones stored on my phone, but I hardly ever use them because my phone is always set on vibrate. Which gets me in trouble most of the time whenever I’ve lost my phone!

Q7: If you like featured singers on other songs, do you think there should be a limit in a year?

As an example to the question, I included artists like Pitbull, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, 2Chainz, and Juicy J to this question because they seem to be a “favorite” to a lot of people. I think it’s a bit annoying that we hardly anybody different as a featured singer on a song anymore. I like Pitbull and Ellie, but even I’ve gotten over this craze. However, I think we can all agree that this bunch has made different songs become bigger hits.

Q8: What was your first concert you ever went?

Mine was Jump5 and I went with a small group from church. I even took a friend of mine from school, who I think wore a Slipknot shirt there!

Q9: What is your ideal concert? Is it in another state/country? Who would want to perform, living or dead?

I included a blog post I did last year, but I thought I’d answer this one out a little bit more. I would love to see Within Temptation one day, along with a few others. My ideal concert would be totally handicapped accessible. I would like it to be in my home state.

Q10: Who is your favorite music related tweeter? Anybody got a favorite following them back?

My favorite tweeter has got to be Diplo, of course not now since he won’t stop retweeting “before and after to listening to Doctor Pepper” from random fans. I guess it is better than all the asses in a way! I’ve got a few people following me back like Flyleaf, Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Mark Ballas, Phildel and Philip Wesley.

I hope you like my questions. I already have my next topic in mind for the next time. I’m hosting again every third week of the month! So see you again soon!


4 thoughts on “First Time Hosting A Blog Chat!

  1. Thank you so much for hosting! I’m new to the whole Twitter chat thing and it’s nice to have such welcoming hosts. I liked that this one was smaller so don’t worry about that, and having a topic that was outside of just blogging was fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome!! If you ever want to know what other chats are around, let me know I can do my best at figuring out what times they start! I know majority of them but not apart of them all 🙂


  2. Yayyy I”m so glad you hosted, you did such a great job, I knew you could! These questions are so awesome! I like that you changed it up for the chat instead of just making it blogging related sometimes its nice to just chat about fun stuff! I wish I could’ve joined in that night but I can’t till you host again! In the beginning when I started hosting the chat I was soooo scared no one would come but slowly but surely they rolled right in…including yourself! Its a great moment when people join in haha! Thanks for sharing your questions on here such a cool idea to do!

    Jasmine 🙂

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