OOTD: Neon



Instead of getting a whole three days worth of goodness like you got last weekend. You’re only getting an OOTD of what I wore yesterday when I went over to my nana’s.  I think I should start off talking about what caused this brightly explosion of colors! When you have family members dressing you, they each have their “go to” clothes that they immediately pick out and I’ve been really good about telling my mom to pick something out that I haven’t worn in a while. I’ve been wanting to wear these animal print leggings for a couple of months now but they are very silky – for the lack of a better word.to use here. I brought them at Body Central a few years ago! You can kind of tell that they have a different texture than your normal leggings, they’re smooth and since the seat of my push wheelchair is already like tha, I could easily slip right out of it. I have like three different pairs of these leggings and we are all afraid I’ll fall and hurt myself if these two were to mix.

If you haven’t learned by now, I don’t own a lot of colorful or basic shirts. I just love wearing my band tees or anything else that’s dark and full of skulls! So this shirt is my only neon shirt in my closet and it actually goes with another summer-y shirt I bought at Body Central some years ago, doubt it was the same time as the pants! This shirt has the same texture of my leggings, which is really strange if you think about it. My fingers are also very sensitive and this is one of their favorites! It’s not loose or too tight in my “problem” areas. If I had more colorful leggings I’d probably wear it more often honestly! I also got my toe nails done by my nana! My mom offered to paint them earlier in the week, but she confused my first answer for “no” so she never did them but the only color we have at the house is red and I was more in the mood for my mellow yellow I mentioned last month in my nail polish post. I feel like I should get black and paint stripes on them to create a bumblebee design, but I don’t know! Sorry for no picture of them either.

So what do you think of my Friday’s outfit?