Tune Tuesday | New Zealand


We’re finally on New Zealand! Since I only used one band in last year’s post, I was able to save both acts for this one. I did enjoy sharing that post about Saving Grace and putting it on Twitter for the band, they retweeted it and loved it just as much! It made me feel very happy to spread the word about their music! That’s all I want to do as a music blogger is share what I find on whatever platform I find new stuff and make sure somebody has listened to them. Sharing music is like collecting Pokemon, you gotta catch them all!

I’m starting with the band Like A Storm first. I first heard their music on Sirius XM Octane with their single “Love The Way You Hate Me” and I literally love everything about that song! Ugh!! The introduction and the use of the didgeridoo! I love anything that is a tiny bit unique and this fits me completely! I think it took me a couple of weeks after they started playing it, and they were playing it a LOT because everybody was loving it as well! After a couple of months, they released another song called “Wish You Hell” and I really wanted my dad to listen to it so I actually forced him to hear it, but he didn’t like it as much as I thought he would and I thought he would really like it, it’s in his style that mostly listens to on his truck, phone. I can’t win them all! Back in May, while I was busy on Spotify looking for more music. I found out that the band had already released their album “Awaken The Fire” in January! Guess who felt like the dumbass?!?! Yup, me! I still haven’t managed to listen to it all, but I will. It sounds pretty badass with the few I did hear so that’s a good sign!

The second act, well artist is of course Lorde. She was only supposed to be part of my “femme fatale” theme a few months ago, but I couldn’t find the words to write that blog post so I left it for another day and today is that day! I found Lorde’s music in the same way everybody else did, through the radio after they started playing “Royals” religiously. I had to take my time to find my love for it but it was only a few days before that happened! I actually like her album, I don’t necessarily love it because several of her songs on “Pure Heroine” are a little boring to me. Do you remember a year maybe after her album came out and started winning awards in the “Best Rock” category? Everybody was basically outraged because she wasn’t a rock artist clearly. I thought about it one night and I remembered about artists from the 50’s and 60’s artists, groups that sounded more pop like Ray Charles, he quite a few rock based awards even though the music didn’t sound like rock music at all. People seem to forget that before the gritty guitars and harsh screams, there were bandstands winning these awards back in the day!

Love The Way You Hate Me – Like A Storm

Team – Lorde