Pearl Harbor


I wanted to start this post out differently from my other posts.

On December 7th 1941, Pearl Harbor (which is located in Oahu, HI) was bombed by Japanese planes. The attack killed over 2,000 people leaving a 1,000 wounded. They lost ships and aircrafts during the attack, which lead to a memorial to be built directly above one of the battleships called USS Arizona. In some of the pictures down below, are from inside the memorial. There’s a room that is dedicated to the fallen on USS Arizona, a large wall made up of names of both Marines and sailors on board the ship.

Before Blondie started her day walking around Pearl Harbor, she visited with some birdies! She’s having all sorts of luck finding birds in Hawaii. First it was the chickens and now it’s parrots! My sister, Batman, his grandma and cousin went to visit and Blondie told me the night before, that this was what she was most looking forward to throughout the whole trip. I asked her if she cried while walking around the place, she told me no, but she almost did. She also said it was pretty powerful and makes you think and what pissed her off more was that people burn our flags and disrespect our country. They visit the “Punch Bowl” cemetery, which is short for National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific and King Kamehameha’s palace.  She got a bunch of pictures of Oahu away from the resort that they were staying at, which are just too gorgeous!

Since she’s been home, she’s been on a very big history kick and every person that has fought for our freedom, recent and older, get a handshake and a thanks whenever she’s out. The next post will be about her time on the C-R-U-I-S-E!



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