Seen & Heard | August

UntitledHere it is, the end of August! I can’t believe how fast the year goes after summer ends. Once it becomes July, the rest of the months just slide on by! I’m already getting questions about what I want for my birthday and it’s only four months away! Even I haven’t that far yet! Okay, I have but it’s still too far into the future to really think about that in my opinion. My friend Ania and I were talking about this a few weeks ago, she had seen people countdown to Halloween! I saw my first one the other day! People seem to be more excited for the month of October than getting through September first!

I know I’m happy for September! All of my summer shows ended on the 19th starting with Wild N Out and then of course, the show that I didn’t think I’d so sad about but The Astronauts’ Wives Club ended for its first season! I don’t know they would do a second season after how the entire season played out. I do hope there’s a new season since ABC took off my Forever. As for my other shows like Mistresses, I Am Jazz (which I love too!), Mysteries At The Monument and Ink Master are all still going strong! The big comeback for my mom and I is the 21st season of Dancing With The Stars. I love how we always think we’ll never make it through summer break, but we do. We were very distracted in other interests this summer so it was smooth sailing! I’ve stopped watching Total Divas a couple of weeks ago! I love the Bella Twins and Paige very much, but everybody else has just become very whiny and too much for me to handle!

As you can see from the two movies I’ve decided to include in this post, I had a kid friendly but educational month! Somehow it was ruled by the Duff sisters on accident! I follow Haylie Duff on Twitter, I love watching her show on Cooking Channel, but she had promoted a Lifetime movie she starred in at the beginning of the month called His Secret Family. To tell you the truth, I’ve never watched a movie with her in it! I read the summary on the guide and I recorded it on my DVR. I watched it in three hours if I can remember correctly! It was pretty good, very suspenseful! My first “adult” Lifetime movie I’ve watched in a long time! A few days after that, I was up late looking through my guide again and found that The Lizzie MacGuire Movie was on ABC Family at 1am!! Who puts a movie like that on so late when there are others who would gladly like to watch it too! Is it too hones if I say I realized how cheesy it was and skipped through most of it just to sing the song at the end? Well, I did!

Back in January, I did the first installment of different movies I wanted to see this year and there was a film on it called Playing It Cool with Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie. It is a romantic-comedy type of movie. I always love it when Chris is in these of films, because he is pretty hilarious! It’s taking me a bit longer than I wanted to finish it but it’ll happen soon! A film that everybody in my family has seen but me, was Fury with Brad Pitt and Shia Labouef. I’ll be honest as bloody as it is, it’s very interesting! However, it’s safe to say I’ve seen WWII in every perspective now. I’ve been trying to find films that have had people buzzing about since the announce of their production was in motion, Foxcatcher was one of those movies and it stars Channing Tatum and Steve Carroll. Sadly I was interested at first but then I lost it so I deleted it on my DVR. Even my mom didn’t want to watch it! Lastly, the movie that I found a week before premiered on HBO was The Theory Of Everything and it was worth the wait! So, so good! It literally surprised me honestly because I don’t like able-bodied actors playing out disabled person but I couldn’t see anybody but Eddie Redmayne as Dr. Stephen Hawking!

I’ve recorded another kid friendly, it’s crazy how people when they go to think of the story lines for movies and they switch things around, I love the movie Shark Tale purely because of the fact that’s our world but underwater, in a fish’s point of view! It’s cute! And Will Smith voices him so of course that makes things 10x better!! I found it playing on Cartoon Network, hardly watch anything on there since the early 00s. Whenever my sister and I were kids, they used to do an all day marathon of Scooby-Doo. I don’t know who loved those days more, us or our mom. I also love finding concerts on TV. I have maybe 6 of them on my DVR right now and they range from pop to rock. I just recently added one by the band OneRepublic. So far so good since I’ve never been THAT big of a fan of them.

My sister’s boyfriend has been really nice and has let me rent a couple of movies here and there. The first time he asked if I wanted anything, I told him no because I only have one way to watch DVDs and that’s through my laptop but since it’s been freaking me out lately with its unpredicatble timing to want an update I just stopped asking for movies in general. That’s why I’ve been living off anything that plays on out movie channels. The second time he got me something, I liked it but I don’t have a clue what it was! He’s been letting me borrow his game consoles to watch these movies. They’re a little strange and my mom and I are too afraid to touch them. This time he got me Insurgent and I was sooo excited! I was so giddy that I think I scared the shit out of him. I never got to finish it but it was good in the parts I got to see!! I’ll rent it again soon and finally complete it.

What I’ve Listened To:

I love finding songs from my favorite TV shows, a little more than hearing one during a movie. Before all the shit went down on Mistresses, Callista (Jennifer Esposito) was standing out a hotel balcony thinking about tossing her wedding ring off the ledge and during this scene a beautiful song comes on. It was “Made For You” by Niia. It was a small scene, considering it was the end of the episode but I had to listen to it twice and that next morning I went on Spotify, found it and the rest is history! You guys know that I’m also a bit quick to judge. As I just recently published a post called “Better Than The Original” where I was talking about my favorite remixes. I can be hard to impress. I love Tiesto’s “Secrets” the way it is. So when I heard Diplo’s remix I wasn’t feeling it at first. Leave it to me two months later I’d cave after the BPM channel played it on the air. They haven’t played it since, I’d say it was fate, what do you think?

I also did a review of the new Bring Me The Horizon song. They released a second single a little bit after that release called “Throne” and I managed to surprise myself again and I have to say I might’ve reviewed the wrong song! This one is so much better! Rihanna’s not having the best time grabbing my attention lately. It took me WEEKS to get into both of her new songs! I can finally listen to “Bitch Better Have My Money” now! Getting back into the rock scene a little, the symphonic metal band Leaves’ Eyes released their new single called “Halvdan The Black” and man, is it good! You can read my review here. I also did a review of Prince Royce’s song “Back It Up” too if you want to read that one too! Rob Thomas is one of those artists that I like, but I don’t know it can be hard to explain sometimes whenever a band you like has a singer that does the same music as a solo artist. However, “Trust You” doesn’t like Matchbox Twenty thank god!

Some new songs, first up “Ghosts” by Feenixpawl featuring Melissa Ramsay. I really love this song! I almost know every word! Icona Pop is back with a new single called “Emergency” that I reviewed recently. It’s pretty great as well! I love to watch performances on TV and YouTube, but I’m only able to watch/listen to EDM mixes through YT so I’ve been finding more and more music that way. I watch too many JackU and just plain Skrillex shows. I know, I gotta stop but they’re all so good! I mean, I love watching the crowd’s reactions to every song that they play. A song that I’ve been hearing a lot in both sets is called “Burial” and it’s by Yogi & Skrillex together, featuring a couple of other rappers. I only like it because I can’t get enough of that damn beat! If I can just find out about that other one, I’d really be a happy camper! I will find it soon.