Several months ago, my sister’s boyfriend told her that his grandma had invited them on a trip to Hawaii with her and his cousin. When she told all of us, we were happy for her, but very jealous of course! Hawaii is somewhat special for our family. My papaw was stationed there during the Vietnam war. He still likes to tell stories, he was never on actual battlefield but he was trained the same way as the others. Everytime he eats a pineapple, he always says that Hawaii has the best pineapples ever. On the first day being at their resort, she took a picture of a pineapple with a straw sticking out of it! I wasn’t jealous of her until I saw that picture! Now she’ll come home talking about how good a true Hawaiian pineapple tastes like!

Blondie and Batman were waking up very, very early Thursday morning to drive up to Indianapolis for their two hour airplane ride to Dallas and then going for the eight hours to Honolulu. My mom told me that night before that they were going to be getting up at 2am. I figured I was either going to stay up until they left or go to sleep AND then wake up in time. Nope, I didn’t get up until around 5am. I’m really glad she gave me a hug before she went to bed that night! Their flight to Dallas was at 6am and then I don’t remember what time they boarded their flight to Hawaii all I remember was the eight hour wait was awful! However, I’m really glad that I can still text her! If she went somewhere else outside of the states, I’d be screwed! They got there around 8pm our time. It was like 1pm there! It’s a six freaking hour difference!! I didn’t know when to text her except in the afternoons and late at night!

When they arrived in Honolulu at their resort, they found out that their room was on the 23rd floor at their hotel. It had a beautiful balcony, that at first Blondie was too afraid to go out and sit at, but once she did she took lots of pictures of the ocean, the surrounding buildings, and the beautiful tall palm trees. My poor nana was without Facebook at this time and everytime she posts her pictures on hers, I’ve been saving them uploading them to Twitter and then sending her the ones of the trees! The first picture that she sent to Facebook was outside of a window of the view of the ocean below! I don’t know why I wanted to shiver but I did so after seeing this picture. I guess I was seeing cold water in my head! A little bit after they got there, they decided to go right off to the beach. I never did hear if the water was warm or cold, but I’d imagine it would neutral! I texted my sister late at night for her, it was like early morning for me! She told me everything was good, but they didn’t have their bags! My folks and I were worried through the whole 8 hour flight about her, the whole “losing baggage” was not on our minds! I told her at least she was there, safe and sound! They got their bags back at eight o’clock at night!

Day two, well technically it was their first real day there. They went to see Oahu, and visited a Buddhist temple, called “Byodo-In Temple” and the pictures were so beautiful! If you haven’t figured out by now that Hawaii is a beautiful to begin with, we’re all in trouble! She saw her first big batch of mountains which led me to ask on Facebook if she had seen a volcano yet! She said that she’d see one in a few days as they were going to fly over it in a helicopter! Sorry, but even I would not been able to get through that in one piece! I’ll just it from a good distance away! Anyways, they also got to go see the Dole plantation. Does that sound familiar to you Americans? The first thing that popped into my head was pineapples, later on after seeing the other pictures were bananas! From there she pointed out that there were a lot of cats and chickens running around. Everybody in our family was like, “oh god, she’s gonna smuggle in a chicken/cat!” She ended her night exploring and found out that they fire off fireworks every Friday! I would have shared those, but they are very blurry!

Next post will be about her time at Pearl Harbor!! 🙂