Seen & Heard | September

UntitledThis past month has been pretty eventful.

I’ve had a successful time getting back into watching movies!! I literally started off the month of September in a very lazy way, so watching movies have been a way to pamper myself. I recorded ones that I love and always seem to regret after I’ve deleted it. I found Ray in the beginning of the month and it took me two days to watch it. I love this film, but it sort of makes me feel uneasy too. It might be from Jamie Foxx is playing one of the most famous blind musicians in the world. A couple of days later I found a movie that I haven’t seen but I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it for years. Edward Scissorhands. No, I’ve never seen it before! I thought it would be “scary” and that’s why I think I stayed away from it. I can say with a straight face that I actually loved it! It took me almost a full week to finish it though!

Another movie that I hadn’t seen, but EVERYBODY else has! High School Musical 3: Senior Year. I don’t remember watching it, but somehow I knew the melody of the songs because I was humming right along. It was really weird! I did like it and I didn’t cry to it like I always seem to do with the second film. When Gabriella comes back at the end and the song starts, I just start bawling and I’ve never understood why but it happens! While I was looking through our movie channels I found Titanic and I was an idiot! The morning I chose to try to finish it, I had to go to the bathroom really bad. So I watched the last parts of the film aka the sinking scenes, full of water while I thought I was going to pee my pants!! I did fine though, I think having the TV on mute helped a bit too! I don’t hear all the splashes and somber music either.

The night of the morning I finished up Titanic, I thought about how much I really wanted to watch the third installment of The Cheetah Girls films. After that I went looking for something to watch that night and I ended up finding that exact movie!! I was soooo happy! Whenever this happens I always feel like I have telepathic powers! A couple of weeks later, I found the Half-Blood Prince of the Harry Potter films. Truth be told, I’ve seen this one and the first part of Deathly Hollows a lot less than the others. So you could understand my excitement when I found both of them playing on ABC Family! I have ALL of the HP films on my DVR. I can actually watch all of them in order and on really low days that’s what I’ve wanted to do! Besides these I also wanted to check out Into The Woods. I’m not even a half hour into it and I hate it. I know my history though, I can say that I don’t like it but once I finish it I can have a totally different opinion. Another movie I’ve been unsure about is The Wedding Ringer. I don’t really like Kevin Hart that much so I’m thinking it might be my problem. Josh Gad just reminds me of Olaf. It might take a miracle to get me through both films at this rate!

There is a lot of talk about the final Mockingjay film of The Hunger Games franchise lately, but I finally found the first part and I was so happy!! I have to say as much as I loved Catching Fire, this might be my favorite installment so far! I am a HUGE history/suspense fan but since I’ve watched a lot of movies with the same twists and turns, I just don’t feel like watching them anymore. I kept seeing the movie The Da Vinci Code popping up on our Starz channels in the past few days and I finally read the summary and recorded it. My dad has seen it and said it was pretty interesting!! I was very impressed at how much I wanted to know what would happen next. Everytime I thought it would end–there were like three different places where it could have done that–it never did! I had missed a few key parts that you find out throughout and even though I figured who Sophie was, I was still memorized! What got me the most though it was directed by Ron Howard. Wow!

I caved in! The sequel for The Maze Runner just came out a couple of weeks ago and I finally watched the first film. I’m still fairly confused about it all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see the second one. Dylan O’Brien is a cutie pie!! He kept reminding me of a kid I went to school with too so that made things a little bit better! I love recording old childhood classics on TV and I finally found the animated version of The Jungle Book! I was so happy! I’ve had The Bare Necessities” stuck in my head for the last several days. I’m hoping by the time I finish the actual movie it’ll disappear! A film that I’ve truly missed is Step Up. I actually have this film on DVD but it likes to skip a lot so maybe it was a good thing it showed up on the Starz channels the other night. I love the movie!! It was how I got so into Channing Tatum and his future wife Jenna Dewan. It was also the rediscovery of using hip hop influences with classical instruments. I love that combination so much!! I also taped National Treasure: Book Of Secrets and Ask Me Anything!

This month saw the return of my mom’s favorite show How To Get Away With Murder, Empire, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The only one on my list is Last Man Standing. And then you’ve got our favorite Dancing With The Stars on Mondays now! She and I actually wanted to watch Rosewood and the other didn’t know they wanted to watch it. I’ve found Nashville rerunning their first season on AXS channel and I’m really excited because I really wish I had watched it during the beginning, but I didn’t think it would be a hit like it has! I’ve also decided to watching Blood & Oil. I’m not watching it for Chace Crawford so don’t go there! I’ve been a little curious every time the trailer pops up. It’s not as good as Quantico! Oh my gosh, I think this might be a new favorite for me!!

What I’ve been listening to:

I’ve decided to shorten this part a bit by only including the music I’ve reviewed this month. Hope you don’t mind!

“Smoke Break” by Carrie Underwood
“Change The Channel” by Francensco Yates
“Raise Hell” by Dorothy
“Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld
“Stand By You” by Rachel Platten
“On My Mind” by Ellie Goulding
“Hold On” by Mogaui featuring Cheat Codes
“Stereotypes” by Black Violin
“Confident” by Demi Lovato

Love and War by ZZ Ward
Francensco Yates by Francensco Yates

Song Review: “Confident” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato.

I am LOVING her new song!! The title track of her brand new album, “Confident” comes out next month! I heard this song last Monday and I was soooo happy to hear something strong from her. She is a very powerful woman and this song just represents a very confident woman well. I love the introduction just a little bit too much, which was the reason when it came out on my TV I actually took my toes off my remote and actually listened to the song fully. I love the fanfare of horns and drums; that combination makes for a fierce starter! I’m a little over with the repeated phrase “what’s wrong with being” in the chorus, but it is very good!

It’s a lot better than “Cool For The Summer” and I understood the reason why that song was released first because it was the end of the summer and everybody likes a good summer-y song. I thought it was a bit cliche but this made up for it! I haven’t been a really big fan of Demi’s music, my sister is of course definitely addicted to her as an individual and music. I’ve always been neutral. I am ready for this “new” side of Demi Lovato though! I want to see this fierce woman bring brought out in this album, so I’m excited!

My Small Jewelry Collection!



As somebody with a disability, my wheelchair(s) have always been MY accessory. My electric wheelchair being the bulkest, obnoxious one of all! I’ve always loved jewelry. When we were kids, my sister and cousin and I would be over at my nana’s late at night for a visit and she’d be looking through her jewelry box for a necklace or a pair of earrings. We would find these little gems as treasure because majority of them hadn’t been worn in a really long time, so they had dust or cracks on them. I think Blondie and Kristi tried on a lot of the jewelry back then, especially the earrings. I was the last one to get my ears pierced in 2010. It was a disaster but I did like wearing my little music notes and guitar earrings.

As I’ve explained in some of my posts before, having my condition Arthrogryposis my arms and legs are very skinny. The disease affects my joints, I have hardly any muscles in these areas. The only way I can describe how small they are is by comparing them to a toilet paper roll. I think my wrists are a little bit smaller. I can’t wear rings of course, because of the fact my fingers are so tiny, rings of any size just slip right off. So from a young age I’ve had a serious hatred for them. I can wear rings on my big toes, but I’ve never really cared for them. My art teacher back in Elementary got me one and she said something like “we match now” since I’ve always wanted to be like everybody else this was my alternative. I think I only worn it for less than a week before I gave it back to her. Rings are just not a favorite of mine.

I’ve always loved necklaces and bracelets though! The only problem with the longer chain of necklaces the actual charm or whatever is like covered up by my left hand. 90% of the time my mom has to put the charm on top of my hand so it’s visible. I either need to get a shorter chain or a really long one! I have one that is lost and it’s one I got at Spencer’s one time. It’s silver and has a gothic frame of a Victorian lady in black and it sooo screams me! It has a long chain and it’s pretty heavy, so it actually goes past my hand! Leave it to me to lose it! And then I have my two special necklaces. My mom and dad named me “Meghan” six letters and we hardly ever see anything like mugs, necklaces, etc with my spelling. So I’ve always had a “M” necklace. It works, I actually picked it out at Wal-Mart because I didn’t have one and then a few months later while my mom and dad went shopping they were in the jewelry section and she found MY NAME on a necklace and had to buy it. Unfortunately for both of them, I hardly ever wear them, mostly because of the hand thing.

As far as bracelets go, I love them!! I’m actually okay with the fact I can’t wear them on my wrists. I do actually have one bracelet that can fit on my tiny wrists. I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago from my friend Tabby from England. It is a friendship bracelet, it has this heart charm that has a key entrance in the middle and it is incredibly small but fits like a glove on my wrist! I almost cried when my mom put it on my arm for the first time, because it’s so difficult to find anything that’ll fit.  If I do wear it, I rather have it on my right hand because it’s much lower placed on my body. Tabby has the other one that has the key on it! My mom recently got these animal bracelets she found at CVS, she likes to wear different bracelets and has worn a few of mine before! I have like two, I have a purple/turtle and rainbow/elephants. There are supposed to mean something each one but I don’t have a clue what these two mean so I’m sorry! The first bracelet I ever bought myself was when Blondie was at school up north.  We went into this artisanal accessories store called CeCi’s by this lady, I found this orange bracelet that had spikes glued onto the string. It can be considered a cuff I guess. It fits on my legs like a glove and it’s honestly my favorite bracelet! I regret not getting the red one that day too!

I have a small batch of bracelets that I got in the span of two years I think. I got this pack of bracelets once in Spencer’s again. They came four in a pack, black and silver with different charms. I have one that says “Love,” a cross, skull, and the last one was a bunch of silver studs. All of them have a elastic band so they can stretch and slip onto my feet. My heels are VERY large so this is considered a brilliant invention! I have another bracelet that has skull and spike charms going through around it. It is black and a dark gold shade. It brings out my rocker side! However, not like my big one! I have another cuff I got from that place CeCi’s and it’s huge! It also has giant spikes on it too!! We have a saying in my family, that it can be considered a weapon!! I have to be extreme careful whenever my mom goes to lift me up so that I don’t stick her! This is definitely my favorite of the bunch!

I think that’s all of them!! Hopefully in my future OOTDs I’ll actually remember to wear some of them so you can get a glimpse of what I go through wearing each item I’ve described.

921 023 921 024 921 027 921 028

Song Review: “Stereotypes” by Black Violin

I have one real weakness in music. Difference.

It’s one of the things I strive to find in every genre, artist or band. I like to be surprised with my music. I always go for things that are a little out of the box. I get bored with what I hear on the radio and even on my iPod that whenever I get into this mood, I have to go out of my way to find something out of the ordinary, but maybe in a way that’s a good thing. It’s almost like a secret club, you’ve invited to listen to something different and everybody doesn’t know about it and when they want to, you get to be the one to invite them in or keep them out.

I am a big fan of instrumental groups like Finnish group Apocalypatica to all female French group Elikpse and lastly American violinist Lindsey Stirling. Now I’ve found a duo called Black Violin and they’re from Florida. These two dudes creating music with only a violin and viola, but they’re songs are in all types of genres. I found this album on Spotify after not having it for four days! Technically I saw this as a win for me! Truth be told, if I see a violin or piano as a cover for anything, music, books etc there’s a pretty good chance I’ll cave and check it out. When I put it in my Starred playlist, I thought it was only one song. Nope, it put ALL 11 tracks on it. While I was busy removing the tracks on the playlist, I kept up one of the songs included and figured out my first theory was right. Kev Marcus and Will Baptiste are creating beautiful music with real instruments, but they’re doing it in different genres! I was sold and I had only heard one song!

I had originally wanted to do an album review, but I decided to shorten it down because there are far too many songs for me to talk about, I’m really sorry! Honestly though, their title track “Stereotypes” is amazing!! I think the story behind each part has like a double meaning to it. The song starts off pretty slow, almost creepy like and it breaks off with each one going on their own in different sections. These are classical instruments that you’re used to hearing in symphonies and during ballet showcases, but they have made this song sound more like hip hop. I’ve always felt that with hip hop music there’s a firm tone to it, almost like when an artist has said something truthful or what they care about, You can feel the emotions through the music too. Although it’s a very strong sound, it’s really simple too. You can basically only hear the violin, viola and synth beat. I mean, that’s it and sometimes that’s all that is needed to create something interesting.

And then while you’ve got this incredible music, there’s the word part; It’s not lyrics or a poem really the first section is of different voices, women, men, and children saying what the definition of the word “stereotype” means. I thought it was very interesting to not use that in the actual song, but while this section is being played on the music video you’ve got people in different clothes, whether it’s a doctor’s uniform, a young girl in a dress, or a guy looking like a “terrorist” since us Americans think everybody from the Middle East is out to kill us. We stereotyped them because of what happened in 2001, which I understand why people would but not EVERYBODY in this world wants to kill people. Some of us want world peace. I love the last bit of the song though! Since I don’t know who is who because I just found them, but one of them says what his perspective of what people tend to think about him and how he feels about stereotyped. It was all very educational in a way!

If anybody is curious I have listened to the whole album and it’s like REALLY good! You should definitely check it out!

Have you heard of Black Violin before? You may have, just so you know! What do you think of the concept of this song? What’s your thoughts about it?

Sitting On The Porch


The other day i had my sister help me upload all 58 pictures on my SD card. I was surprised that I could even take that many!! Of course I had a few more but I had to delete them because they were awful! I had taken a lot of pictures of different things, I had some things on my “blogging to-do” list like the jewelry collection and such. I also haven’t had a post with a lot of pictures of our cats in a while so I figured I’d talk about them.

On my Twitter I’ve been saying how much I love getting on the floor and doing my fuzzy posters, but sometimes even before I go to do that I scoot my little self out of my room and through the living room to the kitchen where my mom allows me to go out on our back porch to sit with our cats. I find they are more friendly and welcoming when I’m at their level. I try to stay leaning up against the door so nobody can stand at the door begging to be let in. Stormy is the only one that has found a way around this. There are like eight posts sticking out on the porch and he can jump up on the one closest to the door and peek his head around and meow. He’s been doing that since he was a baby and he seems to be the only one that has mastered and called that post his! He stays up there even when I’m out there and sadly I haven’t figured out a way to get a good picture of him yet.

The first day I was out it was pretty warm, easily somehow around 70 degrees, but it wasn’t that toasty whether you sat in the shade or in the sun. The cats tend prefer to lay out on the porch in the shade whereas our dog ChiChi loves to lay in the sun. The second day was actually pretty chilly outside, but for us living in the Midwest we’d rather have the temperature in the mid 60s or early 70’s, that’s like the perfect temp for me honestly! It represents fall like weather to me! However, out of all the pants I own and were wearing that afternoon it would be the thinnest fabric ever! I was feeling the breeze all the way up to the thighs! I wasn’t really feeling that too much but it did feel always to be outside with the sleeping beauties! This was also the day I decided to open my window for the first time since like April! I got to scare members of my family during that time too!! It was great to have it open and smell the cool air coming into my room. I sat on my floor and did a couple of fuzzy posters!! So relaxing! The third day though, it was back to like 75 degree weather and I noticed I was sweating while trying to take everybody’s pictures! I’m going to be sad when it gets really cold out and there’s snow and ice all around because I won’t be able to sit out there anymore.

I’ve almost got all of the younger ones used to me now. I still have problems with Toni, Tazy, Otis and Ozzy running away from me wheelchair or not. I’ve managed to get both Gru and Oscar comfortable with me though which is nice!! Once I start scooting over the entrance (it’s like a mini hill for me!) Oscar starts meowing and so far he has the loudest meow of the bunch. We can have a whole conversation with only him knowing what the hell I am saying!! Nelly is the neutral kitty. He’s not really used to me yet but he’ll let me pet him and obviously take his picture! So now we have three cats that love to pose: Nelly, Gru, and Bear Bear. Oh! The last of the three days I went out, my mom got the camping/fold out chairs from my dad’s shed and they are randomly sitting out on the porch. I guess Bear Bear decided to calm one for himself because when I went out I couldn’t find him but then he started stretching and I saw little brown paws sticking out in the corner of my eye and there he appeared! I tried like five minutes trying to take a picture of him but again I’m too damn short! So I had to have my mom to assist me in getting his picture and when he figured out that she had a camera and so he kept changing positions in the chair. When she gave it back to me he got down and started being lovey dovey and he is NEVER like that with me! When he was a kitten, he used to attack my butt because it stuck out of the push wheelchair. Nothing like having a claw going through your pants!

Something that I think I should point out with taking pictures with my camera, it’s a bit difficult to lift up in the air and push the button. I have figured out how to do it, but I’ve noticed I’m REALLY shaky whenever I have it resting on top of my right foot whenever I try to get a picture. So I’ve resulted to leaving on the surface and taking it that way. I think it looks cooler that way! It’s on the same level as their faces and they seem more relaxed than having it right up in their eyes, especially if I forget to turn off the flash! Oops!

921 030
921 015
Stormy. Giving me that look of “really?”
921 004
921 007
Nelly and a photobomb made by Grumpy. He looks scared as hell!!
921 002
Toni & Oscar
Toni & Oscar
This is was one out of three my mom took of Bear Bear in his chair
This is was one out of three my mom took of Bear Bear in his chair
Gru and Oscar.
Gru and Oscar.
Another picture my mom took, this is Grumpy.
Another picture my mom took, this is Grumpy.
A little obsessed with their paws now!! These are Grumpy's paws.
A little obsessed with their paws now!! These are Grumpy’s paws.