Song Review: “Halvdan The Black” by Leaves’ Eyes

I’ve been pretty excited about new music from Leaves’ Eyes. It still puzzles me that it’s been two years since “Symphonies Of The Night” came out! That’s freaking insane!

When it comes to finding great music, you’re always looking for that next best thing! That lingering question emerges, will it be better or worse than the album before? I’ve had a difficult getting into bands that use story concepts for their albums. It’s very interesting to see an actual story take place within an album, but knowing that every single song is part of the same outline as the one before it, you feel like there’s no room for other topics. Some bands like Leaves’ Eyes don’t necessarily use true feelings, sometimes they write about Vikings folklore and things of that nature. It’s cool on how Liv and Alexander write their songs that way, because also being in a type of band that makes symphonic metal (meaning using both classical and heavy metal elements together, such as choirs, orchestra, and three guitars) it helps make the song pop! It gives it life in a way.

When I first heard this song I had just heard an EP from another symphonic metal band but that wasn’t as dramatic sounding as this did. The sirens and chanting at the beginning give it that dark feeling and it’s honestly a great way to start off and then a choir and guitars start up and that adds another layer of greatness! Usually I love Liv’s light vocals on these types of songs but since it gave me such a dark, black feeling during the introduction I think Alexander’s part is the brilliant thing to have in this song. Unfortunately I hate the guitar solo like always! I think they could have exchanged that with something to make it better, but other than that it’s an amazing song! I just hope the album’s just as good or even better! I’ve been let down three times in the past few months, I’d like to love at least one symphonic heavy metal album this year!

What do you love/hate about Leaves’ Eyes new single? What do you think their new album will sound like? 


One thought on “Song Review: “Halvdan The Black” by Leaves’ Eyes

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