EP Review: “This Mixtape Is On Fire” by Dillon Francis

This has been on my list to review since the damn thing was announced. I actually told myself back in June that I wanted to come out of this EDM craze for a bit and go back to rock/metal but I was still going to listen to this and review it. I’m not fully out of it like I wanted to be, but I’m okay with it. Dillon Francis is becoming a new favorite of me. I’ve listened to his remixes and his first album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule and I’m so happy I went out and listened to him on my own. It happened like a month before “Get Low” was being played everywhere on advertisements!

There is a difference between this EP and his debut release. Which subgenre do you categorize it in, the answer is simply: moombahton. The definition of this word plainly explains that it’s a mixture of both house and raggaeton music. I love raggaeton music, always have. I’m slowly introducing myself to the whole house thing for a lack of a better word to use here. I’m still debating whether or not I like it. However, I am loving moombahton a lot! It’s a very unique genre. I honestly need to find more of it because I’ve been living off of both Dillon and Major Lazer, which I’m not complaining. I just want more and maybe I’ll find more DJs experimenting with it soon!

This EP has a total of seven tracks and he got quite a few people to work with on this. So let’s start with the first single that was released that made me all sorts of happy and it’s “Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin).” I love when tracks surprise me! From the moment it started, you know it’s going to make you dance. It’s the how “hard” that you are going go and then you find out and it’s perfect and you’re not going to be sitting still through the rest of it! The next one is called “What’s Your Name” and it features Calvin Harris. It has a house type of intro going on. I think it’s good and different, but right now it’s not one of my favorites. I’ve listened to it a lot since it came out and I don’t know. Just not feeling it. The third one is, how do I say this nicely? IT’S FUCKING AWESOME! Sorry, it needed to be said. I love everything about “Bun Up The Dance” like seriously! This one does something weird to me, I cannot stop dancing to it! It’s ridiculous of how much I’ve listened to it already! Oh and it features Skrillex and honestly you can’t even tell! Sounds a bit harsh, but you think it’s all Dillon because he’s came up with some crazy shit before! Totally got me by surprise!

The next one is called “Pull It” and it features Bro Safri and it’s another one of those very weird songs, but I like it! It’s not like anything that I normally hear on a daily basis. Let’s face it, nothing I listen to can be considered “normal.” There are so many sounds and in some way they all mesh up together amazingly. Really good! And there’s a track called “Coming Over” that has another house DJ on it by the name of Kygo and James Hershey as a guest singer. It’s totally a house type of song but it’s not bad! It’s nice and easy going, this feels like a good summertime song, almost perfect ending to the summer of 2015! The last one of the brand new tracks is “Lies” and it has Chromeo on it. This has such a simple, almost elegant introduction. However, it also makes me think of it like a house version of 2Pac’s “California Love” is that bad? I love the guitar solo, that’s definitely something that you don’ hear in dance music! Lastly there’s a remix that is of “I Can’t Take It” and oh my god, do I love this so much! It’s called the Party Favor Remix, which sounds about right! Every time I hear this song I get so fucking happy! I’ve said that F word a lot in this review! I don’t say it unless I mean it and it is!

This mixtape is on fucking fire! You should get it! Not even joking, you really should. If you want something different, just buy it and then maybe you’ll start to understand why my hips and lower back have been giving me problems for the last couple of weeks!

Tune Tuesday | Scotland



Another place we didn’t visit last year and I think at first it was on my list, i just opted out because I didn’t think I knew enough at the time. I’m still finding artists and bands that i just assumed were either American or British, but they are actually Scottish! Who knew! Literally all three acts I’m about to list off I swore were British!

Firstly, since i’ve been talking about a lot of dance music in the last few months, you can’t exactly leave out Calvin Harris. I am sad to say that I’m not a big fan of his music. He’s got a lot of great songs and he and Taylor Swift look great together! I’ve just never been drawn towards the dude. Emile Sande is an artist that I haven’t listened to a lot, but I think she has a gorgeous voice! I’m hoping maybe after I finish these posts I’ll work on listening to more of her music! The next one came about after my mom got obsessed with her song that was just playing constantly on the radio! KT Tunstall is an artist that has a beautiful voice and her music so good! I know this is so short, but it’s all I got for right now! I’m sorry!