Life Lately | 4 Months



On Monday, you’ll be getting my normal summary of what I’ve been watching and listening this month. It’s been a little while since I’ve given you an update on our babies! We are not very good at keeping track of their birthdays, we barely know who is from which litter at this point! The newest kittens seem to have been born at the same time, back in April. So all of them are four months old! We recently found out that all of them are boys except for our calico, Toni. Majority of you know that we have two black/white kitties and three gray/white ones, well one of them didn’t have a name. I’m still puzzled why we never named him, but before we found out he was actually a boy I had come up with his name, it’s Felix. At first nobody liked it. Blondie still calls him “FiFi” to be honest with you! That is the second kitten that I’ve successfully named. I say this because usually somebody hates the ones I come up with and changes them.

I tried my best not to get attached to these kittens. When it was just Bootsie and Midget’s litters, it was a small group and in the beginning we had homes for most of them… and then Wren came around with her three and we only gave one kitten away. When I realized that there was no hope for dad and we weren’t going to be giving any more of them away I started to come around more and more. I honestly love little Otis, but he is my mom’s baby! So I can’t exactly bond with him like I have with Stormy. I’ve been around a couple of the others but they never seem to like my feet or wheelchair(s) except for Mr. Felix. My mom recently brought him into my room the other day while I was on the floor. At this point I already had Ozzy and Otis. I felt a bit spoiled to have 3 different kittens in my room in one day! He came in and it was completely different from the other two, he was loving the one-on-one attention. We chatted. (I was blessed with sneezing and meowing like a cat at birth!) He kept rubbing up against me and climbing up my back and hands to reach to bump heads. It was so sweet! Blondie said that means they recognize you as “family.” You learn something new everyday!

Yesterday afternoon, I went on the floor because I was a little bored. My sister was doing her laundry in the bathroom and I knew she would be distracted so she wouldn’t hear me open my door and I started to scoot out into the small hallway, waited a bit until she was done and as soon as she turned off that light I shouted “boo” and she jumped right out of her skin. I couldn’t help myself! Everybody loves scaring the shit out of me, thought it would be some good revenge! However my ass is screwed for later! Oh well! Anyways, I scooted into the living room and got my kisses from ChiChi and I went into the kitchen, all of the babies were laying by the door. My mom opened up the door and let me scoot outside, the cats didn’t know what to do with somebody already down at their level. I had Tubby, Felix and Stormy–all my babies–around me purring and growling at one another! All I kept thinking was, “please don’t jump on me to attack him!” After probably 20-25 minutes I went back inside because I kept getting bit by mosquitoes and they were bored/scared of me.

The real reason why I was on the floor, surprisingly wasn’t cat related and no, I’m not lying! Last week I had a mini breakdown. It’s August and through the beginning of October I am usually very aware of my emotions. I get so scared I’ll crawl back into my depression and I’ll never want to come out again. Leave it to me to have a breakdown just before my mom was to go to bed because she had to go to work that morning. I say I had a “mini” breakdown but it might’ve seemed like a big one to my mom since she hasn’t seen me like that for a while! I have a lot of frustrations and nobody knows how to help and I just feel like it’s no use to say something. I just keep my mouth shut and then this happens… it sucks because I honestly hate making people feel like crap but I also feel like they give me a lot of excuses nowadays and I don’t want to hear those types of things. I believe actions speak louder than words and I want something that’s going to motivate me and make me feel better about how my life is going! I don’t like hearing the same things over and over again.

One of the things my mom suggested I get back into doing was something that I loved to do when I was little. When my nana worked out in her garden – my dad too! They would always need mulch or what we used, tore up newspapers. It was something that my sister and I used to do a lot to help out! Apparently I was the only one who seemed to really enjoy it because even when it was autumn/winter I would still do it! I remember it being a good therapeutic way to get my aggressions out. So after being out with the babies, I asked my mom had any used newspapers. I went back in my room and she laid out two small stacks of them. I shut the door and put on Butcher Babies and all my problems were gone! Well, almost! Once I get the rest shredded they will be. 😉

I hope everybody has been enjoying their weekend!