Song Review: “Back It Up” by Prince Royce featuring Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

I’m no longer in denial, this song’s pretty good!

I haven’t listen to Prince Royce’s music before. I’ve seen it play on the radio some, but I usually switch it off. One day I either got too lazy to change the channel or I just gave it a chance. Either way, I let it play and even though I’m still not exactly thrilled about using both JLo and Pitbull, it’s actually really good! The way I’ve been hearing is with both Jennifer and Pitbull, but it’s the “video” version. The song actually doesn’t need Pitbull if I’m being totally honest here, it was perfect the way it was with just Prince Royce and Jennifer together.

I really love the beat of course. It makes me want to dance to it everytime it comes on. Even though I said above that Pitbull really isn’t needed in the track, but the tempo kind of changes during his section. It makes your hips and waist want to move a little faster than what you were doing before! I don’t know why but since this song is new, it brings an old memory of my sister dancing like a bunny and when the chorus starts playing and Royce says “back-back-back it up” that tape in my head rewinds and the image of my sister hopping like a bunny goes backwards. So now everytime I listen to that part I get that image but it makes me happy and music is supposed to help you remember certain things and bring happiness!

What do you think of Prince Royce’s new song? Do you think it would still be as good without Jennifer Lopez or Pitbull?

Song Review: “Save Yourself” by Claire de Lune

I found this song on accident, going through my following lists on Spotify. I hadn’t look through them and listened to the new stuff on them for a while and I’m glad I did because I found this song.

I’ve never heard anything by Claire de Lune before, but I’ve heard of lots of songs called “save yourself” technically I’ve never been disappointed. And I’m not saying it that way, because I hated it. I actually liked it. It’s very nice, very soft but powerful too. I like how it starts out with only the deep sounds of the piano and then transferring to Claire’s low vocals and slow drumming, makes it sound dramatic without having to use so much at one time. It’s also less annoying that way too! However, in doing this a listener like myself is always looking for that section where the song transform, kind of like something exciting happens and makes it 10x better! Unfortunately, this is not the song.

I do like it though, I mean the message behind it is pretty good. I’m just looking for something that doesn’t like everything else I hear on those playlists, it’ll be stacked up with the rest of those deep sounding tracks. It’s not different enough for me, but I still rate it like 5/10 so that’s not THAT bad.

Life Lately | Cats & Crickets!



So… this post wasn’t supposed to go up until next week, but I thought I have enough of the last two weeks to share it now! I’ve been feeling pretty good mentally, if I can get through these mild back aches I would be a happy camper! I struggled with small back spasms a couple of weeks back. Thankfully they never grew too bad that I had to take medicine to get rid of them. Majority of the pain I’ve had has been pretty tamable on my own so I find that as a good thing!

Two weeks ago, I went on the floor to basically get rid of my never ending boredom and I went out to the living room, I managed to scare the crap out of my dad! That hardly ever happens anymore! He was messing with his phone and mom was reading the paper so they were both distracted. It was Sunday because our neighbor came over a to bring over a tray of green beans for my dad to fix for our neighborhood dinners we have almost every week. I was sitting on the floor attempting to get our dog ChiChi to play, she wasn’t having any of that! However when dad was sitting down in his chair, he gave me her baggy of dog treats and told me to give her a few but I ended up giving her two but in small bites because apparently she’s like our dog Chance and doesn’t like to chew her food. All of our dogs at one point or another have had this problem! When our neighbor came over, she kept barking at him so I tried my best at shutting her up and started producing smaller bites of her treats faster! It worked to my advantage but she still didn’t feel like playing with me afterwards.

When my dad left to go into town, my mom brought in little Otis. I can’t exactly go outside as much as I’d like since it’s been so hot and the fact that we have a wasp nest on part of our back porch. So my mom brought in “Mr. Cuddles” and I call him that because he LOVES cuddling with my mom, but everytime she put him down on my lap he’d quickly go off and start exploring. We still have some toys we got with Bootsie’s first litter of kittens (Tubby’s group!) and I tried my best to get him to play with me too. I was going to get one of these animals to play one way or another! After some time, he finally caved in and started wadding the toy and my toes. When my dad came back, it took him a bit to figure out he was inside, he’s still quite tiny and freaks out whenever my dad’s boots are near. Yeah, they’re afraid of boots but not the wheels of my wheelchairs! My poor dad has been calling him “Oliver” and “Meow Meow” as it was his nickname, I guess the name “Otis” is too close to “Oliver” for him!

Later on that day, after Otis tried to eat ChiChi’s food and the dog attempting to bite him in the process, I went back into my room doing what I originally got on the floor to do in the first place. I got that fuzzy poster and I almost finished it. I’m pretty proud of myself because whenever I do anything in the art category I became a perfectionist and I usually try not to make things last more than two weeks. Trust me, all of my drawings except for one took me 2-3 days tops. One of them took me at least a week to finish, I was actually disappointed with myself. It’s still not one of my favorites either! Since I’m not actually drawing this one out, just coloring it in, I figured I’d be back to my old ways but nope. I’ve been pacing myself and no feelings of rushing or frustration! I’ve got a couple more places that need to be filled in and after that my mom can find a place to hang it up. I’ve been thinking about getting one of those adult coloring books that have designs similar to the one on the poster, and weirdly enough a couple of days ago while my mom was looking through the newspaper she found an advertisement of somebody saling these books! How ironic is that? I still have no clue if she is getting me one or not, but that alone surprised the crap out of me!

While I was working on the poster though, my mom and sister came into my room to look through my old scrub tops. When I was volunteering at my mom’s work, she asked me once if I wanted to get some scrub tops so I could have some cute ones like her. I said “sure” and I think I have like four of them. Now my mom can’t wear her pretty ones and I haven’t worn mine since a year or two ago. My sister is starting her CNA classes soon so they came in trying to find out if she’d be able to wear them. Well, as they were figuring that out Batman came in too, along with a large gray cat. Tubby finds himself inside the house a lot more than certain members of my family would like him to. However, since that person was gone he could roam freely into my room. I don’t know who enjoyed the company, Tubby or me. He collapsed onto the floor purring, making “biscuits” and stretching out by my legs. When everybody left and my mom had my sister take him back outside, he made her pick him up off the floor and back outside. Poor guy! All he wanted was a little loving!

A few days after that I had myself some “fun” in my room except this time and it didn’t involve a cat! I kept seeing this thing in the corner of my eye. I thought it was a fly that just landed on the floor but no. It was a cricket, I called it a “hybrid cricket” because it was one of those that can jump freakishly high and crawl on ground like a spider too. He was fairly large too so that didn’t make me feel any better either. It never seems to amaze me whenever I have a bug problem, people are asleep or gone. In this case, I had both! So I was all alone with this creep and I have to say I never screamed but I kept getting frustrated whenever every magazine I would throw at him would miss it! By the end of it, the only things I had left to throw at him were a crayons box, day planner, small notebook, and a stack of napkins! He ultimately went into my little corner that has enough for a small dog or cat to get into. Trust me, you should whenever the bigger cats get themselves stuck in that small of a gap! Anyways, I tried to keep my eyes there but I guess it wasn’t enough because when my mom did get up, he wasn’t there. Within 10 minutes he appeared again for the fourth time and my mom had to kill him though because apparently having a magazine land on your head wasn’t enough to kill him! At least I tried!

The next day, same thing but a different person helped! My mom and sister were at work and my dad was out for a bit, so it was just the two of us and I had another one of these things but this time he was much closer than the first one. When I finally saw him, he was looking towards me. Almost immediately I kept thinking he’s going to jump onto me as an act of revenge for killing his friend or mate whatever! Instead of just throwing things and risking to falling off my bed in the process, I just let Batman kill him with his shoe! I now owe the poor guy! I’ve been a very popular person with the insect area! I’d much rather be around cats and dogs any day though!

Now on with the cat pictures to lighten the mood back up!

Penelope aka “Nelly”
Tubby. Even though he looks like Scar from The Lion King in this picture lol
Toni being too lazy to get her legs out of the crack of the ramp!
Anybody else thinking we should have named Otis “Simba?”