Childhood Obsessions


I like sharing old memories from my childhood a lot on here, it gives me a chance to relive them and also lets others remember their childhood too! You got a taste in two of my posts late last year with Little Apple Tree and My Childhood Oddity, which was about my old rock collection that I bravely admitted to the world of having! When my sister and I used to come home from school, we had this routine of having a snack as soon as we got home and we watched either Family Matters or Full House on TV. Of course, we had others we could watch I just remember these two the most. I was actually the one obsessed with the Olsen twins.

Now, you probably think I belong to a lot of fan clubs, but actually I don’t. I’m just a fan. I haven’t been apart of a fan club or street team in years! When my sister and I were kids I remember getting this big white box in the mail once. My mom came into our room, this was when Blondie and I were sharing a bedroom. She opened up the box and inside were all this stuff with Mary-Kate and Ashley’s faces on it. I believe this was the greeting box you got when you signed up for the fan club. It was amazing but unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the stuff we had in the box. I do remember putting up the poster that came with it. We had a handwritten letter and a couple of key chains, it was nice! This was cool to a couple of little girls who basically loved them a lot.

I remember only having a few of their movies as a kid. I think we have It Takes Two and To Grandmother’s House We Go on VHS and the rest we rented from the library. Our hometown library had both a small section for their movies and CDs. Growing up, this was the shit! After I turned thirteen I was still wanting to rent movies from the kid section, so the mystery Mary-Kate and Ashley films were on my radar even as a teenager! I wasn’t into much of their older work like their TV show that was on ABC Family, but I still tried to watch their movies. In the picture above are the movies that I remember being obsessed with as both a kid and teenager! There’s one not pictured that was my ultimate favorite I think and it was their first tape that they released! It was so cute and yes, I can remember different sections of it! A few years ago I found out that Ashley was in the movie Beastly. I watched it and I absolutely loved her as a dark character! Now that they’re well-known fashion designers, they don’t act anymore. I’m kind of sad about it but it gives their younger sister Elizabeth full reign to spread her wings in the acting world! It’s so strange to see her acting now and she looks like the twins but she looks older too! I can’t watch to see her as Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age Of Ultron soon!

So the question is, do you remember ever being in a fan club as a kid?