Life Lately | Distractions



Why is it every time we have a mini breakdown some things change? I think it’s strange how that works. A couple of weeks ago, I had a massive breakdown of life and everything around it. I think I cried for maybe half an hour and then I forced myself to stop and go online to hopefully get my mind off other things and it worked actually because it was Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas weekend and Sirius XM BPM was playing Diplo’s set and I’m not lying when I say I felt extremely better while I sat in my room in the darkness just dancing away! I was a happy little camper! It was a great distraction for me! A week later, things started to pick up a little and I’ve been trying to “hope” again instead of looking for a flaw. I think that’s my main problem right now is that I’m always looking for something to go wrong but I see everything like a pattern. All life does is repeat itself and nothing ever gets done about it!

This past weekend I was forced into an internet detox. I’ve been known to tell my nana that she doesn’t need to rely on her laptop/internet so much and she needs to figure out some things to do outside of things. When I was going through this I realized how addicted I’ve become to Twitter and blogging. Here’s something funny though, in the mornings when I first get up, I only spend about 10 minutes on it. I just want to check up on things and sometimes when I do this, I’ve been able to go back to sleep afterwards. I realized that I have nothing to distract me from the internet. However, I was pretty proud of myself for whipping up a blog post for later on this month. I had more time to watch movies (I watched three on Sunday) and I even colored in my Disney animal coloring book that I still have! All the while though, I was still lonely and bored, but then again I’m always like that. What the hell was the difference? When we did get our internet back. I was only on for probably 10-15 minutes at least and then I was gone to my nana’s an hour after it came on!

Distractions are good. They’re like little pleasures that you get to have at the right, or sometimes wrong times. If I’m in the middle of doing a blog post a bad distractions for me are: a good song (lyric wise) and if my dad wants to come into my room and talk. This is what I would consider a bad distraction. I like talking though, if I have a lot on my mind it works wonders for me. Actually speaking about it is a good distraction than from blogging about it and sharing it with random people who¬†don’t need to know about it honestly. Want to know a good distraction from life? Cats, gummi worms, and upcoming events! I don’t have anything coming up or have anymore gummi worms of course! The cat subject however is a totally different thing!

The other day my mom was busy feeding some of our cats, they have two different areas. Since we’ve had Tubby back in our neighborhood he’s been getting fed out on the front porch whereas the others are all fed out on the back side. We’re also trying to keep the babies back there away from the cars, but they like to follow the older cats and a black and hot pink wheelchair to the front end of the house. My bad! Anyways, she was busy feeding them and I guess when she went out Wren came in and as mom was shaking the cup of food behind her to draw her attention back outside. She kept walking away and my bedroom door was wide open and she just waltzed right in and I was like, “awwww!” Out of all the places she could have gone to first, she came to see me! She’s the one that used to use me for my bed! She never jumped on the bed but she did stay a bit and let me pet her. It was so nice! A couple of days later, my mom brought Stormy into my room for me to hang out with and all he wanted to was explore my room at every angle. He went up into my window, on top of my table and even tried going into my closet! He never managed to climb up on my bed with me, but he went everywhere else!

Finally I got to see all of them at one time after we came home from my nana’s and I got to pet little Oscar while both Tony and Ozzy inspected my wheelchair from the ground. Since we were blessed with all of the babies. My mom finally got her ginger kitty after losing Oliver in January, we also got two sets of “twins” from Bootsie and Wren. Each mother gave birth to a full black/white and gray/white kittens. My sister took picture for me while we were outside visiting with them and she managed to get four separate pictures of the two black/white kittens that are called FiFi (Felix) and Taz. The way you can tell the differences between them is one is fatter than the other and when you look up at them, they’re noses are different. One has a thick white line of white above his/her nose and the other it just fades off from the top like of a drawing. The only two that are not included in this post is Otis and Grumpy! Hope you enjoy the pictures below!1922441_10200464403810725_1219547806046321571_n

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