Little Apple Tree


This is an old picture, it took me a bit to figure out where I am in this picture, but I’m where I always liked to be at when I was small. Fully attached to my mom’s hip. Trust me if I wasn’t as heavy as I am now I’d still be there or sitting on her lap for a hug. When I was a little girl, I didn’t just go to preschool or kindergarten first. Nope. I went to this little local school for other handicapped kids. I have quite a few memories in my mind that play every now and then. I do remember the van rides there and home, plus the heartbreaking graduation day in the park.

Since starting up this post, more and more memories have been flooding my head. Like, while we were on our way to the school we rode in this large van fully equipped for wheelchairs and such, the seats in the van were not like normal seats. We sat face-to-face inside. I think I sat in a normal seat like the rest and my wheelchair was locked in the back. I remember two boys, one of which had to be about five or six years old. He looked like a normal kid but I don’t necessarily remember what he had wrong with him. This other kid that always sat in front of me in the van rides, he was basically my little buddy. Unfortunately I have no memory of what his face looked like or his name, but I feel like it was in the “T” area though. This little boy might be the real reason of why I love kids so much. He must’ve been like three or four years old, he was a lot younger than me and some of the other kids. He had this thing of pulling on my hair. To some people, you’d think this is some form of bullying. I do remember of just letting him do it. He would get a big kick out of it and smile so big every single time. I just loved to see him smile and laugh. He was just too adorable to say no to!

When this picture was taken, it must’ve been a couple of days before our graduation. My first graduation. While most people have a track record of going to school for 12 years and then the 2 or 4 years of college after that, I had 13 years of school. I swear I wasn’t trying to be an overachiever, this was basically like head start on how to get me to do things and socializing with other kids. I was a very shy kid if you didn’t know and up until my sophomore year of high school did that change. I’ve always had problems with opening up to different people, going up to them and asking questions in and out of school was not my thing. It actually runs in my family a bit, my cousin Kristi and Blondie both had the same problems of being shy around people. I remember it would literally take me three or four days in a new school year for me to come out of my shell. Anyways, my nana bought this little apple tree for the school as I guess for thanking them for doing such a good job of taking care of me and the other students. I don’t remember anything about that day at all. Everytime we go out towards that area where the school is located, I always ask my parents if we can go see it. It does not matter how old I am, if we are around I just want to drive past the school and see if it’s still standing and how big it’s gotten over the years.

That’s my little story for the day.

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