February Playlist


I was debating whether or not to actually publish this post, but I felt like I listened to too many great tunes this past month that I ended up talking myself into it anyways.

For the past three or four months I’ve had to listen to music through YouTube because unfortunately, I’ve run out of room on my laptop to keep installing Spotify. So I am just stuck with YouTube, but it isn’t a total loss though, because I’m able to look up a lot of tracks that are not available on Spotify. I’m also able to search easily and listen to playlists of other users of the site. There is one thing that I miss about Spotify and that’s my “release radar” playlist, it’s a list of recent releases of my favorite artists and bands. I am usually more excited to check it out first compared to the “new music” playlist, because it gives me a bigger variety of music that I listen to on a daily basis.

As everybody was doing the decade challenge of sharing a sort of “before and after” on their profiles of what they looked like in 2009 to what they look like nowadays. I haven’t done it, but I have been rediscovering music from the late 90’s to 2009. It’s actually become a bit of a problem, because I want to hear older music than what’s been coming out recently! It doesn’t necessarily work very well when you’re a music blogger! There has been one genre that I’ve been looking up a lot lately and that’s R&B music. I use to listen to a lot of it when I was younger, I liked the catchy lyrics and relaxed vibes of the beats. What I’ve been finding to be interesting (and scary at the same time) is that I am remembering the lyrics and what it was to make me fall in love with the song in the first place!

One thing that is difficult is not listening to both R. Kelly and Chris Brown. I’ve been trying my best to not give Chris Brown a listen anywhere for the past several years, sometimes I’m successful but there are days when I hear “With You” or “Yeah 3x” and I cave in! He does have a great voice, but it’s his actions with the various domestic abuse issues, I’ve tried to stay away as best I can. The same goes with R. Kelly too, after reading and watching testimonies of the victims of his abuse online and the documentaries on Lifetime. I’ve stopped listening to “Ignition (Remix)” on the radio and I really miss it! It sucks when somebody’s actions can take away any enjoyment you’ve felt about that person, but I have to stand up for my beliefs and if that means muting their music then I’ll work on stopping it.

Here are my Top 10 songs I’ve been enjoying lately!

When I Die by ALMA
Fire Meets Fate by Ruelle
Savages by Sam Tinnesz
Goddess by Avril Lavigne
Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars
Loyal To Me by Nina Nesbitt
Gallery by Mario Vazquez
Show Stopper by Danity Kane featuring Yung Joc
Dip It Low by Christina Millian
Don’t Let Go by En Vogue

I’ve been meaning to go back to reviewing albums, but I haven’t been in the right state of mind to do anything like that right now. I do have a couple that I do want to talk about and if I have a good day in the next couple of days, I might go ahead and work on them! I have been wondering about something though. Since I’ve been wanting to listen old music, would you like me to review one of my favorite childhood or teenage albums? I actually rarely ever listened to a whole album when I was younger, so I thought I could give them another try and see how much my tastes have changed over the years. Let me know in the comments if you’d like that.

Lastly before I go, I just wanted to let you know that if you visit my Facebook page on Saturday, I’ll post five extra songs for you to check out over the weekend! Hopefully you’ll remember and like them just as much as I have been in the last few days!

So I’m curious, what do you think is the best year for music? What were listening in the month of February?

Music Video Review: “No” by Meghan Trainor

I have been loving Meghan Trainor’s new single!!

I told you last week that I would do a review of my thoughts of both the song and of course, music video! I’ll start off with the actual song. I only had to hear it once, that was it! After that first time I did have to rewind my TV to hear it again because I thought it was the best damn thing I heard all day long! I think it sounds a bit old school pop, like early 00’s Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera! That record static in the intro makes it like Christina’s Back To Basics era, but the whole thing is so catchy and gives you those happy vibes from start to the end. I seriously can’t get enough!

The music video had a similar vibe especially when you first play it and it has a futuristic theme, at first it made me think of Britney Spears’ video for “Hold It Against Me” but you see Meghan and these other women dance together. Meghan did a lot of sexy dancing in this video! …I am loving the red hair by the way! As much as I love dancing in music videos, I didn’t think the moves were very sharp. I think I might be watching too munch DWTS because I sound like Len Goodman! I mean, it wasn’t bad. I felt some of the arm gestures weren’t “attacked” enough, it was very loose and maybe that’s what she wanted who knows!

Do you like Meghan Trainor’s new single? 


Childhood Obsessions


I like sharing old memories from my childhood a lot on here, it gives me a chance to relive them and also lets others remember their childhood too! You got a taste in two of my posts late last year with Little Apple Tree and My Childhood Oddity, which was about my old rock collection that I bravely admitted to the world of having! When my sister and I used to come home from school, we had this routine of having a snack as soon as we got home and we watched either Family Matters or Full House on TV. Of course, we had others we could watch I just remember these two the most. I was actually the one obsessed with the Olsen twins.

Now, you probably think I belong to a lot of fan clubs, but actually I don’t. I’m just a fan. I haven’t been apart of a fan club or street team in years! When my sister and I were kids I remember getting this big white box in the mail once. My mom came into our room, this was when Blondie and I were sharing a bedroom. She opened up the box and inside were all this stuff with Mary-Kate and Ashley’s faces on it. I believe this was the greeting box you got when you signed up for the fan club. It was amazing but unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the stuff we had in the box. I do remember putting up the poster that came with it. We had a handwritten letter and a couple of key chains, it was nice! This was cool to a couple of little girls who basically loved them a lot.

I remember only having a few of their movies as a kid. I think we have It Takes Two and To Grandmother’s House We Go on VHS and the rest we rented from the library. Our hometown library had both a small section for their movies and CDs. Growing up, this was the shit! After I turned thirteen I was still wanting to rent movies from the kid section, so the mystery Mary-Kate and Ashley films were on my radar even as a teenager! I wasn’t into much of their older work like their TV show that was on ABC Family, but I still tried to watch their movies. In the picture above are the movies that I remember being obsessed with as both a kid and teenager! There’s one not pictured that was my ultimate favorite I think and it was their first tape that they released! It was so cute and yes, I can remember different sections of it! A few years ago I found out that Ashley was in the movie Beastly. I watched it and I absolutely loved her as a dark character! Now that they’re well-known fashion designers, they don’t act anymore. I’m kind of sad about it but it gives their younger sister Elizabeth full reign to spread her wings in the acting world! It’s so strange to see her acting now and she looks like the twins but she looks older too! I can’t watch to see her as Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age Of Ultron soon!

So the question is, do you remember ever being in a fan club as a kid?