Album Review: “Peace Is The Mission” by Major Lazer

I think I’ve always been a fan of electronic dance music since I was a kid. I’ve been kind of hiding my dying love for the genre, but it never got so mainstream until like 6 years ago. I love to hear artists and bands be a little bit more unique in their music. I didn’t think I knew what I was getting myself into when I found Major Lazer but I definitely don’t regret it! Major Lazer takes what we think of EDM and just twists it a little and brings a genre like raggae into the mix and who knew it would sound amazing, but it really does! It’s the kind of uniqueness that I need every once in a while.

I don’t do a lot of EDM genre reviews because I am a very picky person. But I’ve recently discovered Major Lazer and it’s become a part of me in the last couple of months and I’ve been looking forward to “Peace Is The Mission” since March. Now before we start this, Major Lazer is a group of three people: Diplo, Jillionaire, and Washly Fire.

I usually like when albums start off slow, kind of eases you into the whole thing, but I don’t know why but I don’t like this one. The first track is called “Be Together” and it features singer Wild Belle and I’ve been trying my best to like it because I actually like the beat, I dance to it everytime it starts but there’s some thing about it that I don’t like. The second is called “Too Original” and I love, love, love this one! Probably too much because I’ve been trying to get my mom into this song! She would like it if she’d just cave! Everytime it comes on my Spotify or on the radio, I start dancing and I can never get myself to stop either! This song features Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell. Third is “Blaze Up The Fire” and this features Chronixx. It is another one I love but I don’t why because it sounds a bit chaotic in between the choruses. There’s a sound that kind of takes over the entire beat itself and its lack of a better term to use: obnoxious. Besides that it’s a pretty good song!

This next song has been blowing up everywhere around the world! “Lean On”  featuring DJ Snake and MO. I’ve been talking about Major Lazer a lot in the last few months and it wasn’t until I heard this song did I get that way! I’m sorry if I’ve been annoying a few of you out there, but when I hear great new music I have a tendency to let everybody know about it too! I love this song and it’s very strange since it’s so chill and has the same tempo as the first song that I love it more. I don’t know why I do that! I love what both DJ Snake and MO brought to the song. I don’t think anybody would be able to make it any better! “Powerful” is one sexy song! I’m not kidding! I’ve been hearing a lot of stuff about this one but I never read anybody’s review about it before listening to it myself and so I had a very different outlook of what I thought it would sound like and even though I was wrong, it didn’t hurt so bad. So freaking good! This one features Ellie Goulding and Terrus Riley. Surprisingly, they’re the ones that is making this song so good!

The last batch starts off with “Light It Up” with Nyla who is apart of Brick & Lace and I’ll be honest here I got a little too excited because I love Brick & Lace and have for a few years now! It’s so nice to hear Nyla’s voice again! Sadly, I don’t know what to think about this beat. I mean, it’s good but it doesn’t really make me want to dance. It was a let down for me. This next one took me a while to get into, I had “Roll The Bass” on my Spotify playlist when it was released as a single but I wasn’t interested I guess because it just sat there and I basically ignored it for a while. I finally heard it on accident and I remember listening to it like five times in one day! I’m bad sometimes. It’s easily one of my favorites on the album! Everytime I play it I want to dance to it. Next up is “Night Riders” and it features Travi$ Scott, 2 Chainz, and Pusha T. This one is much slower, but it’s not bad if anything it works great with the vocals. Now there is one more but it’s a remix of their song “All My Love” featuring Ariana Grande and Mechel Montano that was on The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack. I haven’t listened to the original or this version very much, but it is very good!

I don’t know what’s better, doing a review of a song/album after it comes out or waiting until you’ve had time to hear every part of the song and get the feel of it? I’ve never dreaded doing a review more than this one and I figured it was probably because I don’t know how to describe what I like about a song that makes it interesting in words. I don’t want to be the reason for somebody to not give an album a chance because of my views. Doing these reviews have done some good for me because I feel the more I do of them, especially the ones in different genres that majority of the population would chose to ignore, it broadens what we think is great music. So I might not like every song of this album but as a whole I loved it. I love the vibe of it and what it does to me, it makes me want to dance and that’s what great music is supposed to do to a listener. To end this review, I give it a 9/10. I’m ready for the next Major Lazer, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for it!