Tune Tuesday | Germany


If you heard last year’s post about Germany, I think I had my friend Stephanie, who lives over there, help me out a bit. She used to suggest some groups to me and I kind of grew to like maybe three of them. This time around, I’m doing this one all on my own because I actually discovered a band a while back that I probably should have listened to YEARS ago, but with symphonic metal I am very picky on the singer’s vocals, whether or not they use full orchestra sounds in their set, like I said I’m picky! And then back in late April, I found a Spotify playlist that I just kind of fell in love with and I’ll explain more about it later on in this post.

When I was just getting started listening to bands like Within Temptation, Nightwish and Delain. You would think that I’d like cave into every band that has a small similarity to them. Instead I became a very picky person and only sought out to find bands that had clean cut music, which meant no “new” bands. It still doesn’t explain why the band Kypteria wasn’t one of my favorites after I found Delain. I had quite a few different symphonic metal fans tell me how much they liked the band and their sound, but it never meshed well for me. When I go to write up my album reviews I’ll listen to a song and everything can sound perfect or something that I would love but I wouldn’t be able to connect to it at that time and this is what happened to this band. I still haven’t been able to hear a lot of their music because I can’t get myself to enjoy it.

Back in April, I went looking through the different Spotify playlists and I found one called Electro Swing. Now I’ve been in a HUGE electronica music phase and I just thought it was a bunch of music by DJs like the others, but it didn’t exactly sound like that. I recently found out why my dad likes to watch Dancing With The Stars with my mom sometimes. He actually has a weakness for swing music or basically anything from the 1940’s, he enjoys the Lindy Pop, Charleston, and Swing dances on the show! I never knew that until a few weeks ago, but it does explain a bit of why I also love it too! I love the whole bandstand groups and swing dances, they seem like such a workout but so much fun too! So this playlist has nothing but modern day swing music if that makes sense. I found an artist by the name of Parov Stelar, he’s actually the one that started this trend if you want to call it that! It’s really amazing!

 The Promise – Kypteria

Booty Swing – Parov Stelar