Music Video Review: “Good For You” by Selena Gomez

What was the last song you listened to that when you heard it the first time not only did you get chills up and down your spine, but you couldn’t stop listening to it?

Well, the new track by Selena Gomez was mine. I literally heard maybe a few days ago while I was flipping through my music channels on my television and when I heard it. It was like I was in a damn trance. I can’t even explain to you what exactly happened. I couldn’t get over how sexy the whole thing sounded, between the light beat and her soft vocals, it’s like a match made in heaven! I was so in love with it that I had to rewind the song and play it again. So I listened to it twice that night and I was thanking god that when I woke up the next morning I found the song (although with A$AP Rocky) on my Spotify. Now I don’t have to wait to hear it unless our internet goes off for a couple of days. I do feel like I will run this song to the ground though, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it over 20 times now.

I finally broke down and watched the music video. I was mainly going to send it to a friend of mine and ultimately forgot about that. I literally watched it with my eyes glued to the laptop screen. Miss Gomez is no longer this cute, little girl we remember watching on the Disney Channel a few years ago. She’s definitely grown up from those days and I’ll be honest I have never thought she was all that sexy, until I watched the music video and that went right out the window! Technically there are 3 different versions of this song, because the version included in the video is different from both ways I’ve originally heard it. It’s more simple, the tempo stays the same throughout the song; matching her nice and easy vocals beautifully! I was really impressed that for once a music video matched the vibe of the actual song. It was sexy and delicate. I loved it!

What do you think of Selena Gomez new single?

Album Review: “Kicker” by Zella Day

I became a fan of Zella Day’s music after finding her song “Sweet Ophelia” on Spotify one afternoon. After that not only did I hear her everywhere I started to look forward to everything she put out. When she released her first EP last year I was very happy because I could stop buying the singles and just buy all five songs in one batch. Now that her debut album is out I can add a few others to my iPod. However, I need a working iTunes first to get any of new songs onto my iPod again. Going on six months now! Anyways, I’ve been so excited for this album. I was more pumped about this and another album that came out in the same week than Arthrogryposis Awareness Day!

Zella Day is an indie pop artist and the whole album is so chill and different from other pop albums I’ve listened to over the years. I like the uniqueness a lot. The album is called “Kicker” and we first start off this review with the song “Jerome” and it’s so catchy, it’ll be an easy song to learn the words. There’s really nothing special about it other than its got like a good old west vibe to it but it sounds pretty neat. The second song that was on her EP and its called “High” and boy, do I love this song! I love the introduction of the piano and Zella’s soft vocals and the soft dramatic entrance of guitars and drums. The third song is called “Ace Of Hearts” and I actually really like this one. I don’t love it yet. It’s a little boring towards the chorus but it’s not like bad, bad. It sounds differently from the first two as they had a dreamy sound to them, this one is a bit more electronica. The next is called “1965” and I really love this one. It’s so catchy, but it doesn’t sound like other poppy songs on the radio. I would love to know the story behind this song.

The fifth song is another favorite of mine, it’s called “East Of Eden” and this one is more of a dance-y song. She doesn’t have a lot of these songs on her album and I’m choosing to see that as a blessing! I think in every pop album or EP, artists think they NEED a dance-y track and sometimes they really don’t. Zella has more uptempo songs than EDM type of songs. It’s a nice change of a world that’s addicted to dance music. This is just my honest opinion here! Back to my review here, the next song is “Hypnotic” and it’s got an old west vibe again and I don’t know why, but it’s a unique sound and it’s just that something that kind of grabs you and makes you want to listen to it. It’s quite hypnotic! You only hear the actual sound of the guitar in certain places, so it’s not overwhelming! The next song is the only song that features another singer, the song is called “Mustang Kids” and it features Baby E. I love the beat of this song, it’s more of a sassy sound and this will become a favorite of mine!

Next up is a song called “The Outlaw Josey Wales” and I didn’t like it when I first heard it and I’m still not liking it unfortunately. I think it’s a bit chaotic. You can hear different sounds coming at you in different sections and it’s a bit overwhelming. The ninth song is called “Jameson” and since this is the third song with the title of a “J” name I’m starting to think she’s got an obsession here! This one is softer than any other track on the album. This is also the only true country feel song too! It’s very beautiful and I don’t like a lot of slow, country songs but this is great! She sounds a bit like Jewel in this song, is it bad that I just said that? This next one is a favorite of mine, during the first listen I had it on shuffle and I only heard the intro and it kind of took over me as some usually do sometimes! It’s called “Shadow Preachers” and even though it kind of sounds like another one of her songs at the beginning, I really looked beyond that at the “boom, boom, booms” of drums towards the start of the choruses. I also love the what the strings bring to the song too! There are too many elements that I liked as you can tell! The last two songs are “Sweet Ophelia” if you’ve never heard of SO it’s got poppy vibe, good song to dance to in your bedroom. And as for “Compass” it’s nice and gentle, perfect for any type of ending.

So have you heard of Zella Day’s music yet? If you haven’t, I definitely recommend that you do! If you have listened to the album, what were your favorite songs?