Song Review: “Something Better” by Audien featuring Lady Antebellum

I think as both a person and blogger my focus has been on three things: being different from the rest, having an escape, and giving a new perspective on things. I try to have a little bit of all three meanings brought into my blog posts, but until today all three have never been in one post and track.

Audien is still somewhat of a newbie for me. I’ve only heard maybe one other track by him and I don’t think I cared too much of it, but I saw a tweet earlier this month that caught my eye. It was from a radio station saying that they were going to premiere this song late that night and immediately I was like, “oh, I’m not going to remember but sounds great!” Like I sI figured, I missed it. I didn’t hear it until maybe two days later. When I¬†finally heard it, I thought it was a remix. I mean, Lady Antebellum doing a song with a DJ? It’s kind of unheard of because DJ’s are working with mostly rappers and pop singers. Lady Antebellum has been on the pop charts before, but they’re a country group! This was mind-blowing for me when I realized that song wasn’t a remix at all. It was completely new for both sides and it actually works.

Since LA being in the country world, and Charles, Hillary, and Dave all have that southern twang in their voices. You don’t think that it could ever work in a dance track. I mean, I never thought it would. I like the uniqueness of it. It has some elements of the two genres colliding together! Two sides working together as one is amazing! It’s always been a weakness for me and I think it will always be! It’s definitely¬†not what we are used to hearing coming out of the EDM side. I’ve been looking for something new from this side for the past couple of months and I’m glad that I haven’t given up because missing this would have been a disaster! I hope you climbs the charts and I’m being dead serious here! If there were more DJs willing to use different musicians from the normal pop, hip hop, I think everybody would enjoy and look forward to hearing dance music on the radio again!

What do you think of this song? Do you think using Lady Antebellum was a good choice? What are your thoughts of using different styles of music into the more dance-y tracks?