Bonding Time #2

It’s not every day that you and your younger sister will devote the last bit of her last day with you before she heads back up to campus. A couple of months ago, I did a post about going into my sister’s room and helping her out with writing out different quotes and song lyrics to be put on the back of her door. I kind of fell in love with the idea of covering the entire door with neon colored paper and different words and sentences that matter a lot to you. She put a lot more quotes than song lyrics. The only three I remember were lyrics from Brantley Gilbert, Mayday Parade, and Machine Gun Kelly because that’s her main three she listens to them the most. It’s also kind of weird that she did this with me and she told me she hasn’t exactly decorated her dorm room yet. She and her roommate Skyela only have one bit of their walls done and apparently it’s really crazy. I’m sure by the end of their first week, it’ll be more decorated and she’ll be posting pictures up of it. Until then, she used up her creative juices with me for my room. We did a small bit of my door. I knew I should have written them out on the colored paper instead of the notebook because I was able to write out 22 of them and we didn’t even got more than 18 or 19 of them on there. Which isn’t bad, but I still had a couple more than I really wanted up there but we ran out of paper.


We did this as our parents decided to take a nap. Blondie was going to try to take a nap as well, but that didn’t happen. She came into my room about twenty minutes after she told me she was going to sleep for two hours. She also came in yawning, which was making start to yawn as well. What got me the most was that when she came in, she signed me out of my Spotify and we had to listen to her stuff, even though we were in MY room. I told her that I already had things down in my notebook and asked her to write out my song lyrics as they were pretty long and weren’t the easiest thing to write out last night either. I got in the mood to do this late last night, around 8pm. I was sitting on my bed looking off my Pinterest account and copying down different ones that I thought were closely related to me and my mentality. I also had to remember which ones we used for Blondie’s room as well. In a way, I was looking for quotes that I would use for affirmations to start my day or the middle of the day. I just wanted to have positive notes to keep myself in line for the good and bad days. I wanted to do this with song lyrics too. Since I listen to metal, I didn’t think I’d find very many but I ended up find a little bit more than I had planned. While I was doing all this last night, I took mini breaks and was tweeting my thoughts. Apparently, my mom was getting a kick of them. I was having a lot of lower back pain last night and today too. I just can’t write on my bed without being uncomfortable. I’m surprised I didn’t fall off my bed of how I was sitting, I literally sat on the very edge of my bed on one butt cheek. Sometimes I feel like a guru because a lot of the times I’m very calm. It’s weird I know!

Blondie kind of rearranged my room a bit, at least the posters. My oldest poster is from my rap phase and it’s of 50 Cent, Eminem, and Dr. Dre. 2004 to 2007 were fun years as that phase was how I got my first music shirts. I wanted to switch it with my Vampire Diaries poster of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley that I got like literally a month the first few episodes premiered on TV. That was the first poster of the “new” phase and now it’s placed directly above my head. I have this small poster of when New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys went on tour together and released a CD together, it came inside the album and it was underneath the TVD poster, we decided to keep it there even though I have the same poster just bigger on another wall. After my sister and I were done writing everything out on the amount of space we could, she cut them out because I can’t be trusted with scirrors. I also don’t know how the work them either. She taped them up in the middle of my door because our parents like putting my towels up on the corner of the door after I get my hair washed to dry. We put them in the middle of a reason. The towel doesn’t block them. Thank god. After Blondie was done with taping them, she grabbed a small square of paper and made a music note for the bottom. It represents me well after all the song lyrics I had her write out for me. After she left I signed her out of my Spotify and went back to listening to my stuff. Well, that’s my last DIY project for the summer I think.



History Really Does Repeat Itself

So, I’ve had this “post” saved into my Word Processor for probably two months now. I wanted to release it last month but everytime I tried to do it, something would always distract me. I think a few days July came we got the July-August issue of Smithsonian magazine and it had an amazing article in there that really got me thinking. I think I read it all and took a break for a good twenty minutes and sat back up and began to write out what I was feeling as I was letting everything settle in my mind of what I just read. I loved it so much that I wanted to express my thoughts on it and I have also included the link at the bottom so you can read the actual article if you wanted. Enjoy! 

Everybody knows that I am not a big fan of magazines. I wasn’t always a hater of them though! When I was younger, mostly as a teen, whenever we’d go to the store, they had the more adult-gossip magazines that my mom was obsessed over and then on the second and third racks there were the science fiction ones that had catchy titles about dead celebrities living on beyond the grave, haunting their own houses and well, sometimes they said they were not really dead at all! Usually, the pre-teen magazines were at the very bottom or on the rack they had when you first get inside the store. That’s where I was, googling at the cute boys like Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake. This is how I found I was more like my mom than I thought I was at that time. Would you actually believe though, there is one magazine that I actually do like to read? If you’ve read my blog before or seen some of the books I’ve read then you know I’m like a huge history buff. Well, that’s also a family trait and my papaw is just as addicted to the magazine as I am!

It’s the Smithsonian magazine. My dad actually came in my room one day, with a new one and I’m not kidding you when I say I got so giddy and didn’t take me long before I sat up in my bed and flipped over my remote (to prop it up) and begin reading it. Our July-August issue had just came in and the cover was pretty dark. It’s a deep read backdrop with elephant tusks on the sides along with the different titles of articles around the cover. The main article is about The Hunt for Africa’s Most Notorious Elephant Poacher and I did try to read that article but after getting into it and reading about the baby elephant I had to turn the page. Just before that sad story though, was a very interesting tale of how everybody uses social media. It seems very strange to be reading such a nice article like this, when most of us are typing more than writing actual letters, checks, and calling on the phone. I have always believed in the saying, “history repeats itself” and with reading this article, it seems like the hype of something new like this has been around for quite some time. How sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and our ordinary “copy and paste” have an even bigger history than we all think they do!

Computers didn’t come out until the 80’s and even the internet didn’t become known until the late 90’s. I didn’t know what internet was until I was in third grade. I had been using a computer for two years before that. For me, being able to reach the keyboard and do the typing with my feet was a bigger thing than anything else we were learning in our computer class! It wasn’t until I was in middle school did we actually start learning how to save, delete, open documents but the majority of us were learning how to do the easy “copy and paste” that we all seem to love with all our hearts. Surprising this article, which was called, Piece Of Mind by Clive Thompson, most of what we are doing as far as the “pinning” and “copy and paste” goes, it’s been around a long freaking time. The fun past time for most women was scrap booking and it has been around for a few centuries according to the article, as close to the 18th century, it was common for women to cut out little things from the newspapers and put them in a book for save keeping. Different things that people were doing back then has come back into this new form of using technology to post things to places and hopefully, it stays there.

When I was in my last year of high school and I started blogging, practically everybody in my family said I should go into creative writing, but they’ve been saying that for years! I had enjoyed writing little things, but writing as a career would just take away the joy of finding an idea for a post and actually finding the words to express yourself. I didn’t want to make writing into my worst enemy, but I also had another reason for the recent hating on magazines. Why does a person want to read about somebody’s life from another person’s angle? Why do we enjoy reading the lies and rumors of others, than the actual story they tell us? This is why I turned to reading blogs only, because most are very truthful and by real people (or so I hope!) just casually talking about their personal style, favorite memories, their travels, food they mastered at making and DIY projects they recently finished. I have even gone as far as reading celebrity blogs and I’ve been enjoying those more than just a normal magazine. I am a lifestyle blogger, but I talk about a number of things. I’m generally like a magazine as I like to promote other bloggers and their blogs, which is like an ad in a way! I post pictures of everyday life and I’m known for writing more than I probably should in a normal post. I’m not the perfect writer as there are words missing the posts and I misspell words even after I’ve done the spell check.

I find it sad of how the world looks at the Internet nowadays, it’s normal for people from the ages of 13-49 years old creating profiles on different websites, but now that there are iPads, and touch screen phones both babies and elderly people are getting into the whole phenomenon of being able go online everyday and to update their everyday life with the world. Something that I have recently found that babies are even more curious about these new inventions they’ve never seen before, that didn’t even come out until after they’re parents were born. They know how to turn a phone on and flip through different pictures with their little fingers. Seeing kids walking and riding bikes are rare anymore, but I have seen more kids out in the last two months this year. Everything we know is fading and for some, they can accept the change and have kept up with the new changes of the world, but there are some like me who accepts changes in life but will always remember that history come back around and never let us forget about what we did,