Why I Started The “Three Good Things” Challenge


Since it’s the last day of week and we’re quickly heading into February, I wanted to talk to you all about a challenge I’ve been doing on Instagram for the entire month.

I’ve known about it for at least four years, and been doing it for the past three years off and on. I found the challenge while on Pinterest and I loved the idea of it! The photo said to write out three good things on a piece of paper and put it inside a mason jar to keep until the end of the year so you can see all of the positive things that happened to you. Now if you more of a private person, you could still do it this way, but I like seeing what other people say in their lists, and I don’t know about you but I love seeing others succeed even if it’s a small victory!

Honestly it is pretty easy to do, however if you are having a very dull day, it will get a bit complicated to put something down, but I’ve found out that this is also a good thing too, because it is forcing you to look for the little things, and this is what┬á people seem to forget the most and I think that’s the point of calling it a challenge. If you’re someone who wants to find other ways to practice self-care, this could be part of your nightly routine!


If you would like to join in with the challenge, you can follow me on Instagram or my blog’s Facebook page. I haven’t doing good at publishing them there as I would like to, but maybe for February I will get better so even more people can do it too!

Although I do not own the challenge itself, I do have a few rules for you to follow:

The standard amount is threeI would like for everyone to post three things, as the minimum but you have more than that, then I will not stop you for sharing the rest.

I will try to have my lists up before 8pmI am still trying to work out a good time to publish my lists. They’ve been going up between 5pm-7pm, because I like to be offline before eight o’clock so I can get ready to eat supper or watch a basketball game.

You do not have to create a dramatic listI’ve been using the app Pic Collage to make my lists every night, mostly because it’s fun but you do not have to do it too, unless you want to then you can di it! Don’t let me stop you!

Try to be originalSo if you have things happening to you daily, I’d like for you to chose something else (if you can) to list that day.

Be respectful to others that comment belowI don’t want anyone judging another person’s list. This is suppose to be a fun, positive thing, not a way to tease someone!

Ignore my mistakesIt’s come to my attention the last few days that I am not watching out for when I misspell a word(s) and I tend to get made fun of later that night. I will make more mistakes, but you’ll just have to get used to it.

One thing I would like to mention is that, you’re still going to have bad days here and there. This challenge will not cure you from ever having an awful day, and I’m mostly saying this for myself to remember for later because there have been a couple of times were I didn’t know what I was going to share with everyone, because it wasn’t a particular good day, but I feel like if I’m honest with you, you’ll feel like you can be truthful with me too.

What do you think of the “three good things” challenge? Have you done it before or are you a newbie? For those who are doing it with me, do you think it is helping you look to the positive things in your day?


What’s The Best Version Of Yourself?


Hi ­čÖé

I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers Hannah Gale the other day! I had just started her new vlog of that week and I had heard her say something that sort of inspired me to kick my depression bug to the curb. She was in her car and if I remember correctly she was describing her morning and mentioned that she wasn’t the best version of yourself and somehow those four words started to echo within me. So I decided to go with my gut and write about it!

What’s the best version of yourself? It’s not an easy question is it? And if it is, you’re not looking hard enough into yourself to find who you are!

I found it hilarious that on the day I watched this video was on the same exact week I saw a “self-love” thingy on Pinterest and almost deleted my account! When you’re depressed you don’t want to hear other people motivations to get out of a slump, to you, it feels good to lounge around and be miserable all day long. At least I tend to feel like that on a suck-y week, but it doesn’t answer the question does it?

What is the best version of myself?

Well, I am usually the positive one. I am good at distractions, if there is sadness in a room I try my best to get everybody back into a good mood. I’ve grown into this role; in ways it was better to put myself there than regret ever asking to be there in the first place.

I like to talk – although at times my mouth tends to move faster than my brain and everything just jumbles together and I mess up, sometimes I even forget what I was saying! You all should be happy I only blog for the time being because I am even afraid to hear myself do that on YouTube!

I love challenges! I think I have more fun when people provoke me to do something, or think I can’t do it and they end up being wrong in the end. I love learning new things and frequently those types of challenges come from myself because I am not around a lot of people and my family has learned over the years that if they do say I can’t do something, I always end winning them over! So now they don’t say anything!

I fight for the children living with known and not discovered physical conditions. I don’t see to fix the world for my own benefits. It’s the ones that are learning about the world after they’ve heard from doctors, teachers, fellow family members and schoolmates tell them they’re not going to be able to have a decent life! They can and you’re seen it from me and the other disabled people that refuse to let the stereotype of what a handicapped person looks and acts like define them!

I am all ethnics! Well, maybe not all, but I know I am damn near close! I am Dutch, Irish, and German on my material side. We’re still unsure about my paternal side, but it’ll be a lot of interesting nations in this world. We claim a different “Miss Universe” every year when everyone is a part of the same universe in their DNA! And yet, we have wars in different countries and refugees are being banned from ever seeing freedom!

I am a kid at heart! I never grew out of Disney and I hope I never do! As much as I don’t believe love at first sight, it doesn’t mean that I don’t fall in love with the old fashion Disney princesses seeing their future love on the first day they meet! I still watch Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? I definitely believe Daphne and Fred were dating throughout the time of the show and Shaggy was high on either LSD or pot considering he had the munchies and his dog talked–maybe the entire gang did drugs! Anyways, I still watch certain shows that I shouldn’t, but then again you should have seen the other shows I watched as a teenager after hooking up cable to my TV!

I love to hate art. However, it’s not art that I really hate, I honestly like it. I hate drawing but most recently I enjoy painting! I really prefer oil paintings rather than watercolors. I want something solid that’s going to stay on the paper (good or bad) and not going to look like it could fade away after a few decades! I’ve started to seek other forms of art now as I get older and thanks to blogging too; photography has been an interesting medium to get into in the last four years!

I am a history buff. I am really bad! It started with finding that Egyptian book while in second grade! My mind has been fuzzy, but I think on the cover were the pyramids at Giza. It wasn’t until a few years later that I was told about what Ramsay did to the Hebrews. Now historians say that the people that built the monuments and pyramids were kept well and had to! You do what you want with that piece of information, but I’ll believe what I want.

So what is the best version of myself in the things I’ve just talked about? Thankfully, I think every part of them is the best. They keep me exciting and different from the average person!

I know I tend to list myself as a “disabled person” but I really am so much more! I am fairly open about everything about myself, but I do feel weird at times and feel like I should have people laughing and snaring at me, but I don’t and it makes me feel insecure that I am like everybody else, which is something that I’ve been striving to be since I was a child. ┬áMaybe I’ll finally embrace these characteristics and truly love myself for it.

Now it’s your turn, what is the best version of yourself?


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Bonding Time #2

It’s not every day that you and your younger sister will devote the last bit of her last day with you before she heads back up to campus. A couple of months ago, I did a post about going into my sister’s room and helping her out with writing out different quotes and song lyrics to be put on the back of her door. I kind of fell in love with the idea of covering the entire door with neon colored paper and different words and sentences that matter a lot to you. She put a lot more quotes than song lyrics. The only three I remember were lyrics from Brantley Gilbert, Mayday Parade, and Machine Gun Kelly because that’s her main three she listens to them the most. It’s also kind of weird that she did this with me and she told me she hasn’t exactly decorated her dorm room yet. She and her roommate Skyela only have one bit of their walls done and apparently it’s really crazy. I’m sure by the end of their first week, it’ll be more decorated and she’ll be posting pictures up of it. Until then, she used up her creative juices with me for my room. We did a small bit of my door. I knew I should have written them out on the colored paper instead of the notebook because I was able to write out 22 of them and we didn’t even got more than 18 or 19 of them on there. Which isn’t bad, but I still had a couple more than I really wanted up there but we ran out of paper.


We did this as our parents decided to take a nap. Blondie was going to try to take a nap as well, but that didn’t happen. She came into my room about twenty minutes after she told me she was going to sleep for two hours. She also came in yawning, which was making start to yawn as well. What got me the most was that when she came in, she signed me out of my Spotify and we had to listen to her stuff, even though we were in MY room. I told her that I already had things down in my notebook and asked her to write out my song lyrics as they were pretty long and weren’t the easiest thing to write out last night either. I got in the mood to do this late last night, around 8pm. I was sitting on my bed looking off my Pinterest account and copying down different ones that I thought were closely related to me and my mentality. I also had to remember which ones we used for Blondie’s room as well. In a way, I was looking for quotes that I would use for affirmations to start my day or the middle of the day. I just wanted to have positive notes to keep myself in line for the good and bad days. I wanted to do this with song lyrics too. Since I listen to metal, I didn’t think I’d find very many but I ended up find a little bit more than I had planned. While I was doing all this last night, I took mini breaks and was tweeting my thoughts. Apparently, my mom was getting a kick of them. I was having a lot of lower back pain last night and today too. I just can’t write on my bed without being uncomfortable. I’m surprised I didn’t fall off my bed of how I was sitting, I literally sat on the very edge of my bed on one butt cheek. Sometimes I feel like a guru because a lot of the times I’m very calm. It’s weird I know!

Blondie kind of rearranged my room a bit, at least the posters. My oldest poster is from my rap phase and it’s of 50 Cent, Eminem, and Dr. Dre. 2004 to 2007 were fun years as that phase was how I got my first music shirts. I wanted to switch it with my Vampire Diaries poster of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley that I got like literally a month the first few episodes premiered on TV. That was the first poster of the “new” phase and now it’s placed directly above my head. I have this small poster of when New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys went on tour together and released a CD together, it came inside the album and it was underneath the TVD poster, we decided to keep it there even though I have the same poster just bigger on another wall. After my sister and I were done writing everything out on the amount of space we could, she cut them out because I can’t be trusted with scirrors. I also don’t know how the work them either. She taped them up in the middle of my door because our parents like putting my towels up on the corner of the door after I get my hair washed to dry. We put them in the middle of a reason. The towel doesn’t block them. Thank god. After Blondie was done with taping them, she grabbed a small square of paper and made a music note for the bottom. It represents me well after all the song lyrics I had her write out for me. After she left I signed her out of my Spotify and went back to listening to my stuff. Well, that’s my last DIY project for the summer I think.



Mood Swings

10389519_734719276592405_376637255461759790_nThis past Tuesday was pretty rough for me, all it did was rain. And if it didn’t rain it was definitely in the air, my parents had to go somewhere so I went to my nana’s, which is usually a good thing but Tuesday by the end of the last two hours I thought my head was going to explode. This picture represents why it was like that. Too many unused envelopes, unused cards, and I was in the middle of organizing them together and finding stickers for a little activity I want to do with the some kiddos next weekend, more about that later. The day actually started off fine and dandy, it was after a couple of hours there did my patience with the papers start to drive my nerves insane! I even had my cookie dough ice cream and I still felt like my head was going to explode!

My nana is like my mom and I, she doesn’t like to throw anything away. Because of this and the fact that she’s got her computer too. She no longer writes to anybody. She’s got tons (and I mean tons!) of different cards for any occasion, cute little ones that could be good in the spring and summer, plus baby showers and birthdays! Then she moves over this large and heavy bag full of Christmas stuff. Anything that was Christmas related was thrown in there. She had a bunch of these plain but itty bitty cards that I just couldn’t put in the box with the others, so I think I stuffed a few into my envelope that I took home. ┬áThere were a few things she kept out, the bigger envelopes she kept out just in case. The rest went inside this medium size box. While I was trying to put everything in there, I was getting hot as there’s no air circulating through that area of the house, my nana was on her computer and here I was organizing her stuff like I had remembered my teachers stack them up in neat little piles but once I started putting them in the box and it started overflow did all of my patience just boil over. I literally had to leave the room because I thought I was going to overheat both physically and mentally. I even watched a little bit of a movie that my papaw was watching in the kitchen that had July Garland in it. I found out later that it was her birthday!

Once I was cooled down, I went back into the office, still unsure to do about the box and everything because right before I left the room I literally took everything out of the box and moved them sideways so I could (hopefully) get everything adjusted to were they wouldn’t fight me and to where we could tape it up if we had to. Everything was starting to do better, I had to change my outlook on the situation and went on to finish this because there was no way in hell I was doing this again for the second day! After I finished, I had my nana cut some of her stickers thingys she gets in the mail. Of course, the lighthouses stayed with her but everything else went with me. It’s actually kind of funny in a way, when I first got there I was worried that I wouldn’t have a lot of girly stickers but I ended up having a LOT more girly stickers than boyish ones. I’m hoping little Aiden doesn’t hate me for it. I’ve got some animal and trees stickers. Maybe with that $10 that my nana bet with me I can have my mom go somewhere and get me boy stickers so I don’t get into trouble! Oh yeah, my nana had this little bell like noise coming from her wheelchair everytime she went forward. I was getting annoyed with it so I started looking for it and then she got herself in trouble. She literally said to me, “if you can find it, I’ll give you $10” I found it in five seconds. It was a zipper for her cushion that was getting caught along her wheel. I had to find a way to put inside the sponge part, but she ended up switching the entire thing around because I couldn’t get it to work.

Skip to the next day Wednesday. It was such a boring day. One of my sister’s friends had tweeted the other day that we’ll never get any sun this summer. After days of rain and storms, we’re a little on edge because we haven’t had much sun. Hearing the sound of rain outside of your room can be a soothing thing to some, but for me it just makes me want to go to the bathroom. All I did was lay around, watch TV, and listen to music. It’s an everyday thing but still. The only good thing that happened was that right before the sun went down, my mom allowed me to go out on the back porch to see the new babies and the older ones too! When I got out there all I saw by the edge of the ramp were four little babies peaking their heads out. We think the little fluff ball, which we found out is a boy! When mom and Blondie first found them, we weren’t sure whose kittens they were because not only was Bootsie pregnant but so was Wren too. We think the fluff ball is from Bootsie’s litter and the other three are from Wren’s litter, but we also think Bootsie took them away from them too. She doesn’t exactly know what to think about them, like Midget and Grumpy. They’re adjusting too. Two of the babies have some kind of eye infection. Our little gray and white (who looks like Grumpy) has his right eye completely shut. We lost two babies from the last litter from eye infections too. My little Silver Moonlight also has it too, so I hate to say this but I’m trying to wean myself off that one in case it ends up dying.


(L to R) Kells, Belle, Grumpy, Silver, Wren, Bootsie, and Midget
(L to R) Kells, Belle, Grumpy, Silver, Wren, Bootsie, and Midget