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Hope you’re all doing well out there!

April was an interesting month for me. It was suppose to lead into a great adventure up north for my nana’s birthday, but thanks to the Coronavirus, we, like everybody else’s plans, were cancelled. Honestly, I thought weather would be the main reason we couldn’t go, so this wasn’t necessarily on my radar, but I had somewhat prepared myself for this kind of outcome; so, I wasn’t overly excited or disappointed when it came around.

The other thing was the huge detox I was forcibly to experience at the beginning of the month. My mom and I were in agreement that our internet service turning off our Wi-Fi in a middle of the epidictic was absolutely stupid! Thank god I am not in school anymore or I would have panicked. We had to wait over 10 days or so until someone was sent out to come fix our connection. Like I told my mom on the 3rd, “I don’t know if I should feel bad for the person on the other line” because my dad was basically shouting at how awful this is!

All wasn’t lost though, I was still able to use both my laptop and tablet for other things. I could still write out drafts, play Spider Solitaire, read my books, and organize the many, many lists of baby names on both electronics. (EDIT: I didn’t organize the baby names!) So, I had a lot more pros, than cons and I was okay with that! The one thing I was mildly upset about was the fact I couldn’t post my “Three Good Things” online, but I could work on them for the days I am missing and once I came back, I would upload the posts.

On the day I chose to write this post, which was day 2, we were experiencing another beautiful day of spring weather. It’s nice to see our trees in bloom again. Our neighbors have two dogwood trees in front of their house and I love it when they turn white at the ends. In a matter of days, they’ll change colors again and become a nice dark green and stay that way until the start of fall. It is also really awesome to see our front yard growing in grass after little over a year since we tore down our old house and dad had to put straw all over the large space. The few strands that remain are being taken by the birds as they are building their nests in the nearby trees.

The day before we were greeted with a sweet surprise in our mail. We received a cute drawing from my little nephew! My sister and brother-in-law sent a folded piece of paper of their traced hands and there were some parts to make it extra special, Nolan got to draw on it too! When my mom came home from work, she showed it to me and I almost broke out in tears because it was absolutely adorable!

A few hours later, I thought it would awesome to send them something back. In February, my mom bought Nolan a Mickey Mouse coloring book for a $1. We have a lot of pages where there’s lines of purple and blue (colors that he knows the most!) and everybody else attempting to stay inside the portrait of Mickey and his buddies! I thought it would be a great idea if we could do a page and send it to him in the mail. Once I made the announcement, my mom grabbed the book and Ziploc bag of crayons from the living room where we have his lunchbox full of Hot Wheels and the larger cars underneath the light stand. She put them inside my bookcase closest to my bed so that if I wasn’t too busy, I could work on it throughout the day.

I actually sat back towards the wall on my bed, a place where I like to sit and read my books, and I had to push away all (5!) of my blankets to the end of my bed to make enough room to pull this off without causing me too much pain. To make sure I didn’t suffer, I took more breaks than I usually give myself, so by the time I finished the page I was actually comfortable in my placement.

And of course, I had to show off my footwork (haha!) and sent a text of my masterpiece to my mom. I decided to do a simple design just in case it would cause me too much pain and/or if I messed up, I could switch to another one. I knew he would enjoy a Mickey page than any of the other characters. I just hope he wouldn’t mind if Aunt Megz does the maze page in the book? I am a sucker for mazes!

By the time this goes live, I would hope to God I have my internet back and everything is right again! I’ll live if it doesn’t but damn if I have to wait longer than the 10 days we were told, I might be the one yelling at the poor soul who decides to answer the call!

UPDATE: I went without using any Wi-Fi for like five to six days before my mom let me use her phone every once in a while. It was actually harder for her to stay away for like five minutes! After day four though, I was actually counting how much longer I’d have to be without it.

Do you schedule in the amount of time you want to be without your phone, Wi-Fi, etc? What do you do to detox from your electronics?


I Am A Brand. We All Are.

Last night I was invited to two different blog chats on Twitter set to be at the same time. I was worried about the fact if I have too much traffic on my account, I’d either go into Twitter jail or my laptop would crap out entirely. Thankfully, neither one of these happened and I ended up enjoying my time between both chats. One was about ladies uplifting each other about beauty and it was hosted by @FallonJai and @PecanMomma. The second chat I was apart of was about networking and branding of your blog and it was hosted by @LaceandZippers. Both chats were comforting and fun to join and hopefully I’ll join for the next round of chats soon.

While I was answering different questions and tweeting different people. There was a question that got me thinking about my blog as a whole and apparently I let my thoughts out in full swing because I felt content with my answer and the aftermath after the chat ended. My blog might’ve started out only as a hobby, but it has grown to be like a brand to me. To answer the question you might have as of how it could be a brand, I was asked and I answered with this.

I thought about it all last night to see if I’d regret any of my answers but I never did. I actually thought about the fact that my blog is like a brand at a store at the mall or somewhere. The only differences is I’m not selling any clothes or jewelry, which apparently you can do that actually. It’s called a “blog sale” I recently just learned about it too. Everything I say is free and you can come and go to find something’s always new whether it’s the subjects I talk about or the different banner/backgrounds I use on the themes.

I took a Fashion & Textiles class during my freshman year of high school but I don’t remember how different stores get their brands to sale in their stores, but I feel like blogging would have some similarities between the two of them. When I was younger, I never really tried to keep a diary or journal because of two reasons.  1.) I could never get anything truthful and meaningful out of the words I had written. 2.) I was always afraid that somebody would criticize me for what I was feeling and what kind of thoughts I had going through my head. When I hit middle school, I got into songwriting. I was making up little stories of the emotions I was going through and I was getting to the point were I was showing people them from time to time. It wasn’t until my senior year were my muse for these songs was gone, I didn’t have the same feelings I had earlier to generate ideas for songs anymore. After that, I discovered blogging and that became my little hobby and I caught up with it longer than anyone ever did in my Grammar class.

I feel like I’ve grown from that time. Blogging was something I did when I was bored. Now it’s something I do that I love to do. I talk about my blog everywhere I go. I know the thoughts and see the weird and concerned looks from others whenever I tell them that I own a blog whenever they ask what I’ve been up to lately. My blog is my life, it’s my baby. It’s a lot different from writing on a piece of paper. I mean, I still have trouble going at it old school. It took a while to write a post on my Word Processor too. Writing a blog post generates ideas for me (sometimes!) and I’m free to talk about what I want and how I feel and surprisingly I don’t care about others might think about it. I am building, I’ve been building this brand my whole life. I’ve just done it in different ways. I talk about music, family, friends, school, movies, books, cats, and etc that I’ve made myself this online store of different things. Everything that I do on this blog is for me and nobody else. To everybody who thinks I spend too much time blogging, go fuck yourself! This is me having the freedom to be exactly who and  how I want to be. This is no longer a hobby for me and honestly it hasn’t been for a couple of years now. It is my brand, my memoir because you can read all of my posts and look how far I’ve come on my writing and seen how much this blog and my audience – thank you very much by the way – have changed my life. Maybe those dreams of having a professional quality type of blog will come sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading!

History Really Does Repeat Itself

So, I’ve had this “post” saved into my Word Processor for probably two months now. I wanted to release it last month but everytime I tried to do it, something would always distract me. I think a few days July came we got the July-August issue of Smithsonian magazine and it had an amazing article in there that really got me thinking. I think I read it all and took a break for a good twenty minutes and sat back up and began to write out what I was feeling as I was letting everything settle in my mind of what I just read. I loved it so much that I wanted to express my thoughts on it and I have also included the link at the bottom so you can read the actual article if you wanted. Enjoy! 

Everybody knows that I am not a big fan of magazines. I wasn’t always a hater of them though! When I was younger, mostly as a teen, whenever we’d go to the store, they had the more adult-gossip magazines that my mom was obsessed over and then on the second and third racks there were the science fiction ones that had catchy titles about dead celebrities living on beyond the grave, haunting their own houses and well, sometimes they said they were not really dead at all! Usually, the pre-teen magazines were at the very bottom or on the rack they had when you first get inside the store. That’s where I was, googling at the cute boys like Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake. This is how I found I was more like my mom than I thought I was at that time. Would you actually believe though, there is one magazine that I actually do like to read? If you’ve read my blog before or seen some of the books I’ve read then you know I’m like a huge history buff. Well, that’s also a family trait and my papaw is just as addicted to the magazine as I am!

It’s the Smithsonian magazine. My dad actually came in my room one day, with a new one and I’m not kidding you when I say I got so giddy and didn’t take me long before I sat up in my bed and flipped over my remote (to prop it up) and begin reading it. Our July-August issue had just came in and the cover was pretty dark. It’s a deep read backdrop with elephant tusks on the sides along with the different titles of articles around the cover. The main article is about The Hunt for Africa’s Most Notorious Elephant Poacher and I did try to read that article but after getting into it and reading about the baby elephant I had to turn the page. Just before that sad story though, was a very interesting tale of how everybody uses social media. It seems very strange to be reading such a nice article like this, when most of us are typing more than writing actual letters, checks, and calling on the phone. I have always believed in the saying, “history repeats itself” and with reading this article, it seems like the hype of something new like this has been around for quite some time. How sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and our ordinary “copy and paste” have an even bigger history than we all think they do!

Computers didn’t come out until the 80’s and even the internet didn’t become known until the late 90’s. I didn’t know what internet was until I was in third grade. I had been using a computer for two years before that. For me, being able to reach the keyboard and do the typing with my feet was a bigger thing than anything else we were learning in our computer class! It wasn’t until I was in middle school did we actually start learning how to save, delete, open documents but the majority of us were learning how to do the easy “copy and paste” that we all seem to love with all our hearts. Surprising this article, which was called, Piece Of Mind by Clive Thompson, most of what we are doing as far as the “pinning” and “copy and paste” goes, it’s been around a long freaking time. The fun past time for most women was scrap booking and it has been around for a few centuries according to the article, as close to the 18th century, it was common for women to cut out little things from the newspapers and put them in a book for save keeping. Different things that people were doing back then has come back into this new form of using technology to post things to places and hopefully, it stays there.

When I was in my last year of high school and I started blogging, practically everybody in my family said I should go into creative writing, but they’ve been saying that for years! I had enjoyed writing little things, but writing as a career would just take away the joy of finding an idea for a post and actually finding the words to express yourself. I didn’t want to make writing into my worst enemy, but I also had another reason for the recent hating on magazines. Why does a person want to read about somebody’s life from another person’s angle? Why do we enjoy reading the lies and rumors of others, than the actual story they tell us? This is why I turned to reading blogs only, because most are very truthful and by real people (or so I hope!) just casually talking about their personal style, favorite memories, their travels, food they mastered at making and DIY projects they recently finished. I have even gone as far as reading celebrity blogs and I’ve been enjoying those more than just a normal magazine. I am a lifestyle blogger, but I talk about a number of things. I’m generally like a magazine as I like to promote other bloggers and their blogs, which is like an ad in a way! I post pictures of everyday life and I’m known for writing more than I probably should in a normal post. I’m not the perfect writer as there are words missing the posts and I misspell words even after I’ve done the spell check.

I find it sad of how the world looks at the Internet nowadays, it’s normal for people from the ages of 13-49 years old creating profiles on different websites, but now that there are iPads, and touch screen phones both babies and elderly people are getting into the whole phenomenon of being able go online everyday and to update their everyday life with the world. Something that I have recently found that babies are even more curious about these new inventions they’ve never seen before, that didn’t even come out until after they’re parents were born. They know how to turn a phone on and flip through different pictures with their little fingers. Seeing kids walking and riding bikes are rare anymore, but I have seen more kids out in the last two months this year. Everything we know is fading and for some, they can accept the change and have kept up with the new changes of the world, but there are some like me who accepts changes in life but will always remember that history come back around and never let us forget about what we did,


What We Did For Fun Before The Computer (via The Biz of Pacelinebiz)

I love this and I agree with everything! 🙂

What We Did For Fun Before The Computer When I grew up, the video game was not invented yet.  The home video game Pong did not come along until I was nearly in my teens.  Al Gore had not invented the internet either.  So, what did we do back then for fun?  Besides dodging dinosaurs we had a lot of fun games that were played outside with other human beings.  For those under thirty years old – outside is the place where that annoying sun glare on your computer screen comes from.  I tried … Read More

via The Biz of Pacelinebiz