Tune Tuesday: The Netherlands


As much as I’ve loved to do these ever week, there is at least one country that I’ve been waiting patiently to talk about since I started this. The Netherlands was the start of my obsession of the whole symphonic rock/metal scene thanks to the band Within Temptation. Once I got into them I started finding so many others like them and even started getting into other artists and bands from this country as well. I feel like with all I’ve read about The Netherlands, especially Amsterdam is very laid back about everything on. At least that’s my perspective of things, I could be wrong. I have been trying to rack my brain to figure out who to choose to talk about in this post. It’s hard to choose I’m not going to lie, but I’m still going with four songs as much as I’d like to add more, I can’t. Are there anymore artists/bands/DJs I should be listening to? Send them to me please!

Knight Time by Don Diablo

Angels by Within Temptation

Army Of Dolls by Delain

Canvas Of Life by Epica