I Am A Brand. We All Are.

Last night I was invited to two different blog chats on Twitter set to be at the same time. I was worried about the fact if I have too much traffic on my account, I’d either go into Twitter jail or my laptop would crap out entirely. Thankfully, neither one of these happened and I ended up enjoying my time between both chats. One was about ladies uplifting each other about beauty and it was hosted by @FallonJai and @PecanMomma. The second chat I was apart of was about networking and branding of your blog and it was hosted by @LaceandZippers. Both chats were comforting and fun to join and hopefully I’ll join for the next round of chats soon.

While I was answering different questions and tweeting different people. There was a question that got me thinking about my blog as a whole and apparently I let my thoughts out in full swing because I felt content with my answer and the aftermath after the chat ended. My blog might’ve started out only as a hobby, but it has grown to be like a brand to me. To answer the question you might have as of how it could be a brand, I was asked and I answered with this.

I thought about it all last night to see if I’d regret any of my answers but I never did. I actually thought about the fact that my blog is like a brand at a store at the mall or somewhere. The only differences is I’m not selling any clothes or jewelry, which apparently you can do that actually. It’s called a “blog sale” I recently just learned about it too. Everything I say is free and you can come and go to find something’s always new whether it’s the subjects I talk about or the different banner/backgrounds I use on the themes.

I took a Fashion & Textiles class during my freshman year of high school but I don’t remember how different stores get their brands to sale in their stores, but I feel like blogging would have some similarities between the two of them. When I was younger, I never really tried to keep a diary or journal because of two reasons.  1.) I could never get anything truthful and meaningful out of the words I had written. 2.) I was always afraid that somebody would criticize me for what I was feeling and what kind of thoughts I had going through my head. When I hit middle school, I got into songwriting. I was making up little stories of the emotions I was going through and I was getting to the point were I was showing people them from time to time. It wasn’t until my senior year were my muse for these songs was gone, I didn’t have the same feelings I had earlier to generate ideas for songs anymore. After that, I discovered blogging and that became my little hobby and I caught up with it longer than anyone ever did in my Grammar class.

I feel like I’ve grown from that time. Blogging was something I did when I was bored. Now it’s something I do that I love to do. I talk about my blog everywhere I go. I know the thoughts and see the weird and concerned looks from others whenever I tell them that I own a blog whenever they ask what I’ve been up to lately. My blog is my life, it’s my baby. It’s a lot different from writing on a piece of paper. I mean, I still have trouble going at it old school. It took a while to write a post on my Word Processor too. Writing a blog post generates ideas for me (sometimes!) and I’m free to talk about what I want and how I feel and surprisingly I don’t care about others might think about it. I am building, I’ve been building this brand my whole life. I’ve just done it in different ways. I talk about music, family, friends, school, movies, books, cats, and etc that I’ve made myself this online store of different things. Everything that I do on this blog is for me and nobody else. To everybody who thinks I spend too much time blogging, go fuck yourself! This is me having the freedom to be exactly who and  how I want to be. This is no longer a hobby for me and honestly it hasn’t been for a couple of years now. It is my brand, my memoir because you can read all of my posts and look how far I’ve come on my writing and seen how much this blog and my audience – thank you very much by the way – have changed my life. Maybe those dreams of having a professional quality type of blog will come sooner rather than later.

Thanks for reading!