Tune Tuesday: Lacey Sturm

tunetuesdayffThis week is going to be a different from the rest, well on here at least! I’ve decided to make both Tuesday and Thursday all about one rock band with a female vocalist(s).

Flyleaf is a heavy metal band from Texas. At the start of the group it consisted of five members: James, Pat, Jared, Sameer, and Lacey. In 2012, shortly after releasing their third album together Lacey left the band, so the lead role was given to Kristen who was a member of the band, Vedera. Today I am only focusing on Lacey’s time in the band while I’ll talk about a new song that was recently released as a single featuring Kristen on vocals on Thursday.

I found Flyleaf at the time their song “All Around Me” came out. I was still using MySpace at the time and one of the girls I was friends with at the time was obsessed with the song, she did many surveys on the Bulletin thing (do you remember doing those?) and she used to say it was she and her boyfriend’s song. It seemed like everybody was into that song! I had a late start of course! I could NEVER figure out the middle and what Lacey is singing. I never figured it out until like six or seven years later, still have trouble remembering the right words. A year or two later, I found “I’m So Sick” and “Fully Alive” because my sister was really big on finding other Christian rock bands, and Flyleaf was one of five bands she had on her iPod at the time.

I still remember hearing both “Again” and “Beautiful Bride” on the radio and watching the music video on MTV for “Again.” I’m still really addicted to these songs to this day! And yes, I know every word! In 2012, I started following the band on Twitter and within late 2012 or early 2013 I think Jared was on doing a follow spree and I got a follow back. I loved seeing the updates of the members on how the new album was progressing. They released “New Horizons” and a little bit afterwards the bomb dropped about Lacey’s departure and we all a bit shocked and upset (some of us still are apparently!) and after announcing Kristen as their new singer, they released the second single and music video for “Call You Out” the only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact they released the song for radio play but it was still in Lacey’s voice. I still think they should have rerecorded it with Kristen’s vocals and maybe that would have made a little bit more sense to move on with another singer. By the way, NW is the only Flyleaf album I’ve got a physical copy of and I still listen to it daily!

Since then she’s released a memoir called The Reason and she’s had another baby boy with her husband. She’s been doing some shows with her new band that is properly titled Lacey. She’s done some guest vocals with Orianthi and We As Human and was apart of the film Underworld: Awakening’s soundtrack on a song called “Heavy Prey” that I wish you could just buy off of iTunes as a damn single. Lacey has an incredible voice and of course, you gotta love her harsh screams in the earlier Flyleaf tracks. She feels the music and lyrics in other singers and you can clearly feel and hear the emotions of each song.┬áMy all time favorite old school Flyleaf songs are “So I Thought,” “Fully Alive,” “Arise,” “Broken Wings,” “Bury Your Heart,” “Call You Out,” and “Saving Grace.”