Tune Tuesday: Ella Henderson


It’s another week of new music, we’re talking about Ella Henderson!

Ella was a contestant on the show The X Factor in Britain several years ago, now she’s just released her debut album “Chapter One” in January in the states. First off, I love how her very first album is called “Chapter One” because in every phase in our lives is another chapter. We grow and learn something from each one. So I just love it! Europe got it to hear it first before us, which is okay because we were all busy listening and loving her first single, “Ghost” on the radio! A little bit after this past season on The X Factor, my nana’s friend Joanne and I were having a big discussion about past contestants and that I was willing to look into some of them. she suggested Ella’s music right off the bat, but it wasn’t Spotify yet. I think within two weeks after that conversation. I love the album! It’s so good!

Since her music has been out for a while, she’s had three other singles out. The third track off the album, “Glow” and “Mirror Man” have both came out. The music video for MM has came out recently! Last week or the week before, Ella’s song called “Yours” was featured on one of my favorite shows, The Vampire Diaries and it was placed in such a nice place that it really went with the scene. The song is only two minutes and fifty three seconds long, which isn’t long enough for me by any means but it was such a beautiful to listen to! Ladies, if you’re feeling hormonal at all, I suggest you listen to (unless you’ve been going through a breakup!) and if you want to have a good cry fest, it might help start it off. It’s one of THOSE songs! My favorite song has got to be “Empire.” When I first listened to the album, I couldn’t get through the first two minutes without thinking “this is REALLY good!” and before I knew I had to put the album on my Favorite Albums tab at the top of this blog.

Ella Henderson will be on tour with the group Take That in the UK. It starts in April.