Afraid Of The Dark


Early last week, my sister’s boyfriend “Batman” came over to spend some time with her and the rest of us at the house since she’s been on Spring Break. Some “spring” break considering at the beginning of it, we got a couple of inches of snow and ice. Luckily, by Tuesday and Thursday it was absolutely gorgeous outside, but neither one of us went out to enjoy it because it was so muddy!

On that Saturday, my mom had left to go somewhere and I swore my dad went with her. He didn’t and came into my room very strangely. He opened my door asking if I needed anything without looking at me and just stared at my table/dresser where my TV and DVR are placed. After I said no, he didn’t just leave he started cleaning that area which was odd, because he rarely cleans anything in my room. I had a few things on that section and he got it off there and came back in to fiddle with the back of my TV and DVR. Again, I didn’t know what the hell was going on until he walked in the third time with this huge ass TV in his hands. As he was getting it hooked up, I watched him silently because I was pretty much speechless at this point. He was plugging and unplugging cords and he kept saying “uh oh” about four times. I couldn’t help but laugh because you know it’s never good when he says that, however everything ended well! Apparently, Batman had a TV he wasn’t using and decided to bring it down for me. It’s a flat screen and HD, but those things are secondary to the fact I have a screen of the right colors and get to control the volume again!

I’m a very weird person. As much as everybody loves the new technology (including myself) I’ve never been too interested in these new TVs and DVD players. I might be okay if they found a way to bring back VHS players again. Having a flat screen TV has never been at the top of my list to ever get for myself. I grew up watching stuff on the humpback TVs. My grandparents both have those still. I think it’s somewhat interesting of how many people still use these things even after the release of different flat TV sets. I am very happy that it was Batman’s before and he just gave it to me. Because I know how much these suckers cost and nobody needs to go off and buy me a brand new one. A good thing about this is that I can save up my money for something else!

Now that I’ve got this sucker I’ve been watching a lot of movies from our selection of movie channels lately. I don’t have a working DVD player hooked up to it, but I actually using my laptop to watch DVDs anyway. Recently, I’ve seen quite a few new movies. I actually had plans to try to see if my parents would left me finish both Edge Of Tomorrow and The Fault In Our Stars in their room or the living room. I only had a little bit left on both of them but because my old TV quality was so bad that watching movies was the worst! So the first full night I had this TV I watched both films on it. Best thing I ever did! Last week I recorded four movies on my DVR and of course some of my favorite shows! I now understand why my dad watches so many food shows on his TV. The food looks so much better! Who knew? Anyways, I found Step Up: All In and Maleficent early that weekend when I got the TV. Later on in the week, I found The Book Thief and X2. So I’ve been very excited to watch those and find any others too!

That first night I had it though, oh my gosh! Trying to go to bed with my screen as bright as can be was so difficult even lying over by the wall. My mom came in that first morning afterwards to take me to the bathroom, it was still pretty dark outside but you couldn’t tell from my room! My mom said to find a dark channel at night, but there’s no channels like that! Since my dad figured out how to get the volume buttons to work on the remote, I decided to test out the on and off button as well. Now I have to say, I’ve never ever had my TV off unless I’ve had a friend sleeping over. I’ve got really bad paranoia and it’s usually at its peak in the dark. It doesn’t matter how old I get, (I think it gets worse the older I get!) I instantly freak myself out. So that first night I turned it off, I tried to turn it back on to reassure myself that I can quickly go back on this if I wanted to but unfortunately the button didn’t want to work with me! That didn’t settle with me well but I did my best to clear my head and roll over to drift off the sleep. Surprisingly I did go to bed easily that night. My dad found out what my problem was, I didn’t have the remote pointed at the DVR instead. So now it works good!

I’m excited that now I get to watch the new season of Dancing With The Stars in my own room! I’ll be waiting until my dad figures out that I need some surround sound speakers hooked up to it. That’s the last thing I need to be honest! I don’t need anything else in my little room!