Tune Tuesday: Christina Perri


This week it’s all about Christina Perri.

It really amazes me how everybody became a fan of Christina Perri’s music. In 2010, her debut single “Jar Of Hearts” was featured on So You Think You Can Dance. I’m really BIG fan of the show. I don’t watch it religiously as I do with Dancing With The Stars, but I love finding new music from their dances on both shows. Unfortunately, I did not see this dance like everybody else. I heard the song after it started playing on the radio and I loved it! Of course, I finally did watch the dance and it was so beautiful! In 2011 she released her first album, lovestrong. Another song I grew to love was “Arms” because it’s so soft and meaningful to me, which is a little weird to explain.

Last year, she released her sophomore album called, head or heart and I’m proud to say that I actually listened to this album all the way through when it came out and again a few months ago. I needed something kind of mellow to level me out one afternoon, and it actually did the trick and I ended up coming back with liking a few other songs off that album. When the first single, “Human” came out I was instantly in love with it and to make things even better it was featured on DWTS for Amy Purdy and Derek Hough’s dance to her father. My mom, dad and I all cried that evening watching that dance. Thank god we were in two different rooms! Now when her second single “Burning Gold” came out, it had to take me a while to get myself into it. I think it took me like two or three months to finally get myself to stop denying how good it really was. The third single, “The Words” only had play for a few seconds and I was hooked again. Other songs that I have grown to love are “Lonely Child” and “Butterfly” from the second album.

What are your favorite songs?