Music Video: In This Moment’s “Sick Like Me”

I’m used to doing book reviews, but I’m not strange to doing album and movie reviews. One thing that I’ve never done though is doing a review of a music video. I’ve been waiting for this music video to come out since the band made the first single announcement a couple of months ago. I’m a HUGE In This Moment fan. When their album, Blood came out in 2012 I literally had to wait a couple of weeks, I usually like listening to it on Spotify before buying it in case I don’t necessarily like the entire thing. Well, by the time I got the OK from my mom, I was too damn excited to wait and buy only singles first. I just bought the whole thing when I had the chance. I don’t regret a thing because it’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. I can listen to every song (minus the interludes) from start to finish without any stops in between. Trust me, some nights I’ve tested that out!

When the album came out, I looked up live videos and they used their album intro “Rise With Me” with “Adrenalize” as their beginning song for most of their shows. I fell in love with that long intro and I knew it was going to be a badass song. However, I didn’t expect that song and their cover of “Closer” originally by the band Nine Inch Nails were going to be that dirty. I wasn’t judging them though, because I knew that I would fall in love with both songs. With Maria’s voice sometimes whenever she does her screams, you can’t understand what she’s saying. Which happens to a lot of other screamers in bands too. That’s why parents automatically judge you for listening to something that neither one of you can understand at first glance. Anyways, in the beginning I didn’t know “Closer” was by NIN nor did I know the lyrics at first either. So I would listen to it on my stereo at top volume and once I looked up the lyrics did I figure out how dirty those lyrics turned out to be. So I stopped singing the song out loud. I had always wondered in my head though, I wondered if this is our warning. Would there be more stuff like this song? Well, looks like there will be.

When the announcement came out about their first single off their new album, Black Widow. I kind of always figured with a title like “Sick Like Me” it would either gruesome or dirty. Again, not judging! The intro to the song was amazing and I couldn’t get enough for it. It’s not necessarily dirty to me, for normal ears it would be, but for me considering the type of books I read, this was pretty tame. I haven’t really seen the track list of the new album yet, but I did actually watch their new music video of “Sick Like Me” and it was directed by Robert Key and Maria Brink herself. They posted it on Facebook, and as I went to “like” it before going to watch it. The first comment I saw was somebody calling her the “Lady Gaga of metal” to me I didn’t think that was bad, considering the band has taken a more theaterical look lately especially with live production after the “Blood” album came out. I watched this though, there’s not many times where both the song and music video are alike, but I was really impressed with the whole outlook of it.

It was very dark, but mild. It had a lot of shots of the guys and their guitars/drums.The beginning of the music video is very mysterious. I love the song for its the ultimate first single and the music video make a real statement on how this new album maybe like, the very start at 00:18 gives you a taste. My favorite scenes are of the guys in their face masks, completely shielded and they look very hot, I’ll just say that. From 00:30 through 00:45 are my favorite part, as Maria and her “dancers” they do everything in unison at just the right part of the intro. The headbang at the beginning is what you would do to this song, it’s an awesome drop. Hell even I’ve done a few headbangs to this song, but of course not as gracefully as that. This music video gives a vibe of darkness and makes you want to know what’s more in store with the other songs on the album. This week, In This Moment finally released another track of their new album coming out next month. The single “Big Bad Wolf” and I’ll be looking online in a couple of weeks to see what the lyrics are and what the meaning is about this track too.

So what do you think of this song?