An Early Birthday Celebration!



This post might be super long because I’m talking about two very long days. So get ready!

Two weeks ago, I spent some quality time with my family. There was a real reason why almost everybody came down. My nana was supposed to have an operation but she ended up not having it, however several family members still came down that weekend anyways. After sleeping at my grandparent’s house over the summer, I actually wanted to do it again. Sometimes it’s great to get away from my room, parents etc and sleep somewhere else. I felt bad that my younger cousin Taylor would have to sleep on the floor and help out again, but he seemed to be okay with it though.

I went over to my nana’s Friday morning as my parent’s went somewhere, I don’t even remember where. It was great to have that hour with my grandparents alone before the whole house got crowded. Back in July, my nana and I made our first cake together. The whole thing was really about learning measurements and seeing if I could stir the batter in the bowl with my foot and I can! So after maybe twenty minutes of being there, I saw the cake icing and pan and I thought we were going to bake another one! When she told me she had already baked it, I was a little sad but then she kind of explained her reasons to bake the cake in general.

Every year, well now that I’ve been celebrating my birthdays either at home or some place else. My poor grandparents don’t get to help celebrate our birthdays anymore. So she figured we could celebrate it early and with Laurie, Mike, and Uncle Rick! I was okay with this (of course!) but I was still bummed she made it without me! However, she has this new attachment that she hadn’t used yet. She got it I think sometime during the spring. It is kind of like a pastry bag, I’ve never used one of those before, we were kind of curious if I could use it with my feet.. It has a pump in between the area where you pour the icing into and when you go to push it forward and lift up or to the side and it creates a very cool design. We used two decorative dispensers, the rose and I don’t remember the other one. I was in my push wheelchair and I hadn’t done anything like this before so I wasn’t expecting it to be as difficult as it was! Apparently getting both of my feet to work as a team isn’t such a good idea! It was fun though! The decorations don’t look too horrible. I think it looks like meringue. I did the white and blue peaks. My Aunt Laurie wrote out “Happy Birthday Meghan” on it since I barely got through writing out “M-E” I’ll try it out again soon!

This time around I actually didn’t have my iPod, Kindle, laptop or UNO cards because I managed to lose them in one month. I was a little bit bored to say the least, but decorating the cake kept me occupied a little. I went to sleep or tried to around maybe 9pm, I’m just estimating that because my nana doesn’t have a clock near where I was on the couch. This time I bought my own blanket and pillow. The blanket part was genius, the pillow not so much. Mine is apparently too flat and it was so uncomfortable for my neck. I actually didn’t get much sleep that night but it wasn’t because of my paranoia, it was because my Uncle Mike kept snoring. At my house, my dad is the one who snores and even though our walls are pretty thin, there’s still a wall keeping those rooms separate. In other words, with the right fan or having a TV on you can’t hardly hear him. It was WAY too quiet in that living room even after he got up to go to the bathroom. I got up at 8am and I was so exhausted! The only person who slept in was Taylor. Lucky little boy!

My nana got up and made rolls: cinnamon and orange rolls. I actually had an orange roll, it was sooo good! I had been dreaming of them for the past couple of weeks so this was worth it! I still can’t believe Laurie converted me because I LOVE my cinnamon rolls. My Uncle Rick was to come down at noon so we got food from the store in town, chicken and mashed potatoes. I had chicken and broccoli and celery to eat. Doesn’t sound very good, but I certainly loved it! My papaw had the TV on a local channel that had a soccer game on it. I haven’t watched a soccer game since 2013 when Blondie played during her senior year. I don’t know anything about it, she tried to explain it to us when she played but I think it went over my head like every other sport usually does to me. However, I was actually into it. The teams were Watland (totally butchered the name up, sorry!) against Arsenal. I have to say Aaron Ramsay is freaking cute! Now, don’t think that because I thought he was cute was the reason why I was so into it. I mean, it was one of the reasons but 3 days later I finally found out who won it. We didn’t see the ending of the game because Laurie and Mike took Taylor and I to Wal-Mart. Uncle Rick stayed behind to help my nana with her new laptop, poor guy!

When we came back we worked on this little Halloween DIY project. I thought my nana would be more into it but they were still working on it. After we were finished, I used the reminder of the foam board to take pictures of the nail polishes I got at Wal-Mart. That post went up last week if you missed it! My mom, Blondie and Batman had to work over the weekend. Myy mom said they would be over at 6pm. I was extremely tired and a bit overwhelmed so I decided to lay down on the floor for a bit. That was actually more comforting than I thought! I actually spent less time on the floor and when my mom came over, she put me back in the wheelchair and I guess I was too close to my nana’s cart because when she went to lift me up off the floor I bumped the side of my head in the process and then we started laughing. Bad, bad idea!

I actually had plans to stay another night, but whenever my mom found out that Laurie was leaving around noon the next day, she and I decided I needed to go home that evening. Honestly I was perfectly okay with this. I needed to sleep in my own bed with my fan again. I had a lot of fun though!! Laurie said they might be back for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving this year. That’s okay because I think my mom might be working that holiday so we might be celebrating on Black Friday like we did last year!

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