Blogs That I Love: #13


What I like to do on Friday’s is give all of my readers a good list of blogs and their authors, a chance to be recognized. For a lot of the blogs I read, sometimes it’s sudden and then I have a few were I can’t get enough and read their stuff all the time. If you’ve heard me talking about these type of posts before, you know how much I don’t like getting anything in return. I don’t do it for that, I do it for the ones who want new blogs to read and to tell those bloggers recognized that I l o v e their blogs, plus I love knowing that I might’ve brighten their day too! This week, all blogs on this post are ones that I have a hard time pulling myself away from because I just can’t get enough of. So I’m hoping these blogs become your favorites too! If you don’t already follow them, I highly suggest you do so!

  1. Ginevrella – Jenny is a blogger from London, she is a medical student who is a lifestyle blogger. Normally, I wouldn’t think of a medical student having a life outside of whatever they’re working at, so she’s stripping down that stereotype. One of my favorite things she talks about is of course, food. That’ll be another common factor with these blogs today. They have talked about food once or twice (in some cases, about a dozen!) anyways, over the ocean in the UK they had a show called, Great British Bake Off and I think after the first episode aired there, I started seeing a LOT of different bloggers do a similar take, instead of pastry chefs, any blogger from the UK would create something of each week’s theme. I’m not kidding you when I say this but I think I read four different blogs in this time period. The idea was amazing! Bloggers would really come out of their shell and create beautiful works of art with their food. Jennifer was one of these bloggers who kept up with it. Now that the show is off with, I’m happy to say that she’s keeping up with posting different food recipe posts.
  2. Chow Down By The Bay – Chelsea is a blogger from the good ole USA. She is a food and fashion blogger. Her blog just recently got a makeover! I like all of her dining experience posts. If you like to travel to different places, I always find bloggers who do posts like these always find the most cute and interesting restaurants. Besides all of the food posts, she does quite a few fashion posts too! She likes to go to different events and loves different jewelry! The one thing I truly love about her blog is at the bottom of each post, she asks a challenge. It’s called a “comment challenge” it’s usually about the stuff she’s talked about inside that post, so instead of just saying what you usually say into a comment at the end, you can include an answer to her question.
  3. Avellana – Avellana, which she kindly translated it to “Hazel” but I really like “Avellana” instead. She is a London lifestyle blogger that talks about different topics. I love London bloggers, each one likes different places and so there’s a good chance were you don’t everything twice. If you do, it’s in another point of view and maybe in another area of whatever they’re talking about too. So everything is really different. She talks about beauty, food, travel and among other things too. She’s very nice, all of the bloggers here on this list are very nice. I talk to Avellana a lot via comments. Sometimes I make a fool out of myself but it might have something to do with living in the US instead of the UK too!
  4. Lux Life – Catherine is a lifestyle blogger, she also lives in London too. She talks about travel, fashion, events, food, and restaurant experiences too. My favorite posts she does are of course the recipe and travel posts. I’ve just discovered Catherine and her blog, probably over the summer. I liked how her blog was pretty simple but the pictures were amazing! She made you feel like you were there with her as you are reading her posts. I always love when bloggers can make you feel like that in whatever they’re discussing in their post.