Song Review: “BouncyBob” by Martin Garrix feat. Justin Mylo & Mesto

One thing about the start of a new year being on the weekday, especially on a Friday is a fabulous thing for us crazy music fans! I’ve gotten to the point now I look forward to new music being released on Fridays!

When I saw this song was being released on NYE I was freaking stoked! I mean, I’ve been such a big fan of Martin Garrix and his creations, but the poor dude’s had it rough lately and it seriously makes me so sad for me. I sound like a die heard fangirl right now! I was really curious about this track and like “Poison” these one is basically instrumental, but with very little words in it. Which is good enough for me! Unfortunately, I’m not very familiar with Justin Mylo or Mesto, but I feel I might be after this, just trust me on that!

This track sounds like the name of it, very “bouncy” and playful. It doesn’t sound like a bunch of amateurs made it up one night, however I wonder if alcohol was involved at some point of creating it. I mean, just because Martin isn’t legal to drink here in the states that doesn’t mean he can’t drink while traveling out of the country or at his home. We’re getting off subject again, sorry about that! The song sounds like a true Martin Garrix song but weirdly enough only after the introduction is over. Those high-pitched notes! They get me every single time! I find that parts of it are a little boring especially after that build up, but other than that, it’s pretty good!

What are your thoughts on “BouncyBob?” If you listen to Justin Mylo & Mesto, send me some of their tracks please!


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