The Get Together Weekend

This is where my grandparent’s decided to eat Saturday night, we are still trying to figure out why they wanted to face that way.

This past weekend was awesome! It was kind of different too, because it’s been so long since we’ve actually had a Saturday get together with family at my grandparent’s house. We hardly have those anymore because everybody’s so busy with their jobs. Whenever I go over on the weekends, I’m only there for like an hour or two, but it’s usually just my mom and I. She does their errands and I stay over and talk and read my papaw’s magazines in the process. In our family, Saturday’s used to be our days as a family to release ourselves from the real world and go a little crazy. My Uncle David and Aunt Katt live in his semi so they have tons of great stories to tell us after being on the road for a bit. My mom’s a nurse so you can imagine what she discusses while we’re eating. When she was in the nursing program, it was a bit too much but I can say we can basically discuss anything and not be too freaked out. On occasion my papaw will bring up one of his old stories of Hawaii or living in Indianapolis or down here when he was a kid. I’m usually the invorent of the family and observe everybody’s conversations and laugh whenever anything weird happens, which happens a LOT in my family, trust me! Two people we haven’t seen in a really long time are Amy and Elena. Amy is my older cousin and Elena is her friend. We think the last time we seen them was either in 2009 or 2010. I’m getting flashbacks to my other cousin Kristi and I’s high school graduation and they had made a late night appearance and that entire night was a doozy for us all. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who remembers that night and smart enough to not bring up the rest. Anyways, they finally came down this past weekend and it was originally only supposed to be them, but between my nana and I we were curious to whether or not David and Katt would be able to make it or not. You can never take anything serious in our family, we’re nothing but a bunch of pranksters and we just get worse with age!

David and Katt didn’t show up until like around one or two in the afternoon. We just got done eating lunch and when they came down, they were starving! Well. David was, he just wanted his pizza and that’s it. We were very fortunate that both Saturday and Sunday were scheduled to rain, but we hardly got any rain those two days. So we got to go outside, all three wheelchairs and my sister played with the large amounts of crickets in the yard of my grandparent’s house. By this time, my dad had decided he needed to show off his motorcycle because Amy’s never really seen it face-to-face yet. While everybody checked out the bike, my mother and David decided it was picture time. All of our Facebook’s basically exploded with notifications because of all these random pictures being sent and your face being tagged on it. That was the only time were the phones weren’t getting on my last nerve. It was when everybody was literally sitting around each other in the kitchen, in silence because they were on their phones the whole time, playing some game that Blondie got them interested in. At times, their reactions were pretty hilarious because they were trying not to curse in the house, so they were saying weird words. We actually established that I can’t play the game, even on a tablet. It’s just not a good idea!


While my mom and sister went to do my grandparent’s errands, when they came back to the house and before I decided I wanted to join everybody outside. Blondie had convinced our mother to buy her a magazine, a Cosmo. I’m not kidding, she sat next to me and I was literally reading over her shoulder and I know how much she hates that, but some of the things in there obviously grabbed my attention and it definitely wasn’t this Emily chick on the cover. When everybody decided they were “done” taking pictures outside and dad decide to leave on the bike, everybody was thinking the same thing I was, it was just too damn cold to stand outside. So we all went back indoors, Katt made David and the rest of us pizza if we wanted it, even though we literally just bought chicken from the store an hour earlier. So anyways, everything was fine and dandy, we carried on with our weird but nice conversations with one another and then Uncle David found the magazine and thought it needed to check it out considering there was a chick who’s boobs looked like they could literally pop out of her shirt, and the three-letter word, was placed at the very top of the cover and he apparently was a little concerned, but what went from concerned turned into laughter, he just couldn’t stop laughing. So he would get us laughing and there was something he was skimming through and I could hear what was saying, so I knew what he was reading and laughing about, but was too embarrassed to talk about it. He just thought it was most hilarious he’s ever read, but he was heavily into this magazine that Amy took a picture of him reading it, and he didn’t know what she was doing until her flash went off and he looked up and we started laughing at him. David and Katt couldn’t stay longer because they had to pick up another load down South. I think we stayed there for another hour before we headed home too.

Blondie doing her coloring book she got while we were out on Sunday!
Blondie doing her coloring book she got while we were out on Sunday!

When we got home from my nana’s, we should have been exhausted! Or at least my mom should’ve been. I didn’t start yawning until we got home. I thought I’d actually get some sleep Saturday night because of the laughter and movements I did do getting around the kitchen. I went to bed at midnight, got up at 1:30am somehow managed to go back to bed a little bit after that. Next thing I knew I was up again at almost 5am and I remembered my mom telling us before we went to sleep that we were getting up at 8:30am. For some odd reason, I took her word for it and I shouldn’t have done that. My mom and sister didn’t get up until 10am. I had been all that time, surviving on recorded TV shows and music. When they did get up did my body felt like it could just collapse right there in the push wheelchair. We ate lunch first before we did anything, thank god! We got Subway and my mom got me a salad. I actually ate the whole thing and I never do that, and I’ll probably pay for it later. Afterwards, we went to Dollar General, it was a three car circus, and there was no rain whatsoever but we still had my push chair, but I was okay with it because I definitely wasn’t awake in my brain area to even function in that place. It was really weird to be pushed around in a store too! I think we all left that place with something, a few things. Somehow I managed to leave there with a new pair of leggings that shout the word, “autumn” loud and clear within the pattern on it. They’re cute though! Now this next part might be a little embarrassing on not only about me but to my sister as well, but I’m still going to tell the story. We were walking/rolling throughout the place looking for a damn alarm clock for my mom, we found the magazine aisle and found the motherload of coloring books for kids. I get incredibly bored on any days where my mom works, staying on my laptop doesn’t make the boredom go away anymore. Now that my nana and I have been doing these pumpkins and have something to do for a while, my time at home will be my chill time and I’m not a chill out type of person, I’ve got a mind that’s always doing something, whether it’s taking pictures, reading, blogging you name it.

My cute coloring page :O)
My cute coloring page :O)

I thought we’d go to CVS afterwards, to me that place always had the right stuff when it comes to different holidays/seasons. We didn’t go though, instead we headed back to the house and that’s where we were for the next two hours. Since Blondie got everybody into that game, they were easily amused with themselves and then the little light bulb went off when Blondie went back outside to go grab her coloring books. Yes, that little “s” on the end means she got two. She got a full cat activity book. On the cover, it looks like the cats inside will look real, but nope. They’re all animated like but they were still adorable little pictures. She told us all that her boyfriend’s room will be covered in different pages. She let me do one of the pages in hers and I thought after YEARS of not doing this we really actually doing pretty good staying inside the lines. I slipped once and I was still devastated at myself! Our real problem was the fact the crayons we were using kept breaking. Mine was breaking at the tip because I was putting so much pressure on it. I’ve never liked the feel of crayons on coloring pages, so when I told everybody that I’d rather use markers they started voicing that markers will just bleed through the pages. I’m fully aware what they’ll do, I’m still going to do it that way! It’s just easier for me!

We needed up leaving before Amy and Elena did, my mom started feeling really off a little bit after we got back from shopping. I was so happy to see them and so much fun just spending time with everybody and eating together. Hopefully it’ll happen again soon! When we got back home, I decided to spend some time with the babies on the back porch. I was basically ignored by almost everybody except for Bootsie and Bear-Bear (Kelso) the others were too busy eating and cleaning themselves off afterwards. I didn’t have my jacket or socks on so I was feeling a little bit chilly out there. After probably 30 minutes I went back inside and spend a couple of hours in my room, getting started on this post, and around 6pm my mom came in and asked me if I wanted to go over to our neighbors and hang out for a bit. At this time, I was barely pushing myself to stay awake. I was off to 13 or 14 hours of being up and yet here I was going to my neighbors, fully in a good mood. I was a little weirded out. My friend Sammy came and got me and brought me over since my dad was busy with the grill.

867879104There was quite a few people there hanging out in this garage. Some of the guys were playing cornhole and the dog Lexi was having a ball that there were people all around her. I sat by Sammy and her boyfriend. I haven’t seen or hang out with them in a while so it was nice to be back in that atmosphere again. Poor Julie though, she was originally sitting in between the garage and the ground, and then it started sprinkling slowly on her. It was fine when I rolled over there, then all of a sudden it decided down pour and Julie had to move deeper into the garage. Before this happened, dad was on the last part of cooking and was about to close the lid of the big grill, and I stopped him to take a picture but of course I’m too damn short. So Sammy was the one who got the picture, but I think my dad is starting to understand that any pictures I want to take are going to come out pretty damn good, so he doesn’t talk back to me anymore. After the light outside kept declining, I finally remembered that Sammy and I haven’t gotten a picture taken of us in a while, so I had her mom do it for us and it turned out really pretty!

After staying there for a bit, Sammy kept talking about going over to the barn, but it was really raining out so I was concerned if I’d even get to go over there too, but Theresa went and got the umbrella and walked me over there in the downpour. I liked sitting in the barn with everyone, discussing different things. It’s a nice release! The little boys followed us back shortly afterwards and as Theresa and Sammy went inside to grab a drink from the house, my dad reminded me that my mom had to go to work in the morning. So I looked on my phone to see what time it was and it said 8pm. I went back to house while the rain had stopped, it started to pick back up while we got to the driveway and I push the controller as forwarded as I could to make it go faster. I knew my tires had to been muddy as crap, but I never got told how bad they were when I got inside. I went to bed at 11pm and I didn’t get back up until 7:45am and freaked out, because my mom gets us an hour earlier but she told me she called in because she still didn’t feel good. Yeah, so that’s how my weekend went for me!