Most Expensive Clothing Item You’ve Ever Bought

lightsoutI don’t usually like to blog about fashion, but when I do I usually have a very good reason to do it. I’m usually the one who goes to Wal-Mart and picks clothes out that way, I don’t care that they’re not designer. At least they’re durable and cheap. Now when I was a teenager I was very pressured into wanting to have what everybody else had, but as I grew up I started noticing something after my mom told me that the majority of the stuff that the popular kids had, were basically knock-offs just made me realize that there wasn’t anything special about them. When I became a junior in high school, I remember going to the mall and watching my little sister practically sprint to her favorite stores: Hollister, A&F, and etc. She didn’t like shopping for things on the sale racks let’s just put it out there. Funny thing was, majority of her already designer brands she had were from yard sales, her friends and family. We never went to the stores and actually bought them before this time. My poor dad can’t go into Hollister or A&F because it’s so stinky and definitely not wheelchair accessible either. So I stood out with him.

When we first went out to get clothes for the new school year, I remember I had raised money to spend there and my mom was willing to pay for only one thing for the both of us. I am one of those people who I will show my folks something and say, “This is neat!” but I will not buy it, because well I’m stubborn that way. I’m one of those people who if it attracts me not once, but twice than I will do everything in my power to get it. Before this, this was my most expensive item I’ve ever bought–not counting my prom dresses I’ll explain those later–we went to Victoria’s Secret Pink and my sister and my mom were looking around at the smelly stuff (lotions and spray perfumes) and tees. I ventured into the pant racks and found these very loose yoga pants. This was even before I had become obsessed with leggings too! I loved these pants, I have a texture problem with my feet and fingers so just feeling it and seeing how soft and detailed they were but not so tight that they felt like they were going to cut me apart at the waist. Everything was going good until my mom saw the price tag and even before we walked in my mom told me that I had basically blown all of my money. I was having a really good shopping day at the mall! Anyways, it was $40 for one very thin pair of yoga pants. She kept asking me if I really wanted it and even though she was willing to pay for anything under $50, I was hoping to find something a little bit cheaper than that! It’s whatever though because I still caved and got them! It was very worth it as they became more of a pajama bottoms than anything else!

Now about my prom dresses. Even though it kind of feels weird to be talking about prom on this day, because if I can remember right my senior prom was today (April 16th) so this is kind of bittersweet thing for me as I miss those days, it’s the getting ready part that I’m not missing as much as some would think. Senior year I had this beautiful brown dress that was silky smooth, much like a milk chocolate bar! It was cut like a V in the front and was very open in the back as well. We had strict requirements for all dresses back in high school, I kind of figured I would get into trouble for it, but I didn’t care. For this dress, I wore it to both my Homecoming ceremony and prom. I was up for homecoming queen in my last year and I had to begin my dress shopping a month after Christmas. I had gotten an $100 gift card and I had basically used it all for this dress. However, the dress was not $100. I went looking for cheap dresses nearby and I found it on the Dillard’s website and I fell in love with it. It was on sale from $80 to $50. To some, that’s not much of a drop, well to me it was and I knew I had to get these dress. It kept calling my name! After Homecoming came and went and no, I did not win. I remember asking my mom later that night what we were going to do about prom that was three months away. She said that if I wanted to, I could get another dress, because my dad wouldn’t want me wearing the same dress for both things. Well, I felt extremely comfortable in it to the point I actually felt beautiful in it and that NEVER happens. So I kept it and used it for my prom. I never regretted my decision to this day. I just wish I had went with my gut with my other dress for junior year. I hated that dress and that was even cheaper, $30 at JCPenney. Not bad really!

If I do any shopping nowadays, clothes have to be under $35, even though I basically freak out if something is priced $29.99 and there’s nothing really there making it special. That’s one of my things, I love things that have graphics on it, but with my hands and texture problems, glitter is a no-go but rhinestones are fine! I am hooked to all kinds of leggings, but mostly love anything with skulls! I love tees and blouses that have studs and spikes on the collars and shoulders. I love anything floral and with quotes on it. My favorite stores are Vanity, Wet Seal, Hot Topic, and Buckle. On the dresses though, my favorite designers are Alyce, Jovanni, Elie Saab, and Zuhair Murad.

What is your most expensive clothing item? Not jewelry or hair accessories, clothes? I’m really curious how much you’re willing to pay for something. What are your favorite brands and designers? 

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