The Wedding | Nails, Hair, & Dresses!



We start our adventure on Wednesday, we were supposed to have like a spa day with all of the bridesmaids but ultimately decided against that but Blondie did came to the house so dad could do her nails. He’s been doing nails since she was competing in beauty pageants! I went first and after spending about an hour on just trying to remove the old polish on my toes, he pulled out the clippers. For anybody who doesn’t know, I’m terrified of the clippers, like I break out in sweats that’s how bad my anxiety gets whenever they’re around. Anyways, I managed to tick off my dad enough that my mom had to paint both my finger and toe nails!

I hardly ever get my finger nails done, and now I know why. I had to smell nail polish for like two days straight! Every time I tried to put on my blanket at night, the smell would brush up on me! I had a stomachache every time I got a woof of it. I had mom put another shade of pink on my fingers–apparently both Blondie and I had the same baby pink polish and we didn’t even know it! I used this because I thought it would be as close to the shade of my dress and I was right! As far as my toes, Blondie brought down a silver and hot pink and I decided to do the opposite of what she was doing or vice versa. All of my toes are silver with the “ring toe” is just pink!

Poor dad had so much trouble getting the pink on her nails though. She has quite a few dents on her nails of where she’s smashed them at work! According to him, the polish was pretty thick too so he literally spent like five minutes of one hand alone! He didn’t have an issue with the silver thank god! Afterwards, he started on my mom’s nails! My nana had this light orange polish that my aunt grabbed on accident a few days before and we thought it was as close to her dress!

Now I have to talk about hair! Blondie and I chose a similar hairstyle. We both wanted loose curls and our hair braided! Poor Dyllanne had so much trouble trying to figure out how to do the braids, because the picture I gave her didn’t necessarily gave you instructions so she had to wing it. It took her about three tries before she finally cracked the code! Somehow I only needed four bobby pins after all of that! Once at the reception though, I had Jayde put it up in a ponytail because I figure it would all fall onto my plate if I didn’t!

I know I’ve talked about the dresses before, but as I found out through my friend Ania a couple of months ago, I never showed anyone what I looked like in the pink dress as I had to try on the ones in red and blue! Blondie bought me some fabric tape because my strap and around my right side were very loose, so we had to make sure that nothing came out. One of the bridesmaid’s Alli actually had to add another strip before we went out to do pictures because the one on my right side was coming off! The length was another thing. I was worried that if we went higher on the sizes that the length would get longer as well, because I wanted a short dress. Thankfully everything went fine and I had my “short” dress even if the ends were at my ankles! I’ve shared what Blondie’s wedding dress looked like back in January of 2016, but she had quite a few alterations done to it but the structure is still the same but it fit her a lot better than that first time!

As far as dad, Brandon and the rest of the groomsmen they had a silver tux with pink bow ties and vest and wore brown shoes, which at first nobody liked until you saw all of it on together and then it made the outfit that much better! And yes, my dad wore his gray bandana to walk her down the aisle. He honestly wanted to shave everything but Blondie said no! Hell, we all said no!

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The next post(s) should be about the wedding itself, so keep an eye out of it! 


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The Bridesmaid Dresses!



I am discussing everything wedding today! If you follow me on Twitter, you might’ve noticed that on February 26th, I finally got fitted for my maid of honor dress as the rest of the bridesmaids had gone in early January, since some of the girls were still on break. We were supposed to go, but my nana had been having some issues with her health and my mom didn’t want to risk leaving her alone.

It was during this trip that they got to pick the style of dress they wanted to wear, because I think Blondie was going back and forth on what exactly she wanted us to wear for the wedding, she originally didn’t want any kind of lace. She didn’t want it on her dress or ours, even though I believe if you’re going to have a Disney (and Superhero) theme wedding, lace would be a classic go-to addition. Ultimately, the rest of the camp found a dress that they liked–after trying like 8 others–and it has lace on it! So technically I was happy about it and I didn’t even express my opinions on it, because I feared I’d get yelled at, so I kept my mouth shut!

The girls that went are all wearing one shoulder strap dress, that has thick lace material all around the front that gradually goes to the left shoulder and it has a nice bodice with a thin belt just before the bottom flows out; it’s very soft and it has an airy, so you can do a lot of movement! The girls will be wearing it in the color “tickle” which is described as a lighter shade of pink. The color scheme that the couple has went with are pink and silver.

Here are Sam, Jace and Jayde modeling the longer dresses, trying to get fitted into their sizes, on the first day there!


I’d say the middle (Jace) is almost the gray/silver they’re going for, but all of the dresses will be in that pink, while Brandon, his groomsmen, and my dad–yes, he’s wearing a tux, but with a bandana–are wearing silver tuxes and I think pink ties! Oh, and brown shoes! Yeah, my mom and I are still wondering who’s idea that was because Blondie was there with them as they got fitted for theirs!

Now on that day I finally got fitted for my dress and I will be truthful when I say this, I am pale as a ghost and have awkward shoulders. I have previously explained this several times on here about the fact my shirts always fall off one of my shoulders, no matter how many times we try to fix it, it’ll find a way to slip right off! When my mom looked to see how big that strap was on the shoulder, she was really worried if it would even stay on the shoulder because it is a thick section of material and I have such small shoulders, that we were wondering how would this work on me?

Well, the day we arrived there, it was partially crowded with brides and their families and friends. Dad dropped us off while he and Brandon went to get his tux and pants fitted (he was NOT in a mood to do this at all!) and I sat quietly in my wheelchair fighting the urges to look through the dresses and wondering if I would have to find another dress because the chosen one wasn’t going to stay on my shoulders.

We were taken into a little fitting room, because I did not feel comfortable to be out in the open as she took my measurements. The lady was not exactly liked by my sister, mostly because she had measured her friend Jace wrong the first time they were there, saying she was one size when she wasn’t. We have never measured my body before, even for prom, mostly because both dresses were bought from JC Penney and Dillard’s. This had happened again when she measured only my chest and bust, but not my hips. So she started us with a size 2 and 4.

The size 4 barely went over the top of my head, we never got past my ears, and we tried to go in reverse and put my feet in first but my ass was too big for it, so I clearly wasn’t a 4. We tried a 5 and then 6, an 8, and finally found out that 10 was good, it went over my head and fit perfectly, but I could hardly breathe! So we figured that a size 12 would be better in case I did in fact gain more weight over the cross of the next few months and my mom didn’t think I would be able to eat and dance in it either.

Between my hips, ass, and the damn zipper we were having the worst time trying these dresses on! In a way, my mom and I were happy that I learned to transfer and stand up nice and strong on my own two feet, but my poor pinky wasn’t having to do it multiple times. Blondie was the one actually pulling it up to my chest and attempting to zip it up, as my mom was the one holding up my upper body. By the second or third try, my sister just situated herself behind me where I was literally sitting on her lap! I loved her for that because my feet were ready to give out a couple of times. When we got to the last dress, her poor thumb was red and slightly swollen after trying to pull it up at the back.

This was the end result of that mess!


Now as you can see how the dress is on my upper body and most importantly my shoulder, you can see our concerns of the material being so much that it actually looks like it could slip off! I refuse to go strapless though, that was my rule from the get go, was no strapless dresses for me! I don’t think it would stay up. It’s not the size of my bosom that I was concerned about it is mostly because since I can’t move my hands to lift it back up, I feel it would be a disaster! So when it comes in, we’re going to have that section altered and tighten on my shoulder and hopefully we won’t have to really worries about it afterwards!

As I’ve said above, the six bridesmaids are wearing long dresses, since I am the maid of honor, I am wearing a “short” dress. However, the more we went up in sizes, the length of the actual dress kept increasing! I wanted a shorter dress because after both of my proms and having a long dresses, I would have be careful in driving my wheelchair because I would run over myself! I cannot tell you how many times I did that during my Junior year. I think when I wore my brown dress for Homecoming, I had my mom tie a hair tie in the back to help keep everything together so I wouldn’t get stopped by my dress! I believe we did this during prom too, but I don’t necessarily remember. We’re hoping the length hasn’t changed drastically to this dress that we’d have to do the same thing, but you never know!

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the brand the dress is originally from and I’ve looked it up and still didn’t find anything about it. The price for the actual dress is $179.95, I think Blondie said she had a discount, so I think they would be a little less than that; also since it was a short dress, that also should make it cheaper, but I think it was still around $100 which is what I told myself I did not want to do was get something so expensive, but it is mine and if I run over and ruin it, I don’t have to give it back to the store like my dad and groom have to! Haha!

What do you do think of the dresses? Yay or nay!



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Blondie’s Wedding Dress!


Hey guys,

I’ve been open to discussing my thoughts about relationships and marriage recently, I like being able to talk freely about it. I’m still undecided whether or not I’d ever want to get married. Obviously, Blondie is getting married next year and I get the joy of being the maid of honor and knowing the horror of doing a speech at the reception. God help me!

I am all about tradition, despite not being interested in getting married. I still think the wedding dress should be kept secret from the groom, father, and pretty much everyone else except whoever goes with the bride to find the dress. So when my sister took her future husband-to-be I have to say I was a bit hurt, not because she was breaking traditions but that she decided to not let us, her family go with her instead. So he’s seen her dress as everybody on her Facebook and now her Twitter. I wasn’t even going to publish this because I wanted to keep it as a secret from you guys, but she ruined that idea when she posted the picture of herself wearing the dress at my nana’s one afternoon, so you can thank her for that!

The gown is from the Vera Wang “White” collection. She bought it at David’s Bridal back in mid-February (we had to wait four months to see what it looked like!) I think it’s very pretty, I like the bottom a lot. Apparently the one she tried on at DB wasn’t very full at the bottom and when she put it on the other day, it’s very fluffy! She didn’t want a train but ended up getting a small one. It has these vertical lines, I don’t know what you would call them – ruffles? I haven’t watched enough Say Yes To The Dress to learn all of that! Sorry! It’s a strapless dress, so it shows off her tattoos on her collarbone and shoulder which is what she wanted.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be my first choice. I think I would be married in a black dress or something with lace. It’s too plain for my taste with the front of it. If she likes it though, that’s all that really matters right? I mean, it is her wedding after all.

I’m a bit terrified about going bridesmaid shopping next month. As much as I love dresses and I know she won’t torture us too much on the style of it. I’m more afraid of the price of it. Blondie’s dress costs almost $1,000 and leave it to me to notice the tag when she and our mom were taking it out of the bag. I almost fainted! I’m not getting a dress that’s more $100, it just can’t happen. Call me cheap or whatever, but I’m not purchasing a dress that I’m only going to wear once and probably run over a few dozen times throughout the day! I mean, both of my prom dresses were under $60 a piece! Junior prom was maybe $30 and the last one was mainly for homecoming but I liked it so much that I wore it for senior prom too. It was originally $80 but it was on sale for $50!

I promise I’ll take pictures of everything for when we go dress shopping. It’ll be the first time you guys will see me in light pink or blush! I’m pale as a ghost and I’ll be trying on pink dresses, god help me!



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OOTD: Catnip Made Me Do It!



So I have a new outfit for you and I am so excited to share this one too!

We had a lovely day over the weekend, my sister came home this time without Chipper and Brandon, but she did make up for it by revealing her wedding dress to us at nana’s house! As much as I want to keep the look of the dress a mystery to you guys, I also feel like since everybody between both families and friends on social medias know what it looks like I don’t think there’s a reason why I should keep it to myself. So we’ll just have to see!

Anyways, it was a beautiful spring Sunday, it was hot but breezy too! I still haven’t went out on a day where I needed to wear my capris so I’m still rocking the leggings! These are my floral pair that I really love to wear out but like most things in my closet nothing goes with them. I technically wanted to wear another pair but I think I annoyed the crap out of my mom when I didn’t know how to describe them. Oops! They worked though so that’s good! The pattern is more of a cheery floral aside to another floral leggings I have where they look like they’re decomposing. The colors are light pink, white, and a vibrant blue almost like tropical ocean blue! They go down to my ankles and are somewhat tight around my waist and thighs, I’m still growing here people, well at least in that area!

Now for the shirt, do you remember of the new marvel shirt I got as a surprise from my mom? Well my dad found this one while they were out the week after! My mom told me that at first he didn’t want to buy it for me because and I quote “have to buy something for sis and the boy.” Sis meaning Blondie and “boy” meaning Brandon. However I still got the shirt! I came home from nana’s with it laying out on my bed and as I read it I was falling in love with it. For a guy who hates cats, he sure picks out a good cat related T-Shirt! As you can see the cat has gotten in trouble and is getting its mugshot. It’s a huge print of it and you can see quite a bit through my arms but unfortunately since it is long, the bottom gets bunched up and you can’t see it; that’s why I wanted to title this post with it instead. So the reason why he got in trouble with the law was because catnip made him do it.

So what do you think of my new shirt and the rest of the outfit? Yay or nay?



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Most Expensive Clothing Item You’ve Ever Bought

lightsoutI don’t usually like to blog about fashion, but when I do I usually have a very good reason to do it. I’m usually the one who goes to Wal-Mart and picks clothes out that way, I don’t care that they’re not designer. At least they’re durable and cheap. Now when I was a teenager I was very pressured into wanting to have what everybody else had, but as I grew up I started noticing something after my mom told me that the majority of the stuff that the popular kids had, were basically knock-offs just made me realize that there wasn’t anything special about them. When I became a junior in high school, I remember going to the mall and watching my little sister practically sprint to her favorite stores: Hollister, A&F, and etc. She didn’t like shopping for things on the sale racks let’s just put it out there. Funny thing was, majority of her already designer brands she had were from yard sales, her friends and family. We never went to the stores and actually bought them before this time. My poor dad can’t go into Hollister or A&F because it’s so stinky and definitely not wheelchair accessible either. So I stood out with him.

When we first went out to get clothes for the new school year, I remember I had raised money to spend there and my mom was willing to pay for only one thing for the both of us. I am one of those people who I will show my folks something and say, “This is neat!” but I will not buy it, because well I’m stubborn that way. I’m one of those people who if it attracts me not once, but twice than I will do everything in my power to get it. Before this, this was my most expensive item I’ve ever bought–not counting my prom dresses I’ll explain those later–we went to Victoria’s Secret Pink and my sister and my mom were looking around at the smelly stuff (lotions and spray perfumes) and tees. I ventured into the pant racks and found these very loose yoga pants. This was even before I had become obsessed with leggings too! I loved these pants, I have a texture problem with my feet and fingers so just feeling it and seeing how soft and detailed they were but not so tight that they felt like they were going to cut me apart at the waist. Everything was going good until my mom saw the price tag and even before we walked in my mom told me that I had basically blown all of my money. I was having a really good shopping day at the mall! Anyways, it was $40 for one very thin pair of yoga pants. She kept asking me if I really wanted it and even though she was willing to pay for anything under $50, I was hoping to find something a little bit cheaper than that! It’s whatever though because I still caved and got them! It was very worth it as they became more of a pajama bottoms than anything else!

Now about my prom dresses. Even though it kind of feels weird to be talking about prom on this day, because if I can remember right my senior prom was today (April 16th) so this is kind of bittersweet thing for me as I miss those days, it’s the getting ready part that I’m not missing as much as some would think. Senior year I had this beautiful brown dress that was silky smooth, much like a milk chocolate bar! It was cut like a V in the front and was very open in the back as well. We had strict requirements for all dresses back in high school, I kind of figured I would get into trouble for it, but I didn’t care. For this dress, I wore it to both my Homecoming ceremony and prom. I was up for homecoming queen in my last year and I had to begin my dress shopping a month after Christmas. I had gotten an $100 gift card and I had basically used it all for this dress. However, the dress was not $100. I went looking for cheap dresses nearby and I found it on the Dillard’s website and I fell in love with it. It was on sale from $80 to $50. To some, that’s not much of a drop, well to me it was and I knew I had to get these dress. It kept calling my name! After Homecoming came and went and no, I did not win. I remember asking my mom later that night what we were going to do about prom that was three months away. She said that if I wanted to, I could get another dress, because my dad wouldn’t want me wearing the same dress for both things. Well, I felt extremely comfortable in it to the point I actually felt beautiful in it and that NEVER happens. So I kept it and used it for my prom. I never regretted my decision to this day. I just wish I had went with my gut with my other dress for junior year. I hated that dress and that was even cheaper, $30 at JCPenney. Not bad really!

If I do any shopping nowadays, clothes have to be under $35, even though I basically freak out if something is priced $29.99 and there’s nothing really there making it special. That’s one of my things, I love things that have graphics on it, but with my hands and texture problems, glitter is a no-go but rhinestones are fine! I am hooked to all kinds of leggings, but mostly love anything with skulls! I love tees and blouses that have studs and spikes on the collars and shoulders. I love anything floral and with quotes on it. My favorite stores are Vanity, Wet Seal, Hot Topic, and Buckle. On the dresses though, my favorite designers are Alyce, Jovanni, Elie Saab, and Zuhair Murad.

What is your most expensive clothing item? Not jewelry or hair accessories, clothes? I’m really curious how much you’re willing to pay for something. What are your favorite brands and designers?