Two Spring Playlists

I was on my Twitter on Friday afternoon and I saw this fun tagline from another blogger who had retweeted this post of a blogger Lauren from the blog Sassy Sweetheart. She was the reason why I wrote about “25 Things Before I Turn 25” page underneath my “Bucket List” tap. This other blogger retweeted one of her posts that has to do with something that I love dearly. Music. She created a springtime playlist. So I got the idea of creating one for myself but I’m adding two genres. Songs that would be played on a variety pop radio station and of course I have to make a rock/metal playlist too! What would be on your spring time playlist?


and here’s my rock/metal playlist! \m/


Grasping Some Beauty


I think it’s safe to say my family and I had a little bit too much last night considering we didn’t go sleep until midnight. Well, I went to bed at 1am, because I needed to have my time with my headphones and iPod. I didn’t have them on for very long as my pain medicine didn’t kick in until a little bit after, my left hip wasn’t feeling the exercise it got while I was on the floor last night. Let me start over first, we had some friends, one of them works with my mom and they came over at our house and they brought their kids along with them. I love kids, everybody should know that by now, but I’ve got to say I’m a little rusty after not being around ones that are under 10 for so long. The youngest Maci is almost a year old and the last time I saw her was when they came to Blondie’s graduation party and she was like several days old. The older kids Katie and Aiden, are a couple of years between them but they are definitely little kids because I remember when my sister and I just said things from the top of heads and didn’t care if they came out wrong. I miss being at the age where you could do that! However getting in trouble sucked but that was part of life and growing up. Anyways, when they first into the house I got to see their mom and all three kids. I felt a little nervous because I didn’t know if we were going to be babysitting them, but thankfully the adults stayed in the house. Well, some of them did at least. The kids were obsessed with the cats, our two troopers Grumpy and Wren were the only ones besides our inside cat Oliver that wasn’t really phased by them until they tried to pick him up and then he got a little worried, other than that they all did well. ChiChi was totally another story!


When the kids were getting cold, they wanted to be around my sister and I, which was only certain because to their eyes, we were aren’t adults. Blondie’s short and I look like I could pass as a 17-year-old, so you know I could understand their perspective of us! However, Katie (who is the oldest of the three) knew how old I was and saw me as an adult. Aiden, not so much, but he is a boy so I kind of figured he wouldn’t see me as somebody who could be “threating” because I can’t stand up to him. Here’s an example of what I mean, when we were in my room. One of the cats, Grumpy decided to go in my closet and hide and Aiden went into my closet and said that it was comfortable. He is a small little boy and he literally fit right in there, as much as impressed as I was, I didn’t want him to hurt Grumpy or scare him that he used his claws on him to defend himself and I get in trouble. So I tried to get him out of there and his sister tried to help me get him out, and I’ve realized that I am not the most persuading person in the world and since I don’t look like an adult children don’t see me as a threat. When we first went into my room, which was so cute! Katie sat on the floor by me in the living room and asked if I could show my room. I said, “sure” and started scooting into my room with the both of them following me behind. I couldn’t had scoot any slower in my life! When we got in there, Aiden had to make a comment about my Transformers poster and I love what he said, “YOU HAVE A TRANSFORMERS POSTER!” So adorable!

feeding time
feeding time

They definitely had lots of questions to ask me, which I love when kids ask me questions about my hands and feet. They loved my artwork and my dad went into the bathroom and when he came out I had him get out my folder where my “newer” ones were and they loved those as well! They asked how I did them and I showed them how I did them and that got Katie’s creative side going, but sadly nobody thought to get them coloring books or anything! We did have markers, so there’s an upside here! She made this “girl in a mask” drawing as she called it and I put on X2 for Aiden. From then on, he started telling tons of stories that he told were secrets that I’m allowed to tell anybody! So I’m keeping them to myself. When their step dad Casey came in to check on the three of us, he had to tell Aiden about how I might’ve seen The Avengers movie more than them. His face was priceless for that too! A little bit after that, the kids decided that they wanted to go back outside and find the cats again. So I took that opportunity to go into the living room and visit with my mom, Kristen, and little Maci. Little Maci was so cute, I think she took to me pretty well. However, she did take a tumble out of her stroller and then decided that my dad was very comfortable. She was very sleepy and was the first to fall asleep. I’m just called it wasn’t me this time around!

Trees are still bare
Trees are still bare

I spent most of my time in the living room, except for the couple of times I was in my room. When they started to get hungry, the males went out the barn, and the kids sat in the living room and we attempted to watch Happy Feet Two. The DVR in the living room kept wanting to pause in the movie about five times. It got some annoying that I think everybody but the kids lost interest in it. When the guys came back, we sat around and still told stories and who knew the words “Google it” would be so funny! It was a birthday of one of our friends Russell and he was the first to leave and they left a little bit before it turned midnight. After they left, I didn’t know what to do with myself. ChiChi was released from my parent’s bedroom and she had to smell the entire living room and Blondie and I’s rooms as well. It was probably one time where all four of us were exhausted and only two were actually cleaned the house! I slept like a rock last night though! My room is still somewhat clean, it’s my carpet that collects anything so easily! I sill have a couple of things out-of-place but that’s okay. When I woke this morning, I was glad that I hadn’t slept all morning long like I thought I would. What I was the most surprised about was the fact that when I got up, my mom was awake too! She took me to the bathroom and afterwards she gave me one of my granola bars. Around 2pm, we got ready to go to my nana’s house. My mom washed my hair and after my mom and sister got dressed, we left and we only came over so Blondie could get things she needs for her dorm. I stayed at my nana’s house and heard her story with my papaw’s heart monitor and she fed me some of my ice cream too!

When we got home. I thought it felt amazing for a Sunday! It felt like spring today as there’s a slight breeze but the sun brought some warmth in it. While Blonde and mom brought things inside from the car, I stayed out on the porch with Bootsie and Wren. I’m pretty sure Grumpy and Midget were still terrified from yesterday as they kept running away from us when we tried to come up to them. I stayed outside looking at the sky and took some pictures too! So all of these pictures are what I got while I was outside with the cats. When I went inside, I had to show off my pictures and my parents started to cook dinner and dad grilled some chicken for himself and hamburgers for us ladies! I was full after eating the burger that I didn’t get to finish my chips on my plate. I’ll have some later before I go to sleep tonight!

10 Things I Like About Myself

So I’ve found something new and good to do. I have a found this adorable link up, proudly titled “10 Things I Like About Myself” by Avoiding Atrophy. I found it firstly on Twitter just now from another blogger who contributed and then I found this cute little blog. I am always in the mood for fun and simple, plus very positive things such as this. So can you name ten things that you love about yourself? 

I did this last 10 or 11 days ago. So I’m pretty sure the link-up is closed now, but I still wanted to post it anyways! ♥

  1. My eyes – I love my eyes, I have one normal eye and the other growing up was my lazy eye. I had to wear glasses in school and I absolutely hated it. I thought my eyes were too pretty to have weird glasses on them while I was in my classes. I have always had a slight obsession with eyes. I don’t know how it got started, I’m really hoping it wasn’t after the time my old Elementary Principal opened a cow’s eye. I’ve always loved drawing eyes, I have dark eyes too, and they’ve been the easiest to draw because with darker colors you can hide your mistakes a lot easier with a darker color.
  2. My butt – Now it’s not because it’s huge or anything, I mean it is rather large, but my butt means a lot more than most people. A normal person just sits on theirs, I constantly move because I have always known to scoot on my butt. That’s why it’s so large! I have to depend on my butt to not let me fall off my wheelchairs, bed, and lose my balance just sitting on the floor. Trust me, it happens.
  3. My back – I have always thought my back was cool, I mean, how many people can say that they have titanium rods in their back and say it with a straight face? Not very many people! I had Scoliosis and I had three surgeries to fix the curvature in my spine. I even have a missing rib too! I had the rods aligned in my spine plus the metal pins in my hips keeping them there. They always say your scars tell a bigger story about you than just your words. I have two giant scars in two different areas plus the small places were different things were attached to help it all.
  4. Patience – I think I have better patience for certain things. On a good day I can be very upbeat and find something to get me through until whatever is taking forever to work. You should see me on a good day when our internet connection goes out! I recently tested out my length of patience. I had gotten three iTunes gift cards for Christmas, and I didn’t start using them until late January and I spaced them out. So happy for myself! Hell even my mom was surprised but proud of me too!
  5. Caring – I care a lot for almost everything! I say “almost” because you can’t count a few things. I care about everybody that I’m around. I always have, but it’s created a few negatives that I hate–wait, wrong list! Sorry! I can even say I care about the littlest things like my iPod and wheelchair. If I break something that has to do with anything I feel awful about it.
  6. Being Very Creative – Apparently everybody thinks that’s a good thing, but there can be too much creativity too! However, I love being to figure out a new idea in my head when I get a different topic and/or photo. I have very lucid dreams that I can remember my dreams a lot better than normal people. In the past, I have put an animated character from a Disney movie with a live person.
  7. Weirdness – I like the fact that I love my weirdness and that I have embraced that side of me. People don’t think my personality, it “weird” but they’re lying. I am a weird freaking person, just say it already!
  8. Sense Of Humor – I got majority of my sense of humor from my family, mostly my mother’s side of the family. I am an observer when people are around, I’m not shy or anything, I’m just waiting for the opportunity to come around use my wit to either break the ice or make the fun continue.
  9. My love of action movies & heavy metal – This kind of goes with #7 a little, because it’s a little weird considering with heavy metal, I was never into it AT ALL growing up and then in 2009 I wanted to get into another music genre and I’ve renamed it my “music phase” because I constantly change all the time. My love for action movies is a little weird too, in a sense I was raised on them more than drama, romance, and animated movies. I love the movies of rebooted movies and TV shows, like X-Men, Star Trek, Transformers etc. I just saw the teaser trailer for TNMT (Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles) yesterday and I am looking forward to that!
  10. Perspective – Over the years, as I have grown I have learned that we tend to look at ourselves in one way. We look at ourselves as what others see us as, and I should know about this because I used to think the same way. When we look at ourselves through other people’s eyes, we see flaws, imperfections, and pain and we use it against us. What I try to do now is take a few steps back and look at others in my eyes. Confused? What I do is that I take everything in, whether it be the scenery or a person in general. I don’t make judgements so quickly (at least I try not to) and I try to keep myself open-minded throughout the whole. People use the word perspective but they don’t know the meaning of it or how to use it the right way.

#FWF – Time Keepers


It’s finally Friday people! My Friday’s been leading into a bit of a mystery at the moment. Because I was supposed to have plans, but I don’t think those plans are still intact. You know you always hear, “no expectations, no worries” I think those four words have finally settled into my mind and soul. As excited as I felt of the news, I also kept a big portion of myself in check and knew something will happen. Anyways, Kellie put up a Free Write Friday for this week and I love these prompts, but my original idea was for the main character to be a mermaid, kind of like at the beginning of The Little Mermaid. As I kept reading on though, it seemed like that idea wouldn’t match it exactly so this was plan B. Enjoy!

You find yourself in the lower level of an old ship. A calendar on the wall says  1682. There is a small window, and the view is nothing but open sea and a setting sun. There is a staircase and you can see daylight at the top…


I don’t remember much. I remember the smell of freshly mowed grass, kids playing in the street, and my bike breaking apart as I ran right into the incoming car. A second later, I ended up here. At first, I thought I was dead and this was heaven, but I remember my mama telling me as a child that heaven was up above the clouds, they surrounded the angels and they traveled by them as the newbies wouldn’t know how to fly yet. When I opened my eyes and rolled to my left side, I saw the wood flooring and smelled the decay of this strange place I had been transferred to. I push myself up to sit and realize that was a terrible idea as my head began spinning. It was somewhat dark but I could make out the shapes of tables and old lamp shades on the tops of them. I could hear faint sounds of seagulls outside. When my head finally started spinning on me I used the wall to guide myself on my feet again. As I was getting up, I could hear sounds of cracking behind as the wall was apart broken of the pressure I was giving it just leaning up on it. I loosened the pressure a bit and when I got up straight, the ground below caved in and there I went down to the lowest part of whatever I was in.

If I didn’t have any pain before, I definitely had it now. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined falling through a flooring before, but I dreaded the impact if it ever happened again. The room I was now in, was dark and scary. This time when I went to stand up, I was very careful of both the walls and flooring. The room was huge and full of dust. My sinuses were not impressed by the collection of dust around the place. Since I didn’t have a flashlight on hand, I walked slowly and blindly forward to see what this place was and if there was a way out of it altogether. I took seven steps forward and stumped my big toe on something large on the floor. “Ow! What the hell was that?” I asked out loud. Like anybody could hear me, but weirdly enough I felt like I was being watched. Before going forward, I decided to look down at what I had run my toe into and found a box that clearly said “TNT” on it. I knew it didn’t mean the TV channel and wanted to run the hell of there, but I didn’t even have a clue of where I was though!  I walked a more behind me, staying away from the boxes. As I looked to my left I see this strange and torn slightly paper up on the wall. There was enough light from above where I fell that I could read what it said, it was from the year 1628. I was stunned but interested to wonder why this place that I concluded that it was a ship was on land and not in the bottom of the ocean. The cracks of the wooden walls gave away the beautiful view of the beach, ocean, and sunset on the horizon.

“That was dated a year after we set sail, in case we were out longer than planned.” a voice said behind her, a young man stood behind her in his old and torn clothes. “Don’t be frightened. My name is Calix Baudin. I am not going to hurt you.” He said as he came closer to me. I was too shocked to move from my place. “How can you be here? Is this really heaven?” I said to gripping the wall behind me as he continued to walk closer before stopping just an inch away from each other. I could smell him, a faint scent of cologne and salt water from the ocean. “No, this is not heaven. You are a transporter that is, if you’re wondering how you got here..” Calix said back to her. “What is your name?” Calix said as he raised her left hand and looked at the tiny cuts on her fingers and arms. Some were from the accident, but others weren’t. “My name is Kara.” She said, completely memorized in his piercing green eyes. “Nice to meet you.” He said and kissed her hand and all of her scars were healed instantly from the kiss. “What was that? What did you do?” Kara said to him and had to resist kissing his handsome lips. As he talked to her, it was difficult to focus on the words he was saying, “I have the power to heal physical scars. It seems like you have internal scars that I’m sad I cannot heal. Don’t worry you’re not dying.” I snapped back into reality–or part of it–to hear him say that. “Can you sense everything about me too?” Kara got a little defense at the only guy who has ever taken an interest in her. “Not everything, but most.” His curly blonde locks were another distraction he had about him. “So where are we again? And how do you know that “I’m a transporter?” Kara said and moved out of the corner he had put her in.

“The story starts with our Captain getting greedy while we were at sea. He wanted to rule the small town that we were slowly approaching. I had always known about my powers since I was a young boy, living in Paris. I could feel the way my parents felt about their marriage, my friends Scotty and Gregory’s love for each other but not only did they have to keep it a secret from the outside world but I also had to keep it a secret, and when I knew our ship was going to crash into shore and I tried to our Captain and the men on board I was sent here to live as a prisoner because of practicing witchcraft.” Calix said as he heart began to break into a million pieces in front of her.  She felt bad for this poor soul. “So how did you survive?” Kara said, trying to hold back her tears. “I kept thinking of my love back home. Ashlee was my one and only. She knew about my powers because she had something similar to her and before I left her, she put a hex on me to make sure if anything bad had happened to me. That I would live as everybody else would die of either old age or sickness. However, I didn’t know about that until she died and I couldn’t feel her ever-loving presence anymore.” He walked over the other side of the ship and leaned up against it and the whole thing groaned of his body weight hit the wall. Kara was nervous again that the floor was break again or worse the whole thing fell on top of them. “Why am I here then?” Kara said to distract herself of her thoughts. “I think you are one of her descendants.” He said in a happy tone. She thought back to her family line and couldn’t think of anybody with any powers. “I don’t think I had anybody in my family with that name.” Kara said but she didn’t want to say it out loud as it might break his heart. “If you’re not a descendant, then how did you know I was here?” They looked at each other, puzzled at why they were brought together.


Five Sentence Fiction: Companion


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.  PS: I did last week’s prompt but forgot to post it on Lillie’s site. If you want to read my mini story of RUINS click here.

This week: COMPANION

The rain poured down onto the ground, refreshing the light brown-green grass and dry sidewalks, people brought out their umbrellas as to others like me just stayed inside all day long and fell asleep listening to it.

When thunder cracked in the velvet blue sky, Rocco hid underneath the table; he usually likes to travel with me but lately as the different seasons would come, his likeness of spring, summer, and fall have changed.

He cries and whimpers until the storm stops, when the loud noises stop he comes out of his hiding place to look outside the window near the door, he watches the rain drop onto the street and his eyes follow each one.

I was bored throughout the entire time the storm came through, but leave it to a dog to find some adventure in a small window of time, I was almost tempted to go to sleep on the couch like every sob case who’s first day of vacation was ruined.

Rocco’s tail waved back and forth, fast as ever, he started barking to go outside but I didn’t even know if it would thunder again; I sat up from my spot and unlatched the door to open it and he went flying out of the room and stayed on the wet sidewalk chasing after the raindrops up above him, at least he found some paradise in today.