Arthrogryposis Awareness Day!



We’re getting close to that date! Usually I start posting to spread the word for Arthrogryposis awareness day pretty early in the month, but I’ve decided to wait a bit this year. I figured If I had more time to get this post ready, I’d actually make it interesting enough for more people to join! I always try to have a reminder post and little fliers on my social medias if anybody wanted to pass it along to their friends and family. By the next day or so, I have another post publish about the outcome of it and include a collage of pictures that people had sent me of them wearing blue to show their support of my condition Arthrogryposis! This time I am thinking about writing about it for my Bloggeration August piece!

What is Arthrogryposis? – If you’re new to this blog and don’t know what my condition is exactly. The medical term as a whole is Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita. It’s a joint disease that starts in the womb. It’s caused from the fetus not being able to move around. So my arms are bent at the elbow and locked in place. My legs are also very skinny; I essentially have no or very little muscles in my arm, hand and leg areas. It’s the reason why I use my feet for everything because my hands and fingers can’t do anything else.

How you can show your support! – Every year since 2013, I have been celebrating with my fellow AMCers in wearing the color BLUE! That first year, I knew about it but I forgot to have my mom change my shirt and/or pants! Oops! My whole family tries to blue on the 30th and so can you! If you don’t have anything blue in your closet but jeans is fine with me! I’ve even had people paint their nails blue because they didn’t have anything else!

If you want to, I have a little flier on my Facebook page that you can use to spread the word to your friends and family. If they want more information about the condition, you can send this post to them!

Tag Me! – If you do decide to post a picture of yourself on Facebook or Twitter, please tag me in it so I can see that you’re supporting the cause! I’d really appreciate it if you could join the fun! Since I am planning on putting this piece on someplace besides my own blog, I’ll be cropping your head off so that nobody knows what you look like and just knows you supported the cause!

Hope you guys can celebrate with me on the 30th!

Thank you!


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