A-Z Disability Challenge | E : Events

This was originally supposed to go to a fellow blogger’s site that fall, but by the time I had the time to work on it, she was booked on her blog. So, when I came up with this series, I thought about putting this subject on my blog instead. I hope this post helps with creating or attending your next event.

We all make some type of events with our friends, coworkers, etc all the time. A lot of people love being the person that comes up with the ideas and puts it all together. I will give kudos to anyone that does that job, because I would have a headache going into it. Anyways If you are the one that plans for the entire thing, you usually have it all planned out in your notebook or tablet, just to keep everything organized, you might be missing some things that you wouldn’t necessarily think about needing to know right away.

If you invite somebody that has a disability, whether it’s physical or invisible, you need to cover all areas to fit that person’s needs. Now how do you do that? Well here are some of the basic things you need to remember to do.

  • You need to make sure the place where you will be having the event itself is handicapped accessible.

  • If you’ve invited somebody who is deaf, hire an interpreter.

  • Put things to at eye-level, so that everybody can reach for things easily.

  • Allow them to have their own food brought in, if they can’t have what you’re serving.

  • Brings plastic ware like forks, knifes, spoons, and even multiple straws.

  • Ask the person if they need help, especially if they didn’t bring somebody with them.

  • Make sure they are included in every aspect.

I was going to explain each one of the helpful hints in full, but I thought some were pretty self-explanatory. The first one needs to be discussed is making sure the area is accessible to everybody. For somebody with a disability, we always look out for certain things, like ramps, elevators, and a large bathroom. As a warning, from the moment we get out of our vehicles, we are like hawks, making sure everything is how it should be. You have to be as honest with them as you can as well. If you tell a person with a disability, that the building is accessible, you have to mean everything! If there are stairs, there has to be an elevator. If there is a curb, you have to say “there’s no ramp”. If the bathrooms are tiny as hell, you have to tell them!

Nowadays, lots of people have different food allergies. They might have an allergy to gluten, milk, peanuts, etc and since these are pretty common, a lot of people will respect their wishes and make sure to leave out these foods for that person. However, if you’re on a special diet, and this goes for vegan/vegetarians too, things can be a little bit more difficult for the planner. You want to serve food that everybody will enjoy, but when more than one person cannot have a certain dish, you can’t just change it for them. This is why I included allowing people to bring a small bento box of food that they know they can have to eat, but also I say this for those, who are only allowed to be feed through a tube as well!

To me, this last one just seems mandatory for anybody hosting or planning an event. You need to make sure that everybody in the room is getting attention. Whenever I’d go to events at school, I always felt like I wasn’t included on a lot of things my classmates were doing, and it made me feel really conflicted and sad, because you don’t want to pull somebody or a group of people away but you also don’t want to be lonely at the same time. One thing I do want to say is that, when you do have somebody with a disability at your event, don’t watch them like a hawk. We don’t want your full-on attention, we just want to be included with the rest of the group, so just treat us like in the way you would want to be treated.

Have you ever hosted and/or planned an event before? If you invited a person with a disability, did they explain to you what you needed to look out for to abide by their needs? If you’re disabled, please comment below with some of our helpful hints you think people should know when inviting disabled people to events. 

Nail Polish Haul



As I mentioned in my last Christmas post, I have so many nail polishes that I got as presents that I ended up putting them in a separate post! I have a total of 17 polishes between the two brands I was given!

 Wet n Wild:

I guess Blondie wanted me to get into the package without any issues because they were absolutely no plastic on the items when I unwrapped it. They probably did that to be able to lay the DVD on top! The whole set is a bucket with toe dividers and a nail filer! I actually won’t use the dividers because I can spread out my toes on my own, one of the perks of using my toes to grip everything! I also gave the filer to my nana since she tends to use those more than anyone in our family!

The polishes that came inside the bucket are all “solid” colors. She managed to find a set of polishes without any glitter, which seemed lucky because everytime I see these things they always put a couple of glittery ones! Another thing that puzzled me was that they never put a clear polish to help the others set on your nails because I know everybody says that the colors doesn’t chip off so easily once you apply the top coat.


My nana is really into pink and nude shades so these four were right up her alley! I think my favorite of this batch is the first one on the left, it’s called “Wet Cement” and the first thing my nana called it when she pulled it out of the bag was “concrete” which means the same thing, right? It’s a nice gray that isn’t too dark or light, it’s a nice medium. I’m actually planning on using that one with the one right next to it and that is called “Undercover”, it’s a dull pink; not obnoxious or anything, very subtle. The next is what I consider a true “nude” shade, its name is “Private Viewing” and this might be used more by my nana because she tends to be gravitated towards them by some reason! Lastly, we have the lone baby pink called “Sugar Coat” which just sounds cute! My mom thinks this would be good to wear at my sister’s wedding this summer!


These might be used the least between the two of us. Out of all of the polishes though, these three have clever names! I actually love figuring out what companies call each one, because some can fit them like a glove or not.

The purple-ish shade is called “Through the Grapevine” and even though this picture is a bit blurry, it does show the color as a lighter purple, I think it has hints of pink. I wouldn’t consider it as a grape color, because I think they’re darker most of the time but this was actually my dad’s favorite! Next is of course a ruby red, the title on the back is “I Red A Good Book”. I always categorize a deep, almost bloody red as a seductive color! I don’t know why, but I just do! And finally the last in the package is “I Need A Refresh Mint” and this is another one that I feel doesn’t fit its name right, mostly because when I think of mint as a color, it’s always a light green.

According to my nana, these polishes are very smelly! She said that if it wasn’t so cold on the day she painted her nails, she would have needed all of her windows down. So I might have to resort to having one of my parents paint my toes!

Secret Lace:

These were the set of polishes that my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Mike got me for Christmas. They came in a cute, baby pink pouch that zips up in the top and honestly we could stuff the others in it because once I took out the plastic that had them standing in the middle so you could look all around at the different shades, there’s a lot more room to store more of them inside!

Unfortunately, these polishes did not provide names on the back or the label, so I’m forced to describe them to the best of my ability, so forgive me! It also has more than the 7 colors I was given in Blondie’s present.


These are the bold colors, they all tend to look good for fall/winter but they are all genuinely gorgeous! Okay, we’re going to start from left to right again.

This one is a black, I think. It has some glittery notes throughout but it’s not bad. I think we’re going to have to try it out to see what it exactly is for sure! The next is a true royal purple, this might be another favorite of my dad’s if I ever get a chance to wear this year! We both love our purples, but I tend to draw the line at the lavender shades! It looks like a navy blue in this picture but it is definitely a purple! Anyways, next is a yellow shade. My nana already has a nice, bright yellow but this looks has a light mustard-y hue to it.

And next is a “white” shade that has a tint of blue/gray/green inside it. It’s not totally white, there’s something in it giving a different tone altogether we’re just not sure what it is yet! I think everybody’s in agreement that this next polish is the most interesting one, it has a copper and burnt orange effect to it! It could be a good fall shade to wear! The next is a very deep red, I think it would better to consider this one a bloodier shade of red than the previous!


These were the four glittery polishes! Last year, I found a nice gold, glittery polish from Sally Hansen and it has the shiny notes throughout the actual color, it’s not actually glitter speckles sprinkled in the formula like these are, and honestly these are the hardest to remove despite the fact they make your nails look pretty!

I realize now I should have added this first color along the other solid colors but I had a whole system that kind of got messed up whenever I took these pictures, so anyways it’s here with these guys instead! It does have some glittery essence to it, but not like the other three beside it. It is a nice, ocean-y blue that my nana might use throughout the summer! And then we have pink glitter, if you hold it to the light the pink looks like a purple, so it can be confusing on what it actually is! The other two are very easy to figure out. You have a nice gold glitter that might add some pop to the other yellow polish, same goes with the blue glitter as well!

What colors do you like out of the 17 polishes I have listed above? Are you Team Bold or Team Glitter?



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Favorite Shoes From Charlotte Russe!

Since being a wheelchair user and using my feet to do everything, including drive my chair, wearing any kind of shoes isn’t realistic for me. I used to wear sneakers back in school, I’m still a fan of Nike sneakers. Whenever I would go to dances in middle school, I wore black shoes with a small heel. After what happened when I was in eighth grade and my controller got caught in between my heel and I almost ran into the wall I never wore high heels again. I still love high heels though! I have a whole Pinterest board deciated to my love of heels, sneakers and sandals. So I don’t exactly hate them as you would expect.

My sister got these pair of black sandals that had a cute zipper on the back of the heel and had gold studs all around the front of them. I saw them while I was scooting in our house and I became a two year old and put them on! I definitely can’t fit into them like she can, but they are so bad ass that I would love a pair if I could! As I was reminiscing about that moment I thought about creating a little guide for some of you on some of my favorites I’ve found because in all honesty I love going through the shoe aisles in different stores. Blondie got her sandals at the best place, Charlotte Russe! They have a better selection of shoes than clothes and that’s just my opinion. Blondie has a more girly girl style so she tends to find her clothes there and Forever21.

Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

This might be a guide, but I looked at all of the sections of the store’s website for the ones that I liked the most, so this could be an unrealistic wishlist per se too! If anybody remembers my Hot Topic wishlist post I did recently, everything on that post was for spring/summer but all items were black and nothing looked “spring-y” so I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself for going for the girly looking shoes this tine around! I’ve got all of the links underneath the picture there if you can see and every pair is under $40 and just in case the sale that most were selected on the website, I’m mentioning what they really cost in case the sale goes before this post goes up!

I’m actually a big fan of Gladiator sandals, but I couldn’t find anything on the website that I really liked so these platform sandals were second best! I loved the first pair mostly because of the baby blue color against the wooden part. To me, blue, white, and pink shades scream “SPRING” loud and clear! The next pair I think I only picked it out because even though it has a white strap and cute big buckle, I put it on here because the base is darker in shade the rest! I think this are my favorite out of all eight shoes! I cannot believe I actually found a pair of pink — hot pink too that I liked! It’s very rare that I find something in any shade of pink and buy it! As much as I don’t like to admit to it, I have quite a lot of pink clothes and socks in my closet! Anyways, I think I liked these because of the straps were skinnier than the others! They just seem more girly too! For the last one at the top, I was really conflicted because on the website they have a nude (which is above!) and a silver pair right next to each other. I was very into both of them! So I’ve included both links! The nude is above and if you want to see the silver pair click here. That’s the end of the sandals part, now onto the high heels and sneakers!

I looked up their wedges and I absolutely hated them!! They just look disgusting to me! I am actually a fan of flats because I find they’re really boring too, so that’s why I didn’t include them in this post! The first pair of heels I found actually have two different floral designs at the toes. If you go on the link, it’ll be part of the sizing and purchasing. I also found a pair just like this one but in white instead of black and I think the floral design was in green and yellow. It was really pretty! Over the years, looking at different types of heels I’ve become quite picky and I hate the pointy front of some heels, but I love number six because of two reasons: it’s simple and classy! Perfect shoes to wear to an outdoor wedding too! Since I discussed of how much I love sneakers I thought I’d put up one that I liked the most and this one caught my eye and said “get me!” I love the feminine look to it. It looks like a good walking shoe to me, but what the hell do I know about walking? I like the floral design on the side and thought it was cute! Last one, my mom and sister are obsessed with these shoes! They each have their own pair in different colors and I thought the light blue was a little bit more me.

So for my first shoe haul, what were your favorites? I know most would probably say “go barefoot” to this question, but what is your favorite spring/summer shoe to wear? 

Roll With Me: The Perfect Getaway/Alternative Fashion Haul

Have you ever looked out your cars windows and thought the sky ahead looked like fresh new painting? Have you ever looked at the ground that you were slowly passing by and notice that there were three shades of green? These are just two thoughts that came to me this afternoon as we were coming home from our little family adventure. It’s kind of funny that this even happened because it has done nothing but rain and storm for the past few days now. Weirdly enough, as we were on our way home it was actually raining! We literally got home just in time before the small storm came through. The sun has come out a few times and it made the day all that much better for us all. I like being out of the house, but being out of our hometown does something else too. It makes things even interesting to kind of hope not to run into anybody you know because you know if you do, your parents embarrass the living crap out of you. For me though, I’ve just learned to ignore those feeling of insecurity. They say that Holiday World is the perfect getaway, I highly disagree with that!

It’s absolutely hilarious that when my sister and I go shopping, we each have different styles and complaints about one another. We’re sisters, it’s normal to be like that! I mean, we don’t yell at each other for our clothes that we choose. However, when she calls herself fat that’s when I find the urge to yell at her because she’s not that at all. She’s very into the floral, light, and jeans fandom. Her favorite stores are Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe but we only went into Forever 21 this time around. Our normal stores we go into were the ones we actually never made it to them. The only store we went into that’s basically a tradition for my dad and I, we like to end our day by going into the candy store and finding sweet treats to rot our teeth with, and this time we got to expand our tastes. He let me get chocolate covered pretzels this time around and I’m proud to say they did not melt on the way home. Just don’t ask me about the sour fruit roll ups, because I have no clue if they made it or not. I think the trip all around was pretty successful, between thinking we weren’t going to go when I got up this morning since it was cloudy as crap. I have been working with my nana doing odd jobs for her and basically spent $70 worth of stuff in literally two stores!

Now to talk about what I got, I wanted to put it together with another thing. The ladies (Mel and Michele) that run Ketchup With Us are doing a lists theme for the whole month of June! So I decided to incorporate what I bought at the mall into this little thing. So it’s a two-for-one deal in a nutshell! The two stores that I went into and bought stuff was at Hot Topic and Spencer’s. I almost bought two different floral leggings at both Tilly’s and Forever 21. I am LOVING these floral designs especially the sunflower and daisy designs. The only downfall is I have nothing that would go with them than a black shirt. At the end of our day, I asked my mom how much money I had left and we literally right by Tilly’s again and I was just tempted to go inside and buy them but considering I only had $3 left, I knew there wouldn’t be any way that I’d ask my parents to pay especially since they were definitely done walking for the day. So I didn’t get those leggings and this is probably the first time ever that I didn’t buy any leggings at all. Yeah, even I was surprised!

I’ve been really into the band Of Mice & Men for about six or seven months now. For anybody thinking in their hands right now, yes I went into Tilly’s to see if they had any Austin Carile shirts in the store. They unfortunately didn’t, but while we went into my ultimate favorite store Hot Topic, my main attention was to find Of Mice & Men shirts and they had a LOT to choose from and I was excited! Since they were having a sale I bought one and got another one whatever percent off. Whenever my mom went up to pay I decided to go wait by the door to make sure I could get out without tipping anything over. My mom came back and told me that the cashier wanted to show me something. She showed me the small tattoo of the “&” symbol and I was SO happy because as soon as she saw my reaction she started telling us about how much fun seeing them, Bring Me The Horizon, Issues on the American Dream Tour. She said that she had a hard time containing herself around the younger girls that were fangirling uncontrollably. I could literally live in that place and just talk to her and listen to the amazing music that was playing.

While my sister was in the middle of shopping at her favorite Forever 21, I’m sorry but every time I go into there I always wish that I had dried mud on my tires just to create a little something to take away the damn brightness of that place. It is absolutely too girly in there for me. So my dad came in to take me into Spencer’s. I like the clothes in there mostly the music tees and graphic tees covered in skulls and flowers. We did find the mother load of different Sons Of Anarchy stuff. I was very tempted to buy the Jax Teller blanket I am not going to lie! I ended up finding the jewelry part and was memorized with all of the skulls and gothic stuff that I could just stayed in that area all day if it wasn’t for the stuff on the opposite side of us. I ended up buying a small pack of different black and silver bracelets and when we found out that they were having a sale too, I ended up getting the necklace that I pointed out to dad before we found mom. It looks very gothic and considering years ago I would never wear black, anything with skulls or anything else that was related to the gothic style just smacks me right in the face every time.

This was the first one we found and I like the song "You're Not Alone" a LOT! So I had to get this one just for the song and what it represents to me.
1.) This was the first one we found and I like the song “You’re Not Alone” a LOT! So I had to get this one just for the song and what it represents to me. To buy this top click on the image!
2.) This was the second shirt and I totally forgot to feel the symbol for my hands as they are very senstive to different textures especially anything with glitter. It's got gold glitter and the picture doesn't do it justice at all. If you want to buy this top, click the image!
2.) This was the second shirt and I totally forgot to feel the symbol for my hands as they are very sensitive to different textures especially anything with glitter. It’s got gold glitter and the picture doesn’t do it justice at all. If you want to buy this top, click the image!
3.) FIVE bracelets in one small little package. Not a bad deal honestly. After we paid for them my mom was concerned that they won't stretch around my ankle but they do! Thank god! Sorry but I couldn't them on the website!
3.) FIVE bracelets in one small little package. Not a bad deal honestly. After we paid for them my mom was concerned that they won’t stretch around my ankle but they do! Thank god! Sorry but I couldn’t them on the website!
4.) This beautiful piece was the first to really catch my eye. I saw a few like this one on different sites and I'm glad I found one like them in the store. I love the black rose and the thornst a lot. If you want to buy this piece, click on the image!
4.) This beautiful piece was the first to really catch my eye. I saw a few like this one on different sites and I’m glad I found one like them in the store. I love the black rose and the thorns a lot. If you want to buy this piece, click on the image!

For just the heck of it, I’ll even share a song from a band that I have never heard of until today while we were in Hot Topic. The band Chelsea Grin was playing in the store just as we were about to leave and I was seriously headbanging throughout the whole damn song. I literally told my mom that when I got home I was going to put it on my Spotitfy playlist. As soon as I got home, it was the third thing I did and I even liked and added a few others into my rock/metal playlist too. I always find a good song in the different stores I go into, but Hot Topic always has the best music playing. Sorry!

Most Expensive Clothing Item You’ve Ever Bought

lightsoutI don’t usually like to blog about fashion, but when I do I usually have a very good reason to do it. I’m usually the one who goes to Wal-Mart and picks clothes out that way, I don’t care that they’re not designer. At least they’re durable and cheap. Now when I was a teenager I was very pressured into wanting to have what everybody else had, but as I grew up I started noticing something after my mom told me that the majority of the stuff that the popular kids had, were basically knock-offs just made me realize that there wasn’t anything special about them. When I became a junior in high school, I remember going to the mall and watching my little sister practically sprint to her favorite stores: Hollister, A&F, and etc. She didn’t like shopping for things on the sale racks let’s just put it out there. Funny thing was, majority of her already designer brands she had were from yard sales, her friends and family. We never went to the stores and actually bought them before this time. My poor dad can’t go into Hollister or A&F because it’s so stinky and definitely not wheelchair accessible either. So I stood out with him.

When we first went out to get clothes for the new school year, I remember I had raised money to spend there and my mom was willing to pay for only one thing for the both of us. I am one of those people who I will show my folks something and say, “This is neat!” but I will not buy it, because well I’m stubborn that way. I’m one of those people who if it attracts me not once, but twice than I will do everything in my power to get it. Before this, this was my most expensive item I’ve ever bought–not counting my prom dresses I’ll explain those later–we went to Victoria’s Secret Pink and my sister and my mom were looking around at the smelly stuff (lotions and spray perfumes) and tees. I ventured into the pant racks and found these very loose yoga pants. This was even before I had become obsessed with leggings too! I loved these pants, I have a texture problem with my feet and fingers so just feeling it and seeing how soft and detailed they were but not so tight that they felt like they were going to cut me apart at the waist. Everything was going good until my mom saw the price tag and even before we walked in my mom told me that I had basically blown all of my money. I was having a really good shopping day at the mall! Anyways, it was $40 for one very thin pair of yoga pants. She kept asking me if I really wanted it and even though she was willing to pay for anything under $50, I was hoping to find something a little bit cheaper than that! It’s whatever though because I still caved and got them! It was very worth it as they became more of a pajama bottoms than anything else!

Now about my prom dresses. Even though it kind of feels weird to be talking about prom on this day, because if I can remember right my senior prom was today (April 16th) so this is kind of bittersweet thing for me as I miss those days, it’s the getting ready part that I’m not missing as much as some would think. Senior year I had this beautiful brown dress that was silky smooth, much like a milk chocolate bar! It was cut like a V in the front and was very open in the back as well. We had strict requirements for all dresses back in high school, I kind of figured I would get into trouble for it, but I didn’t care. For this dress, I wore it to both my Homecoming ceremony and prom. I was up for homecoming queen in my last year and I had to begin my dress shopping a month after Christmas. I had gotten an $100 gift card and I had basically used it all for this dress. However, the dress was not $100. I went looking for cheap dresses nearby and I found it on the Dillard’s website and I fell in love with it. It was on sale from $80 to $50. To some, that’s not much of a drop, well to me it was and I knew I had to get these dress. It kept calling my name! After Homecoming came and went and no, I did not win. I remember asking my mom later that night what we were going to do about prom that was three months away. She said that if I wanted to, I could get another dress, because my dad wouldn’t want me wearing the same dress for both things. Well, I felt extremely comfortable in it to the point I actually felt beautiful in it and that NEVER happens. So I kept it and used it for my prom. I never regretted my decision to this day. I just wish I had went with my gut with my other dress for junior year. I hated that dress and that was even cheaper, $30 at JCPenney. Not bad really!

If I do any shopping nowadays, clothes have to be under $35, even though I basically freak out if something is priced $29.99 and there’s nothing really there making it special. That’s one of my things, I love things that have graphics on it, but with my hands and texture problems, glitter is a no-go but rhinestones are fine! I am hooked to all kinds of leggings, but mostly love anything with skulls! I love tees and blouses that have studs and spikes on the collars and shoulders. I love anything floral and with quotes on it. My favorite stores are Vanity, Wet Seal, Hot Topic, and Buckle. On the dresses though, my favorite designers are Alyce, Jovanni, Elie Saab, and Zuhair Murad.

What is your most expensive clothing item? Not jewelry or hair accessories, clothes? I’m really curious how much you’re willing to pay for something. What are your favorite brands and designers?