Round Two Of The Sickness

Well the second round of sickness came knocking on my door Tuesday night. Before I go into this, I’m going to give everybody a warning, it wasn’t a pretty sight to see so it’s not going to see a pretty story to tell. So I’m sorry in advance, and I’ve also been saying these two words for the past two days. So you’re going to either fight through reading this or not read it at all. Whatever you may choose, it’s a just a story of a sickly handicapped girl. Let’s get to it.

It all started Tuesday night, right around 8:30pm maybe. Both of my parents have had the stomach flu for a while, and each have tried to stay away from me while they had it. Anyways, I was sitting up reading my book, which by the way I was practically finished with it. My stomach started to act up. Kept turning and turning. I laid back down and got a drink to maybe calm myself down. Then a little while after that my dad came in and took me to the bathroom. I told him about my stomache and then I pretty much said, it could come out of both ways. Front and back. (Sorry, it’s going to get disgusting and a little humor might come along too.) I was right, because once my mom got home, and she was informed about it. I exploded.

In my situation, since I can’t walk or move my arms so everything about the stomach flu is never in my favor. I can handle everything but the going to the bathroom five times a day/night and throwing up on myself. It’s something that I know from experience we can’t control, but around this time I really wish I had muscles in my arms to move them out-of-the-way and hold the damn bucket myself. That night, dad slept out in the living room and mom slept on the floor in my room. I know for a fact she didn’t get much sleep that night. I didn’t get my first round of sleep until midnight. Now, here’s the difference between my mom and I with our sleeping habits. We both love our fans, but she has to have noise as well. So the TV had to be on and thank god for The Golden Girls. I went to bed around the same time she did just more worried. Then I got up at 2:30am and stayed up because around 3am, I throw up for the third time. I don’t know how I kept myself so calm. I never do that. Usually I cry, even though got to say I was close to doing that too. After that one, mom and dad took the towels and my Transformers blanket in the bathroom to be washed.

The next day I woke up around 6am. I was watching Captain Planet, Tom & Jerry, and The Flintstones. Mom and dad got up with Em. I went to the bathroom normally. Dad made me toast.  I was really thirsty so I took a few more sips than I was supposed to, and somehow neither one wanted to make a surprise getaway from my stomach. Later on that morning, I tried to sit up. I only wanted to sit up for five minutes. I actually was just thinking about it. I think after three minutes I gave up and laid back down. I didn’t sit up again unless I went to the bathroom. I ate again either before or after this, dad gave me a banana. Which was good! I’m not that big of a fan of them, but it was cold and yummy! I could eat anything really. I stayed up a little more afterwards, then I started watching The Little Rascals. I miss that movie! After it was over, I took a nap. I rolled over to look at my clock (I don’t remember the time) and went back to sleep.Dad came in and asked if I wanted some green beans, those were good. I woke back up in time to see mom come home work. . Before anyone got any sleep, dad made a lunchable, it was a cracker one. Those were good too! I was concerned that I pretty well effed up my sleep, so when I woke up at 8am this morning I was stunned! I had slept all night long. Thank you Jesus!

Waking up this morning, mom woke me up to take me to the bathroom. I went normally again. I woke up very hungry than I was the day before. So she gave me a banana. After she went to sleep I stayed up. I was bored and I didn’t think I could sleep anymore. I did the stupid thing and watched Food Network off and on all morning long. I also listened to Octane as well. It was my only source of music throughout the last two days. Around 10am, I heard “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Sixx:A.M. I hadn’t heard a song by them since Tuesday, so I enjoyed every minute of it. I was a very happy camper. Somehow afterwards I guess it was my “okay” to allow myself to get a nap in. I took a nap and got up a half hour ago. Mom went and got Subway for us, and I had a wrap and cheddar Sun chips. It was sooo good! I hope I continue to feel better, but I’ll be one pissed off person if Tuesday night comes back to bite me in the ass. I just hope I get to watch the new episode of The Vampire Diaries tonight. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

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