April Playlist

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you were able to enjoy the month of April, and you might be a little confused as to why I didn’t blog last week. I am hoping to explain more on Friday but I honestly needed an extra week to not only come up with content but take one heck of a break as well. At the beginning of this month, I got really sick with the stomach flu; unfortunately it is making its rounds in my home town so we have been dealing with the lingering side effects for at least a week after I got better and since I always take a nice break for a number of weeks, I thought you wouldn’t mind if I didn’t publish anything last week. If you or someone you know has been going through the cycle, I am so sorry and hope you start to feel better soon!

As far as talking about music for this month, it was a bit slow obviously, but it wasn’t until the 18th that I actually started to listen to a bunch of music again. It was very odd when I went to make my list to post on here, I literally had less than 15 songs on the Spotify playlist! Honestly I wanted food more than music in the first three weeks than anything else. Once I was able to get over the hurdle, I was really looking for my Discover Weekly playlist that Spotify creates for me every Monday. If the list is really good and practically spot on to the aesthetic I am vibing at the moment, I will listen to the whole thing multiple times a week and of course include any great tunes to the monthly playlist.

Here are the Top 20 songs for April 2021! If you would like to check out the rest of the playlist on Spotify, click here to be transported back there.

Animals by Architects (Orchestra Version)
Numb by Carlie Hanson
Strong by Amaranthe featuring Noora Louhimo
Think Of Me by Verite
Save You by Manafest featuring Redlight King
Heavy Is The Crown by Daughtry
Forget Me Too by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Halsey
Goddess by Xana
Idol by Lauren Babic
Better Without You by Evanscence
Shameless by Biometrix featuring Bolshiee
Like You Love Me by Luna Vexa
Wildflowers by Ava
The Skeleton Key by Epica

Song Of War by KSHMR
Dancing With The Devil by Kitty Antix
Underneath by Zahna
Lay Low by Amy Guess
Genie In A Bottle by Oshri
Better Than You by Caroline Kay

I didn’t mention this last month, but we went up north earlier this month and surprisingly, I don’t remember the music we had playing in the car. However, in my defense, we had the volume low for Nolan but nobody really wanted to listen to anything special–I figured we’d be listening to Demi Lovato’s new album as we drove up there and going back home, which was the reason why I was going to wait to hear it because my sister wanted to hear it too, but now it’s been a while and I’ve only heard one song. I am hoping that I will be checking it out soon though because I am almost done watching the new documentary on YouTube and I will probably be gravitating towards it afterwards!

What were you listening to this month?

Life Lately | Oh, Singing The February Blues!


Yup, it’s me! I’m back to blogging after what feels like forever! February wasn’t a bad month, but it still sucked. I wasn’t my normally peppy, productive self and even though I had a lot of different types of blog posts in my head and in my daily planner, it’s been hard to concentrate to do anything worthwhile.

It seems like for the most part, February was full of sickness. I have over 200+ friends on Facebook and I’m pretty sure, the majority had some sort of illness! I wasn’t sick with the flu, like most people, but I felt really out of it though. I just wanted to sleep, which concerned my parents because they know how I hate taking naps in any part of the day. A part of me thinks it has to do with my depression creeping back to me. I’ve been feeling negative with myself again. I’ve also noticed that I just want to start bawling in both happy and sad times. It’s been really frustrating to figure out which could be wrong with me, because I don’t know what could be different compared to how life was like in October!

When February arrived, I was a little down with myself because I hadn’t used that last week of January to work on the first two weeks of the new month, so I think that was part of the issue in the beginning, but once I started working on my disability challenge posts I was fine! It wasn’t until I started working on my Valentine’s Day stories that I really noticed something different with myself. In January, I wanted to write happy, love stories. I don’t know why I decided to write about breakups instead. I was really mad at myself for not doing better since I had been so excited to begin production on them.

I don’t like putting a lot of pressure on myself. I’m already doing two other series on my blog, plus one more exclusively on my blog’s Facebook profile for this year. I did not need to add a fourth idea this late–and yes, it is considered “late” because I’ve done enough planning! When I came up with these ideas, I gave myself enough time in between so I wouldn’t feel like everything was crushing me to the point where I’d give up on everything! I just decided stop what I was doing for February and wait to publish anything until March begins, so I would have a new month, a new start to get things finished, scheduled and ready for you all to read something different and fun!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to do more self-care things, like reading and watching movies again. I’ve also joined a fun community of baby name euthastists like myself on Facebook, so I’ve been having fun collecting pairings, and adding onto my personal list and “baby names” Pinterest board too! Speaking of Pinterest boards, if you’d like to see what I’ve been watching on TV lately, you can check out my “seen in 2019” mini board now! I’ve been exploring the drama and time period films again, so if you are into historical, tear-jerker type of movies, you’d think you’ve hit the jackpot with my list!

How was your February? Have you or your family been going through the sickness too? Hope you’re all feeling better!

Is It Too Early?

10430483_10153611672514358_546331830631413650_nI saw this on Facebook and I had to use it on a blog post. Leave it to me to find the most random shit to be used as inspiration to start a post honestly! However, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was, is it too early to be saying this? I remember in 2010 we were out of school for like two separate weeks between the end of January and beginning of February. The only reasons why I still remember it was because I missed working on my LP drawings in art class and everybody in my entire graduating class was freaking out that we’d have to push back our graduation until the middle of June. We didn’t, thank god!

Our snow blizzards in the Midwest can still happen though, from the mid-Jan to the end of March is when our snow mostly happens and everybody keeps forgetting that! So even though, we never got the worst of Winter Storm Juno, it doesn’t mean we won’t get Winter Storms Kari, Linus, and Marcus! I was looking at the list of the storm’s names and I can’t help but wonder about the outcome of both Winter Storm Pandora and Thor! I doubt we’ll ever see those blizzards in our neck of the woods, but they’ll happen somewhere! Of course, this weekend it’s supposed to snow like hell Saturday night I think? I’m technically not looking forward to it, but I would like to be able to see some snow on the ground!

So we’ve had a little bit of snow and a lot of sickness in our house! My poor mom’s just now getting over hers and my dad and I are basically on the lookout to see which one of us it’ll possess next. I’m talking like it’s a damn demon, but in a way it kind of is! It makes everybody in my family a little bit more paranoid than usual. Thursday was kind of strange for me. I couldn’t find anything interesting on TV and music wasn’t making me happy either, so after mom came home from work we both took an hour nap. After that, I felt lots better! With all of the sickness going around, I’ve been doing good of not fighting the urge to chill out in bed. I’ve be staying offline, lounging in bed and watching TV like none other!

Something that you might not know about me is that there are a LOT of classic cult movies that I have never seen before! I’ve tried to watch both Sixteen Candles and Breakfast At Tiffany’s but I can’t watch them all the way through. Earlier this week, my mom had decided to record the movie Steel Magnolias on the Sundance channel. Since I’ve been in this BIG movie mood for the past month and a half I can basically watch anything! I have seen parts of this movie but like I said before, never all of it at one time. I think it was Tuesday I watched it. I literally devoted myself to it for two hours – it even had commercials and I still couldn’t turn it off!

The story was funny and sad. I got a good cry out of it along with something else that made me think about life and its sorts. One thing I did enjoy was Ouiser. Good god! I laughed my butt off whenever her character was around. When it first started though, I didn’t think I was going to get through it with their country accents. I’m sorry, but it’s my least favorite accent of all time, on both male and females! Besides watching movies aka anything I can find at the moment. I’ve been doing pretty good on keeping up with watching daily vlogs. It’s a new obsession of mine if you haven’t heard by now! I’ve recently found the cutest family of vloggers that I’ll share with you next month!

Next month??? I keep forgetting it’s almost February! On Super Bowl Sunday it’ll be the first of the second month of 2015! Yikes! I usually like to do blog posts on the first days of the new months, but I might be too pre-occupied that day and night so I’m hoping this’ll do instead. I’ll be over at our neighbor’s for a Super Bowl party, mom said they’re having a fish fry! We both got too excited when she said the word, “fish” it’s actually been a long time since we’ve both had fish! I’m just happy I might actually get to see the halftime show. DISH decided to take off CBS (which is the usual channel that the game is on!) I love Katy Perry! That’s easily the best part for my mom and I is the halftime shows! I don’t know much about football and I know I’ll be asked quite a bit on which team I’m rooting for. So which team should I root for? Seahawks or the cheaters? It doesn’t matter if I don’t know anything about football or not, I still think the Colts should be playing anyways! I’m hoping to be recording the Kitten Bowl too. I’ve seen so many ads about it that I kind of have to! I already told Blondie I would do it for her. Nice cover story for me!

I’m thinking about breaking in my camera. I’m going to start “playing” with it sometime. It’s just resting in my little box with my stereo remotes, iPod, and phone. Those Veleeta boxes are the best things for a mini hoarder like me! I hope everybody is enjoying their weekend! See you again on Tuesday!

Round Two Of The Sickness

Well the second round of sickness came knocking on my door Tuesday night. Before I go into this, I’m going to give everybody a warning, it wasn’t a pretty sight to see so it’s not going to see a pretty story to tell. So I’m sorry in advance, and I’ve also been saying these two words for the past two days. So you’re going to either fight through reading this or not read it at all. Whatever you may choose, it’s a just a story of a sickly handicapped girl. Let’s get to it.

It all started Tuesday night, right around 8:30pm maybe. Both of my parents have had the stomach flu for a while, and each have tried to stay away from me while they had it. Anyways, I was sitting up reading my book, which by the way I was practically finished with it. My stomach started to act up. Kept turning and turning. I laid back down and got a drink to maybe calm myself down. Then a little while after that my dad came in and took me to the bathroom. I told him about my stomache and then I pretty much said, it could come out of both ways. Front and back. (Sorry, it’s going to get disgusting and a little humor might come along too.) I was right, because once my mom got home, and she was informed about it. I exploded.

In my situation, since I can’t walk or move my arms so everything about the stomach flu is never in my favor. I can handle everything but the going to the bathroom five times a day/night and throwing up on myself. It’s something that I know from experience we can’t control, but around this time I really wish I had muscles in my arms to move them out-of-the-way and hold the damn bucket myself. That night, dad slept out in the living room and mom slept on the floor in my room. I know for a fact she didn’t get much sleep that night. I didn’t get my first round of sleep until midnight. Now, here’s the difference between my mom and I with our sleeping habits. We both love our fans, but she has to have noise as well. So the TV had to be on and thank god for The Golden Girls. I went to bed around the same time she did just more worried. Then I got up at 2:30am and stayed up because around 3am, I throw up for the third time. I don’t know how I kept myself so calm. I never do that. Usually I cry, even though got to say I was close to doing that too. After that one, mom and dad took the towels and my Transformers blanket in the bathroom to be washed.

The next day I woke up around 6am. I was watching Captain Planet, Tom & Jerry, and The Flintstones. Mom and dad got up with Em. I went to the bathroom normally. Dad made me toast.  I was really thirsty so I took a few more sips than I was supposed to, and somehow neither one wanted to make a surprise getaway from my stomach. Later on that morning, I tried to sit up. I only wanted to sit up for five minutes. I actually was just thinking about it. I think after three minutes I gave up and laid back down. I didn’t sit up again unless I went to the bathroom. I ate again either before or after this, dad gave me a banana. Which was good! I’m not that big of a fan of them, but it was cold and yummy! I could eat anything really. I stayed up a little more afterwards, then I started watching The Little Rascals. I miss that movie! After it was over, I took a nap. I rolled over to look at my clock (I don’t remember the time) and went back to sleep.Dad came in and asked if I wanted some green beans, those were good. I woke back up in time to see mom come home work. . Before anyone got any sleep, dad made a lunchable, it was a cracker one. Those were good too! I was concerned that I pretty well effed up my sleep, so when I woke up at 8am this morning I was stunned! I had slept all night long. Thank you Jesus!

Waking up this morning, mom woke me up to take me to the bathroom. I went normally again. I woke up very hungry than I was the day before. So she gave me a banana. After she went to sleep I stayed up. I was bored and I didn’t think I could sleep anymore. I did the stupid thing and watched Food Network off and on all morning long. I also listened to Octane as well. It was my only source of music throughout the last two days. Around 10am, I heard “This Is Gonna Hurt” by Sixx:A.M. I hadn’t heard a song by them since Tuesday, so I enjoyed every minute of it. I was a very happy camper. Somehow afterwards I guess it was my “okay” to allow myself to get a nap in. I took a nap and got up a half hour ago. Mom went and got Subway for us, and I had a wrap and cheddar Sun chips. It was sooo good! I hope I continue to feel better, but I’ll be one pissed off person if Tuesday night comes back to bite me in the ass. I just hope I get to watch the new episode of The Vampire Diaries tonight. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

So Yesterday

Why is it when I’m physically hurting I’m happy mentally, but when I’m hurting mentally I’m happy physically? Does that even make sense? Here’s what I really mean, for the past two days I’ve been sick with different pains, but I’ve kept up my happy mentality. Now that I’m starting to feel better around certain areas that were giving me problems on my body, my mind hurts. I guess that’s what the snort will do to you after a few days. Yesterday, I did pretty much everything in my power to keep up my happy thoughts. This morning I woke up, feeling refreshed, but my mind was the one giving me problems. I don’t really feel depressed, I feel exhausted even though I’ve been getting sleep at night, except for last night. For once I have a clear head (really!) and I couldn’t find any sleep for the life of me. Not cool.

So today is Wednesday, and technically I’ve blogged twice today, if you count that I did last night then after this one I’ll have three posts for today. I’m just rambling on. My mind isn’t here. Maybe dad’s suggestion of taking a nap wouldn’t be such a bad idea, except I’m concerned of the sleep I won’t  get if I do decide to take a nap. I think too much don’t I? Well I’ve listened to the same songs I listened to yesterday and they’re not making me better, my voice is another story even though I still sound like I’m talking through my nose, but I don’t see how I can since I have nothing in their today, all the crap is draining in the back of my throat. Sorry for being disgusting. I live for details! I’m hopefully going to read some more today, I tried reading a bit ago, but only read for 10 minutes. How depressing is that? I’m going to listen to some more Lacuna Coil. See ya!