From Grade School To High School

Today I remembered something from when I was in Elementary school. I remembered the school would hold a Food Drive, don’t exactly remember for whom I just remember the rules and prize. When you’re kids those are the only things you remember so when your parents asked you why you needed these cans all you said, “we need them for our class to win the pizza party.” All these memories of watching the corner of our classrooms getting smaller and everybody counting up how many we had before our teacher would bring the box(es) up to the office that afternoon.

Some girls and an adult came up to my nana and papaw’s asking for canned goods to be put in this giant green bucket. I think they said it was for their church. Anyways, I had to make sure their dog Casey didn’t hurt them so I blocked the space by the door and under the table so she couldn’t get through. Nana grabbed a couple canned goods for them and they left. After they left, I told nana about these old memories about school and doing Food drives.

While I was in school I did after-school activities. When I was in elementary school, I did Girls Scouts. I did that from the middle of first grade to eighth grade. I remembered we held a Bake Sale once at a bank. That was fun since I have never done that before. Haven’t done it since actually. In high school, during both Junior and Senior years I was in National Honor Society. We did this thing around Thanksgiving, everybody was assigned in different groups and everybody had to bring in a different canned and/or boxed goods. During Christmastime, we would help out the families who couldn’t really afford presents for their kids and we would buy them gifts, wrap them and the seniors would go to meet these kids and help out and talk to them. It was so cute and sweet. They even light up whenever they first saw Santa.

We would make Dirt Pudding for both Football and Basketball games and sell them at the home games. I remember staying after school during second semester of my Senior year and I was concerned about helping out, which I always did because I felt like I was always in the way. The group of people I was with was a fun bunch. We were in the teachers lounge and we were making this pudding that I never had before and I was in charge of crushing the oreo cookies, thank god I got strong legs. I think I broke two ziplock bags in the process. It was fun! One of my friends, after we were done with the first batch, we relaxed a little and he decided to sit in this chair that looked like it was older than the school. He went to sat down and it had wheels on it and it moved right from under him. We all laughed, he even laughed. It was a fun time.

One of the last things we did during both years, but I did get to participate during Junior year because it was raining. Senior year it was sunny, but chilly, it was like 9am and did a walk-a-thon and had walkers, joggers, and track runners come out. I did the “walking” part. I walked with this lady who has known me since I was in Elementary, because she was once a sub once for my aide. I could never get her name right until that day. We walked around the park, and even teased other walkers if they wanted a race because they would ask me why I wasn’t in the “running” category. Could you see me running? I’m fast on ramps, not when it’s steady. Especially when my battery has six bars, which by the end of the race it was that many. It was fun. Cold as hell, but still really fun to do.

The Yellow Wallpaper

When I was junior in high school, I really embraced the whole reading side of me. I loved reading books, but I wanted to get into more variety of books then just the teen books I’ve been reading for a year. I took two English classes during that time, first semester was Short Stories with one teacher I had, had throughout high school until my last year. When second semester came along I had Novels. So this was 2008 and going into 2009. I hadn’t even embraced the rock n roll then.

In Short Stories, our teacher pretty much every day, unless one of the boys would get him talking or if he was late getting into class which happened a few times. Considering it was an hour class, he would be gone for twenty minutes and we’d be talking and doing other stuff. Guys would be sleeping. Anyways, this was one of the short stories we had to read about. I first read this and thought it was a bit weird, and was actually paranoid about it when I would sleep at night.

After we would read these stories, our teacher had us look up the author and tell him about them and the book. Just to see if we actually paid attention to it. I actually looked up the author and found some interesting things about the author Charlotte. I don’t want to spoil it if some of you haven’t read it. If those who have read it or in my case forced to read it, it was pretty interesting especially if you’ve read both her biography and the book. Just saying.

When I was just getting into rock music, I started listening to a lot of Linkin Park, we know this right? I started watching their music videos but one of them, which is an older music video. “Papercut” is such an interesting song on how it sounds and lyrically. The music video though, from the first time I watched it the whole thing just reminded me of a book I had read. At first, I couldn’t say which book it was because my brain wouldn’t work around that time. Then one day my nana’s it came to me and you should have seen me when I realized it. The whole thing reminded me of this book. Not even kidding. If you watch the music video and read the book, even though I think its best if you read it first. You’ll definitely understand what I mean.

The Two C’s

Well today’s been a good day. Even with the rain, it was still good. Last night was another story though. I had a bad dream. Anyways, I got up at 9am and we got ready for the day. Mom has known it’s going to rain sometime today, so it took us a little longer to get ready because mom didn’t want my wheelchair to get too wet. If my controller gets really wet, along with the battery, the whole thing goes out and I’m stuck with somebody pushing me. It didn’t start raining until we were getting ready to go home officially. That’s when it started pouring.

While we were at Walmart, mom and Em were getting their nails done like usual and I went on my own like I’m getting use to. I love going around, causing havoc. No, I’m just kidding. I pay attention and still feel awful if I cut off some people. I think I spent most of my time in Entertainment space. I found the CDs without any trouble this time around and found the CD I was going for, but not in the format I wanted. I had a really nice lady tell me if I wanted any help to tell her. I like the people who ask me if I need help than just assuming I need it. I heard two songs that I love at Walmart.

They played Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” and Selena Gomez “Love You Like A Love Song” and I sang very faintly that way I didn’t disturb the peace around there or draw a crowd. That would have been creepy. I was also dancing in my wheelchair too. I couldn’t help myself whatsoever today. I was in a good mood. I also found this DVD in the picture right there. You don’t understand how happy I was when I found it. I also found Rocko’s Modern Life and Hey Arnold too. They were in the kiddy section so I bet I looked like a goofball with my phone up by the DVD taking a picture of this. I sent it to my dad since we use to watch it every Saturday morning and Yoohoo’s. I went back to the books and attempt to read a book, but failed. All the books I picked out were part of a series. Yeah, that’s just my luck. I went to look through the ink section, because we need black ink for our printer so I can get back to drawing again. I forget three things: I wanted to get one of my mom’s residents yarn, I needed to look at fabric for my windows, and I needed to get two cards. I remembered the iTunes card, so everything else that was on my brain just kind of faded away.

Productive and Mobile

I’ve done a lot lately. Trying to keep myself clear out of depressing things that have been bubbling up for the past couple of days. I’ve went to a lot places this past weekend. Been on the floor and since we took my dresser out of my room, we have all this extra room by my door that we recently started putting my wheelchair there. Yesterday I went to my nana’s and do some work for her. We have family coming down next week so everything has to be extra nice and clean for them. Not that everything is dirty in the house before they come down, she just has to have the place almost spotless. This is a three-day thing actually. Did I tell you that when we were reranging clothes into my dresser drawers my mom and I discovered I can fold shorts? Yeah, I think I did say something about that, I’ve also slept since then. Anyways, Saturday my sister and her friends hung out and my mom and I had one of our girl’s day/night. Since mom knows I can fold shorts. She gave me the towels to fold. Don’t worry, I’m getting paid for it. Even though I think I would have done it anyways. It kept me busy.

Sunday, it was my relaxing day even though I was originally supposed to go to nana’s again and work, but I thought her and Em needed a day to chat about things. So she drove there by herself. It’s so weird knowing my sister can drive herself places. Everybody’s still on ease about it. At one time, she didn’t even want to drive by herself but everybody thought it would be good for her and nobody would have to pick her up anymore. That backfired on everybody, because she doesn’t exactly have a car ready yet. So she drives our mom’s car around unless she’s using it for work. Then she’s really stuck. Anyways, I went outside with mom and ChiChi. She knows it’s getting warmer outside so she can get Pinky (her collar) and go walk around the house and go to the bathroom on the green grass. I have to explain, we have a blue towel that ChiChi uses inside and we call it ChiChi’s bluegrass. Somehow it worked. Sunday was pretty boring, until that night I got on the floor and scoot around and played with ChiChi and watched a Western with the family.

Yesterday, my mom had the day off and so I went over to my nana’s and did some work for her. No folding this time, just cleaning the Fridge and Freezer. Which was interesting since there was two push wheelchairs, a cart, and fold-up chair all in this itty-bitty space by the doors. Thank God that both Casey (their dog) and Papaw were somewhere else, because that was a death trap. I’m still surprised I never fall out of the wheelchair considering all my weight gets put at the my feet. We had our chats and giggles. We also ate ice cream too. I went home afterwards and stayed in my wheelchair and had some fun just sitting in it for a few hours. I got out of it twice and didn’t stay out of it very long because I’m more mobile in it then out of it. I even watched Dancing With The Stars in my wheelchair and I think I spent more time around my mom this weekend then I have when I would come home from school, and I haven’t done then in two years.

Album Review: My Darkest Days, “Sick and Twisted Affair”

I haven’t done an album review and I got lucky to hear one right in time. I am a big fan of My Darkest Days, if you didn’t already know. So I’ve actually been very ready for this album to come out. I remember in December reading on my Facebook news feed that they were going to release a new song next month. So I went crazy but noticed I had to wait a whole month for this song. At first I thought it was another single from their pervious album. I was wrong, of course. When January came along and I first heard “Casual Sex” I was kind of stunned, yet again of how much they talk about sex, but it’s rock music. Why do you think everybody says, “Sex, drugs, and rock n roll?”

I’ve been spending the whole morning, just listening to the new songs. Their title track “Sick and Twisted Affair” was released on Noisecreep, I think Friday. I loved it at the first listen. I was looking up on YouTube and I was searching for the acoustic version of one of their new songs “Save Yourself” and I ended up not only finding that song, but some of their other new songs that I’m still trying to figure out how anybody found them, but that thought quickly faded away when I started listening to these songs. I don’t (sadly) have their first album, but I have like eight songs out of what twelve songs on that album? Yeah, I can’t wait to go to Walmart on Wednesday. I will be a proud owner of this album.

I don’t rate albums by the band. If I like a certain band or artists and I know they are releasing an album, yes, I will listen to it and make a review about what I liked and what I didn’t like about it. In this case, rock music has to have three things that I look for. 1.) A nice and somewhat mysterious introduction. 2.) Diversity between songs. 3.) And a bit of boldness. That’s what I look like with almost any music you put in front of me. Something I liked with this album and their first album was they have one cover song per album. They covered “Stutter” by R&B artist Joe. Some of my favorite songs, beside the title track. I love “Save Yourself” but I’m still trying to decide if I like the acoustic version better or not. They do amazing acoustics! I really love “Gone,” “Perfect,” and “Nature Of The Beast.” They all have the number one thing I always look for, a nice and somewhat mysterious introduction into the song.

Some songs I didn’t like so much, but I can’t say I hate them, because if you give me more time I’ll probably like them later on. I mean, the day isn’t over yet right? I didn’t like “Rolling Stoned,” Love Crime,” and “Again.” I don’t understand why because they have both one and three. There is a big diversity in every song. Some are about love, break-ups, and finding love when you think you don’t deserve to. Then there’s the songs to some people’s minds are about sex. If you can get your mind out of the gutter than you can direct your thoughts onto another direction. Trust me, it works. In the deluxe edition, there are two other songs,  the acoustic of “Every Lie” and  “Like Nobody Else” was remixed by Mountain View. I’m kind of hoping to find the deluxe and uncensored version instead, but I am going to Walmart so I don’t know. I definitely think it’s an amazing album, you should definitely get it and maybe you’ll be surprised.