Antagonist Vs. Villain



I am a big nerd! I may not be all about books, but there are films and TV shows that were inspired from novels and comic books that brought the characters to life. As you probably know I am a big fan of superheroes; mostly on the Marvel side than DC or any other comic books. I don’t know how it started exactly, I just remember being in the living room lying on the couch watching X2 with my dad and that’s how my obsessed with Wolverine and Rogue started!

I’ve wrote a couple of different X-Men posts over the years. Starting with Mutant and Proud after I watched X-Men: First Class and we were introduced to our favorite mutants a whole lot younger! I’ve always seen Erik/Magneto as this troubled mutant who basically hated the human race. When I watched this film though, I finally understood why he was like the way he was and what changed him. In all honesty, I understood both sides of the argument of Charles’s way of blending in and controlling their powers. Whereas Erik was more about embracing your true self, letting yourself have everything and don’t care about what everybody thinks. Somehow after watching First Class and then changing direction and watching Man Of Steel the story of Superman, I wrote Waiting For Superman explaining how I saw the stories of these characters in a different way. Trying to explain to the reader that people and young kids with disabilities feel the same way. We’re being pulled both ways of attempting to blend in and embracing yourselves. It’s a complicated process that never really ends.

tumblr_n3xp1p3kta1swdsh3o3_500I didn’t want this post being about my previous posts, I wanted to discuss the theory that we’re looking at villains all wrong. What we think is a bad guy may not be. Several weeks ago, the question was asked during a Twitter chat for nerdy bloggers, like myself, “is there a difference between an antagonist and a villain?” I first said Draco Malfoy was more like an antagonist than a villain because he mostly wanted to impress his father and the rest of Voldemort’s party. I never thought he was a bad guy, he just had a lot of bad influences around him. And then I started thinking about Magneto and how in ways, he’s not exactly a villain either. He genuinely had a good heart; he hid it very well, but it was still there. He showed it for other mutants that were being abused by others who wanted to use, and ultimately destroy them.

Everybody is born with good intentions, even our most prized super villains like Dark Phoenix, Mystique, and Magneto. We keep forgetting–I keep forgetting–that people have a breaking point and they just lose it. The good runs out and the evil overcomes them. The ego takes over and controls their power, but like Professor X, you have to dig deep to find the good in that person. Everything can harden, but you can’t harden your heart. No matter how you try, of course, you have to also understand that not everybody can be saved either.

Are there any characters in books, movies, and TV shows that you’ve found more like an antagonist rather than a villain? Why do you believe in them that they can change?


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Mutant And Proud.

Do you know what it feels like to stand out? Have you got something that is very noticeable or very personal, that nobody knows about? Everytime I watch movies about different characteristics, like the X-Men movies or any other Disney Halloween movie. It makes me feel all weird. When I was younger, I use to think I was the only one that was handicapped. Kind of like Raven “Mystique” played by Jennifer Lawrence said at the beginning of X-Men: First Class when she first met Charles Xavier. We all think we’re alone at first, then we find something or someone is just like us and it’s the most closest thing in the entire world.

“Mutant and proud” is what Mystique kept saying during the beginning. At the beginning of my life, being proud for my physical differences, was not in my deck of cards. I was never bullied, but I could tell nobody understood how everything work with me. Growing up and going to public schools, it could lead to a disaster. I was depressed over my looks, it first happened when I was in middle school, sixth grade and I didn’t gain control over my emotions of my strange beauty until my last year in high school. In school, I was more concerned of being in the popular crowd than feeling confident and being proud of myself instead. It sucked, but I’m glad I’ve learned my lesson at that.

I was just looking at pictures of some of the St. Louis Cardinals players going to Shriner’s Hospital earlier last week. It made me think of my time there and I remember how much time has really gone since then. I miss it a lot. I’ve been asked this question a lot, and it’s “if you could, what year would go back to and do all over again?” My answer was always be 2002, because it was not only the year I went to Shriner’s and had my surgeries, but it was also my last year in Elementary, that was difficult for me, because I had a school there and I had made friends there, but everybody at 10 years old wants to be around people they’re familiar with. Taking people or kids out of something they know for so long and into something new can be very hard to accept.

When I was at Shriner’s, it was very nice to know that the kids around me where about the same as me. Meaning they had physical and/or mental problems with them that they can’t help. The best example I can give is this, it’s putting a bunch of rich kids into a private school and everybody having one common thing about them, they’re rich. We were all at this hospital being treated for our different diseases, but we all had that common thing, we were different. The nurses, doctors, therapists, and families could do things with their bodies and we couldn’t, at least some of us couldn’t. It made us feel loved and kind of showed me that I wasn’t alone. Even though later on in high school, I still felt like I had those moments where I was alone, hell I still have those moments every now and then. I never once felt like I was proud of my own skin in school. Everybody just showed me I was just another person wanting to leave school. I was just passing through. I had fun in different classes, but I felt very alone outside of school.

I started thinking that was the reason why I haven’t been doing any college courses at all. I don’t want to feel alone and be depressed over stupid things. Everybody asks me “why aren’t you in school?” I always tell them it’s not my time. It isn’t my time. I am still learning to love my body and insecurities. I think it’s important to learn those things before anything else. You don’t want other thing inferring with everything else. So back to the reference of X-Men. I am a mutant in my own right. Feeling proud of who I am? Eh, I’m working on it. These things take time. They can’t be rushed.

Movie Review: X-Men First Class

I’m actually into different “superhero” movies. However I think out of them all X-Men is my number one favorite. I love when FX did a whole weekend of X-Men movies. I like seeing how good our technology is and artistic makeup can transform these actors and actresses into their characters and make them do anything with their newly fake powers. It excites me!

I’ve seen all three movies and I just finished the X-Men: First Class and it was very interesting to see how these characters of Professor X and Magneto came about. As I watching it I kept looking at these actors and actresses thinking, “where have I seen you in?” I was right on about two characters. Since I don’t watch media news all that much or read any of that before a movie comes out the first time I watch a movie is the first time I see who the actors and actress are who play these characters. I was right on Kevin Bacon and Rose Bryne. I recently just watched Bridesmaids and hated her character in that movie, but loved her in this movie. I’ve seen a few movies with Kevin in it, and his face is recongizable.

I love how while I was watching it after Hank turned blue everything started to make a little sense with his name and how he was a doctor in the other movies. I just didn’t think he looked normal until you saw his feet. When he shot himself with that stuff and started changing everything came to my head so quick I got excited. When Professor X and Magneto were looking for mutants at the beginning and found Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and he told them to fuck off. That was awesome! Then when Raven came into Magneto’s room and changed her look to older, and she changed to her older self from the other movies played by Rebecca Romijn.

I think my favorite character was Raven. She hated being a mutant and just couldn’t accept herself. She and Hank wanted to get rid of how they looked but keep their strength. While they were training to control their powers, Raven was struggling to lift a weight in human form and Magneto came in and she should just accept herself and that she was beautiful the way she was. He released the weight and she caught it in mutatnt form. Then after Hank figured out the cure to it she presented it to her and she started to realize that Magneto was right. There are a couple parts that reflect normal people. The Society does not accept different people. Mutant people are sometimes like disabled people. People don’t accept us and make us feel like we don’t belong. I’m not talking like Magneto and say “we need to rule the world” because that’s stupid. Although people do need to start accepting us for being different. Nobody’s the same. We should just get used to that.


I am watching the second of the X-Men triology. I haven’t watched this movie in a long time. I think the last time I watched this movie was probably two years ago. I’ve only seen the first one and this one. I haven’t seen the third one and I really, really want to see the new one that comes out this month or July. Can’t remember when it comes out. My favorite mutant is Storm, but I like Halle Barry. I also like all of the special powers the rest of them have. Since I’m handicapped when I first watched these movies I thought I was one. I know I’m weird but when people start to push you away like your a monster or something. You start to think of yourself as one. I really want to know who plays the guy who can make everything cold. He is REALLY cute! I might look him up later.