Music Video Review: “World Series” by Machine Gun Kelly

This might surprise you, but I actually don’t listen to a lot of rap. I really try my hardest to stay away from it. I used to like it as a kid and during my teenage years (I swear it was because of a boy). My sister is very much into rap music, we get it from our mother! She grew up in the 80’s, let that be your hint to our childhood! Anyways, I can remember one time our parents drove us to the mall for a day of shopping, my sister was busy watching a music video on YouTube and I saw this rapper, she told me his name was Machine Gun Kelly. I’ll be honest I thought he was cute, I mean who wouldn’t? I just thought I’d only watch the video and that was it. Nope, fast forward to maybe two years later and I find MYSELF looking up his music on Spotify and YouTube because my sister had been playing his debut album like crazy. I wanted to see what the mess was about I guess!

I’ve watched WAYYY too many tour videos up on YouTube late at night. I also went on a binge for a week, listened to that first album for three days straight. Nobody knew because of my trustee headphones. And then I heard his second album was finally being released. As my sister was generally more excited about Demi Lovato’s album coming out that second to last week of October, I was trying to contain my excitement for MGK’s album “General Admission” and it took me a whole 8 hours to finally listen to it because everybody wanted to sleep and I didn’t necessarily want to listen through my headphones! So technically it’s my own fault! I have to say the album was really great! I was really surprised at myself for giving it a shot. I had plans to do a review but I opted out of that again. I’m sorry!

I’ve been trying to figure out if I wanted to talk about this song or do a music video review instead. So when I saw this one floating around on Facebook and that’s how I made my decision. Before I go into this, the song “World Series” isn’t one of my favorites but the music video for it was interesting. Something that I’ve noticed that MGK’s music videos are different from other rap videos. There’s some kind of story behind it. This one has a short movie kind of feel to it. I don’t watch a lot of boxing/UFC type of sports on TV. I was never into that stuff even though I support Ronda Rousey. The whole concept is a little weird for me, but having a boxing and the title of the song, that went well together. I didn’t think they should have added the car with him and a bunch of girls. That was an unnecessary addition to it, but other than that it was really good.

Are you a fan of MGK? What did you think of his new album and this new music video?