In Need Of A Reunion Special

It’s that time of the year again where it’s early in the morning and the Emmy nominations have been released. To me, it’s just another awards show that I don’t watch and I probably never will, unless one of the shows I just love to pieces gets nominated more than once. I’ve seen it everywhere, American Horror Story and Mad Men earn 17 nominations! Jiminy Christmas! That is ALOT! Of course, that’s too shows I don’t watch at all. I have no idea who else is up for an Emmy. I’m sure if you have liked Emmy’s you will be getting updates off the yin yang. So no need for me to tell them. Sorry.

On a lighter note, something I’ve been thinking about lately. I miss a lot of my TV shows that have cancelled and have been off for a few years now. I think we need some more reunions from TV shows. If you could pick any show who would you chose to make a reunion of? I think there should be a reunion special of Friends, Will & Grace, and That’s 70’s Show. I’ve been waiting for a reunion for the first two for a while. I don’t know how many years we have to wait to get a reunion started, but I wish one was soon. All the news about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kruchter dating, just makes me want a That 70’s Show reunion even more.

This might sound weird but I’ve also been thinking about taking a trip through time and hoping for a reunion special for the shows from the 70’s and 80’s and some earlier shows. Since Andy Griffith has passed away, I wish they did a newer reunion show of The Andy Griffith Show with Ron Howard and Don Knotts. There probably was a reunion special out there I just haven’t found it yet. I would have love to see a Mama’s Family, Three’s A Company, I Love Lucy and The Golden Girls reunion. These were the shows I literally grew up on so I just wish there was a reunion special re-aired or something in the works, but it would be hard to do with half the stars have passed away before getting these in the works. I’d also love to see Full House and Roseanne have reunion specials as well.

Will & Grace

My nana and I were talking last week about general stuff and somehow we got on the subject about sexuality. Talking about things like this is better than talking about it with one of your parents. We got on this subject about Adam Lambert, and let’s say she’s obsessed with him. We were talking about how a lot of people judge others on how we present ourselves. Everybody knew when Adam Lambert was on Idol was gay, people just didn’t want to believe it.

Well in the mist of that conversation. I told my nana that I wish I actually lived like Grace. She had two gay friends and one crazy friend. I got the crazy friend but I want the cool job and two gay friends. I believe that every girl in the world needs a friend like Jack. Jack was insane but understanding. Every girl in the world needs a guy that understands and wants somebody whose not going to judge her drastically about the things she does. It seems like every guy in the world is a cocky, headstrong, asshole just waiting to fock up our world. Not saying I wouldn’t want a friend like Will, because I’d like to bring him along if I’m shopping but that’s pretty much yet. With Will you couldn’t tell he was gay until the middle of the episode. Then you understood him more from what he’s talking about. You know?