Let’s Get Crazy

So I have two more full weeks and then two a couple days after that until my birthday. I’ve been told by my mom that we might celebrate my birthday a weekend before or after since she has to work that day because it just so happens to be a weekday. Surpringly I happen to like Tuesday’s. My horscope always says Tuesday and Wednesday are my good days, I still think it should be Tuesday and Thursday’s just because of The Vampire Diaries.

I want to have a fun birthday, since last time I got all my gifts but no cake. I also didn’t have a party at my nana’s like we always had. My 19th birthday sucked. Nothing was the same, it was like everybody forgot the party. I would love to have a party this year. Even though I’m not turning 21 this year, I do get to lose the “teen” at the end of my age. Yay for me! I hate being called a “teen” it seriously gets on my nerves!