WEEK THREE | #PADCardiganJezebel


Well hello,

Now we are onto week three of Cardigan Jezebel’s photo-a-day challenge! I have to say I have been really enjoying figuring out each day’s challenge of the theme. I’ve been having fun with my parents; having them involved in it is very helpful sometimes! I hope you’ve been enjoying seeing each picture I post on Twitter and in these posts too! Here, I get to explain the story behind the picture. If I didn’t do these posts then I probably wouldn’t know the next day’s theme! So it helps me keep track of everything!

Day 15: Motion!


So I started out my week with a picture of my tire of my push wheelchair aka “The Death Trap.” This is technically the cleanest wheel between both chairs!

Day 16: Together!


This is Gru and Oscar. It’s a photo I took back in September before Blondie and Brandon took Gru to live with them in their apartment. I haven’t got to seen him, Toni and Otis for a few months now! It makes me sad! From what we were told, Gru is a fatty now! Oscar is our lovable, but skittish kitten. He’s fine with us, but is scared of everybody else!

Day 17: A Part Of Me


Okay, before I scare anybody else with this picture! I did not just cut off my hair for this photo challenge! This is from like 13 years ago, back in 2002 I had to get my hair cut as I was going to have my back surgeries plus have a metal halo screwed onto my head so I had to cut my long hair. It was saddest day for a lot of people in my family, including myself! I loved my long hair and I honestly hate getting my hair cut short.

Day 18: Balance!


All right, back on Monday I was fiddling around with my foam board trying to put it behind the wheel of the push wheelchair for that day. Once I was finished, I moved the foam board over a bit and I’m not kidding it just stood there on its own! I couldn’t help myself and decided to use for the challenge of “balance.” It was awesome!

Day 19: Good Morning!


Friday, it was my dad’s birthday and I had breakfast at 10am! I slept in a bit! This was my breakfast! It is Coco Pebbles if anybody wanted to know! I’m tempted to do a post on how I eat my meals, so if you would like that post just leave me a comment on here or on Twitter and I’ll get everything arranged!

Day 20: Repeat!


Since it was “repeat” I decided to do a previous challenge over again! I really wanted to do “one of a kind” again, so I took a picture of my nana’s Christmas trees that she has on all the time, spring to winter! It doesn’t matter! Technically, she’s got about four of these trees! It lights up and they’re very cute!

Day 21: Message!


I had to really think about Sunday’s photo challenge mostly because I had two ideas. I was going to use a picture of a thread message between my mom and sister that was posted about how they’ve both cried over cats this week, but I ultimately decided on writing out a quote on a note card and this was the end result.


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