End Of Paradise.


Getting myself to talk about Blondie and Batman’s last days in Hawaii is a little bittersweet for me too, because I’ve grown to love talking about their trip for two weeks. I literally devoted a whole week to writing four huge posts of their moments there! You’ve been probably wondering why I decided to write it for them right? Well, for starters, this isn’t the first time I’ve written about my sister’s adventures. I’ve done quite a few in the last two or three years! She doesn’t mind it, I think she likes it too! It’s fun for me and in the past, I’ve edited the pictures to look cool and be brighter, but for these pictures they looked so beautiful the way they were that I just kept them the same! I did fix up the ones with their faces in it and never put the ones with his cousin and grandmother out of respect in case they didn’t want to have their faces on my blog. I also know that between the two of them they’ve been going back to their working schedules and Blondie has her classes too! So I took the reign of writing each post out like if she had a blog herself. Trust me, I’ve been trying to get her to create one but she never has time!

She spent her last days of adventures in Kauai. On this day, they were supposed to go zip lining and then to a luau. Well, from what I was told after going down 105 ft in the water and then over 10,000 ft up in the air, Blondie’s anxieties were all crazy and she ended up having an anxiety attack just before going up and doing the zip lining. They still went to the luau later on that afternoon. She got a lot of pictures out there. She told our nana that she didn’t want to take her phone up where they were doing the zip lining in case she dropped her phone you know? So this was her make up for it! She got to ride on a train, which almost made me cry because our papaw has not only been to Hawaii but also LOVES trains! She saw fire breathers and she even shared on Twitter that she got up on stage and danced in front of everybody! That’s something she never does! You have to tickle her just to get her to sing out loud!

They went on one last adventure to the Jurassic Falls. The first Jurassic Park film is set in Costa Rica but apparently parts of it was filmed in Hawaii. They went on one last helicopter ride around different sections of Kauai. The Manawaipuna Falls was part of the air tour and it was part of the first Jurassic Park movie. They even got to land in the same spot! They got a nice picture of them standing directly below the falls! Looks very majestic! On Friday, they were supposed to fly out pretty late our time and get home sometime by Saturday afternoon, but they had a 12 hour delay because they had to exchange a wheel of the plane and after arriving in Dallas, they found out they missed their flight! They didn’t get home until like six ish Sunday evening! They brought souvenirs for everybody! I got a Tiki man and my little purple shoe that has little gems around both sides. Apparently it was $40! I wasn’t exactly thrilled about that but it kind of screams me so I’ll let it go! When they got back, they came into my room and showed me the things they got me! I asked for a hug from both of them, I’ve never hugged Batman before and he gave me a better hug than my sister! He gave me a real hug not some puny thing that everybody seems to give me because they think I’m fragile!

So now I’m done and I’m sad. I really enjoyed writing about Hawaii and figuring out what to include in the posts! Hope you guys enjoyed each post like I did! Is Hawaii now on your next summer vacation list?



Hilo & Kona!


They’ve been to Oahu, Pearl Harbor, and Maui. What’s next?

Luckily, for you guys after a few days of not knowing the schedule of where they were headed to next, I finally asked her. She woke up on Tuesday morning in the beautiful island of Hilo and she posted a posted a picture with a full rainbow! Exactly the way you want to start your day in a new place! Within five minutes after seeing that picture, Blondie had uploaded some of her morning walking around a very interesting beach and seeing more gorgeous waterfalls! This time she got great ones of the four of them in front of the gate and one that is an areal picture of the waterfall and the ridge of lively woods around it. So vibrant! While there, she got a few shots of a lazy turtle. A little bit about Punaluu Black Sand Beach, the first thought I had been “must be like that from the ash of exploding volcanoes!” And I was right! The sand is black, making it one of the most unique beaches that I’ve seen!

Later on that day, still exploring the area, they went to the National Volcanoes Park. A few months ago, I was watching a show talking about this park and the weird things that’s been happening to people who visit there. Apparently there’s UFOs flying over that place and they’re luring people there and killing them! Okay, so that’s not the most ideal thing to talk about on this post! My bad! They got to see their first volcano of their Hawaiian trip! This was my question at the beginning, where they going to see one? I mean you can’t go to an island made up of volcanoes without at least seeing one of them! They got to see I think two of them from what another picture she took of their tour around, it’s a giant hole with a metal-like rail around it and it had steam coming up from inside this massive opening! They also went to see the Thurston Lava Tube which is cave that was form from a large lava flow. From research, it is a 500 year old cave and the native name is Nahuku! It looks so freaking cool!! I was even a little envious after looking through the pictures!

They went to a more milder place that doesn’t involve molten lava at all! They went to a garden, called Akatsuka Orchid Garden. It is an orchid nursery, which sounds so cute! It is located on the way to the National Volcanoes Park. They have over 1,000 orchids and tropical plants. When I was in school, any time we were forced to watch a movie that we may or may not get quizzed on later I actually tried to watch it. In Biology, we watched different videos about plants and flowers to show how each one grows and why bees and birds go for the nectar inside of them. I don’t remember any of the videos from the Hawaiian plants at all! So seeing these were a bit of a surprise for me, especially that big red one! Sometimes I have a dirty mind that’s all I will say about that!

The next day they went to Kaulia-Kona pier. If you remember from either the last post or Going On a Little Cruise I talked about the things that my sister got to select to do in their stay of Hawaii. Both activities were on her list and I have to say I’m still shocked that these are hers! They started their day exploring the Kona and went inside a submarine! A 105 ft drop into the ocean they went looking at sunken ships and little fishies roaming around the blue murky waters. After coming back to land, they went over 10,000 ft up in the air over a damn volcano! And you thought you were brave!  As much as I love volcanoes, I doubt I’d ever have this on my list to do! It’s not even on my bucket list. Now the submarine thing is, but only to see the Titanic though! This was cool too! If you had just went into the ocean in a submarine and then went up in the air what would be the ideal thing to do to stop the rush? Apparently these four thought playing a little putt putt would be excellent so that’s how they ended their adventures there!

Got my information from the Go Hawaii website!

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