Beware Of Human

10561754_691564484263803_8406106149757263225_nSo I found this cute little “meme” on Facebook the other day, is that what they’re called by the way?  I find it very difficult to have a serious conversation with anyone who says pit bulls are dangerous. The first thing I wan to do is shake my head and giggle, because I know it’s not true. Pit bulls are not your enemy. No large dog is your enemy, unless they’ve been trained to be that way!

Everybody has heard or knows of somebody of a dog attack on a person before, about 90% of those attacks are about pit bulls. People like to use pit bulls, boxers, Rottweilers, and bullmastiffs, etc as part of their sick games of dog fighting. They use the dogs to fight each other until one is fatally injured and they win money off of it. What is the fun in that? It’s heartbreaking for me to hear stories about that, I still Michael Vick and what he did to his dogs! The fact that several of them had to be put down because they were too aggressive around people just makes so pissed off and sad. These dogs didn’t ask to be this way, and this is how they are betrayed as something to be feared.

At one time, these dogs were used for good. They were used in the war as rescue dogs and soldiers like, Sergeant Stubby was a mutt and a stray Pit Bull terrier before becoming apart of the 102nd Regiment, 26th Infantry Division in World War I. He was taken in by John Robert Conroy, and they fought in seventeen battles. “Stubby the War Dog” was inducted into the America Legion. He died in 1926 and now is apart of the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History. Did you also know that back in the day, pit bulls were used as baby sitters to small children? Yup, nowadays people are too afraid to put their children around a pit bull. I love in a neighborhood where at one time, we had two pit bulls and two boxer mix. All of them had to be in cages or stuck inside, because a neighbors fear of pit bulls/boxers. All four dogs were gentle beasts that were raised to be good, but because of somebody’s fear they got a bad rap. One was even put down because he kept escaping his pin and neighbors kept calling about it. The owners couldn’t keep him inside as their female dog was already indoors and they feared of getting more puppies.

We had a pit bull for several years, she was our second baby. My dad still has fond memories of her in his head, he recently shared that once she got loose from her chain and took off down the road, somebody had called him while he was at work and he had to grab her and bring her back on his lunch break.  Chance was NEVER mean, in her later life she did learn how to bark whenever somebody came and knocked on our front door from my grandparent’s dog and our other dog Sydney, but once they came in the house she became this sweetheart and wanted to cuddle with you. She was brindle with a lot of white around her face, belly and paws. I’ve always had a soft spot for the brindle pits because of her. Our neighbor, they have a brindle pit bull, her name is Lexi and she’s almost a year old. She likes to jump on you, but she knows some commands like sit. She loves to get her face and belly massaged and give kisses to anybody that comes up to her.

It’s not just the pit bulls that have a bad rap, all big dogs that have masculine looks to them have people thinking they look ferocious, when that’s not the case at all. My sister and I grew up around big dogs, Chance and Katie (our black lab) were the two big dogs that weren’t allowed to come inside when we were kids because they were outside dogs. After we lost Katie and moved out of that house, Chancey became an inside dog and enjoyed that life of sleeping on the couch and our beds. My sister is a big cat lady, but she has ALWAYS wanted to get a Rottweiler. When I was in the hospital, she had two Rottweiler stuffed animals named Ava and Riley. They went everywhere with her! We were never told to be afraid of any types of dogs, so we grew to love them unconditionally. Which is probably our reasons why we always to want to adopt every single one in shelters.

Everybody in my family has been wanting to get another pit bull lately, we’ve been trying to talk dad into it, but the death of Chance still kind of lives on with him so getting him on board has been difficult. We need another big dog in our house though! ChiChi needs a buddy! I find it funny that we treat these breeds like people in many ways. We hear what others have to say and that’s how we judge them. I understand that if somebody has been attacked by one and are deeply scared of it or any other dog like it, but you shouldn’t condone every single one like it wants to hurt you. Sometimes we confuse the jumping and their playtime intentions as their agressive side. They’re just excited to see you and want to play with you.