Last Minute “Blogmas” Ideas!



So it is the first of December! I know a lot of people have been in the Christmas spirit since Halloween! For all of my British friends and everywhere else in the world, they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so I’ve had to put my festive side on the back burner for some time. I finally changed my profile picture to Rudolph and switched to my “holiday name” on Twitter back to “Mistletoe Meghan” like always! I’m so excited I can finally talk about Christmas things and announce that I will be doing Blogmas for the second year in a row! And I am absolutely terrified that I’ll end up repeating too much of what I discussed last year!

I have been going through different blogs, reading up some of their ideas that they have listed during the month of November and I thought, what if there were still some bloggers or vloggers out there that are still unsure if they wanted to join the movement. So I was reminded about my little worry and thought it would do some good if I went back through my older stuff I blogged about and maybe they would be good examples for anyone who were still on the fence about the whole thing!

So here is what I talked about on here last year for my first round of Blogmas!

  1. What To Get A Blogger For Christmas – It’s a collection of different things that most bloggers normally talk about on their site! Ex: beauty products, books, new camera, etc!
  2. Christmas Advent Calendar – My nana gets a cute little advent calendar that she puts on her refrigerator and she and I put on a different sticker for whatever day it is to help countdown to Christmas!
  3. Favorite Christmas Movies – I listed a bunch of my favorite Christmas movies! From cherished childhood favorites like Home Alone and Santa Claus to National Lapoon’s Christmas Vacation! You could also do this with music too! 
  4. Christmas Lights In The Park – My mom and I went out to our park one night and drove around to pick out our favorite lights! The arches are still my favorite!
  5. Ugly Christmas Sweaters – I went on Wal-Mart website and picked out some of the most ugly ass Christmas sweaters! However, I thought most were more cute than ugly!
  6. Decorating The Christmas Tree – This post is about the day, my nana and I decided to put up the family tree by ourselves! It was a very interesting time all around!
  7. The Christmas Tag! – This was one of two Christmas tag that I’ve done on here! If you don’t want to do the standard Christmas-y posts, these are a good alternative!
  8. Christmas Cookies – It’s become a bit of a tradition to bake Christmas cookies as my nana’s! So we bake sugar cookies and decorate them to be sort of cute and festive!
  9. My Own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree – One year my mom surprised me with my very own Christmas tree for my room. It’s called a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” because it is very small and has a tendency of tilting to the side a bit!
  10. The “Would You Rather” Christmas Tag – This is the other tag post I have done!
  11. Christmas Tree Ornaments – I went around my family Christmas tree in 2014 and wrote about some of the unique bulbs we have on our tree!

I hope I have helped you figure out some ideas if you don’t know what to blog about this month! Honestly, it doesn’t have to be all about Christmas and a lot of people will say you need to blog every single day and you don’t! I’ll be publishing three posts a week and have a couple of posts that are far from Christmas themed, I don’t care what anybody says! I also hope you guys are excited for another month of Christmas worthy posts! You know there will be funny stories about my nana and I’s time together because you know we’ll be DIY-ing, baking, and whatever else we can get ourselves into, so hopefully you will like it!

Are you going to be doing Blogmas or Vlogmas? If not, who do you look forward to reading or watching around this time?


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A Very Festive Day!


Sorry for the inconvenience, but there’s been some breaking news! It’s only been December for two weeks and I’ve spend more time on Twitter and YouTube making sure I don’t miss a single Vlogmas. Now that’s dedication right there! And now we get back to our regular scheduled post!

Hey guys! 😀

On Tuesday, I decided to get up earlier than anyone in our house and stay sitting up for about four hours just keeping to myself aka watching YouTube videos and listening to music on the lowest volume ever! I went over to my nana’s at 3pm, which in a way isn’t so strange but since the skies get dark so fast that it feels later than it is. My nana had been telling me a little bit of what she wanted to do while I was over, one of which was trim the tree. Normally we have family from up north put it up, but since things were cut short this Thanksgiving, she was going to have Blondie and Brandon put it up, but she basically gave up on them and asked me instead.

In our house, my parents do basically all of the trimming. Dad unfolds the branches of the topper and my mom, Blondie and I unfold the smaller ones. I always manage to prick my toes with the pines every single time. I don’t know why, but helping nana put up her tree and I mean, I did a lot of it with her I didn’t get as hurt as I usually do. We put the top branches up first because I thought we were going to be too short in our wheelchairs to put up the tinsel and lights so we did everything kind of backwards. My poor nana had to put the stand together, which thankfully wasn’t that hard and plug the two sections together and at one point we did have the angel up. I got to put her up. It’s been YEARS since I’ve put the angel up on a Christmas tree. When we were kids, we had to remember who put it up the year before, now dad just does and it saves us a lot of time and arguing. Just before we were to put the small branches into the little holes in the stand, she looked like she was going to fall off so nana just removed it. Once everything was shoved in, like literally! The tree was up but with no angel!

The next thing on our list were the lights of course! She had extra lights out on her front porch and somebody had brought them in and she decided to see if those would work, she knew one side lit up but the other didn’t so imagine this for a second. We had this long strand of lights dragging across the floor, I’ve got one end and she’s got the other to be plugged into the socket right? I don’t know why I continued to hold it in my toes but I did. She had to go into the kitchen to find an empty socket and I was trailing behind her on my end. I felt like the caboose of a freaking train! In the end, both sets of lights that she had only worked halfway. After that, we didn’t think it was best to do anything else since it’s always best to do lights, tinsel, ornaments, rug, and nativity scene around it at last. At least that’s how we’ve always done it!

It took us maybe an hour to get everything up. The next time I go over there I’m taking pictures of the empty tree and some of the ornaments that she has, as I can create another blog post out of them too! We figured out that we are indeed doing Christmas cookies again. This time not as many, but I’m slightly worried because last year the sugar cookies were so hard, like rocks to chew. Is there something we can do about this? We just get the premade cookies from the store, is there a better alternative then to making them by scratch? I also have an idea for our last DIY of the year, but like always I can’t tell you much about it! Because you know, I have family reading this post. I can’t spill the goods! My grandparent’s entire house is so festive, I think it’s as decorated at Zoella’s house, I mean that’s how good it looks!

When my parents came back after two hours, not only was it super dark but I forgot to tell you that my mom told me just before we went over that since it’ll be dark when they get back that she’ll take me out to see the Christmas lights in the park. I am almost in my mid-20s and I got a little too excited about it. When we dropped dad and the food off at the house, I was so excited that I was seriously flapping my feet together like a seal! Driving up to the park was even cool! Some of the houses had little displays and then there was one that had its entire yard covered with lights and aired up Santa Clause and snowmen. When we got into the grounds, I was happy but a bit shocked. There wasn’t a lot as much as a couple of years ago. There were bigger ones which made me awesome! This was like the Christmas markets I’ve been hearing and seeing on Facebook for the past two years! This was as close as I’m going to get to ever seeing one of those I think! I’m pretty my mom’s favorite was the Santa riding a Harley, the lights on the tires moving like it was moving really fast! Mine was the big arches over by the lake. While she was busy trying to take pictures (and not driving off the road!) we kept hearing the ducks outside the window.

Just before it ended, we came over a hill and there was an electrical tower but a tree was blocking it as you were coming over the hill and we both swear up and down that the bell on that tower looked like a bikini! As we got closer, it definitely looked like a festive bell but far away it looked like a high waist 50-60’s style bikini! When it was over and we were at the main road to go home, we got stopped at the longest light ever! So my mom thought she would see how her pictures turned out, most of them were bury but she got quite a few good ones that I had to edit a little, but I was keeping an eye out on the light and once I said “green” she looked over and grabbed the wheel and realized there was a cop on my side of the car. Oops! We didn’t get a ticket or anything, I don’t think he even noticed us!

Do you put up your Christmas tree? Do you go by what we do or do you do something different? 

Diversity In The Blogging World!

When I first started blogging, it was only for school. I didn’t think it would grow as much as it has in the (almost) six years like it has, but now that I have continued on with it and seen the opportunities that blogging can give a person as far as working with different brands and meeting other bloggers from around the world. You worry as time goes on with more people making blogs if there is enough original material to go around. Everybody worries about this, because you don’t want to say this was your idea when another person has put up the same contend on their blog. Since there are so many niches (fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc) I wanted to share my thoughts on breaking out of the mold of what normal bloggers are, because nobody is the same.

I was on Twitter recently where I found a pair of sisters, they run a blog and YouTube channel simply called, Mandeville Sisters. They are Amelia and Grace Mandeville. Grace is kind of special, because she only has one hand. She recently put up a video on their YouTube channel explaining her reasons why there’s not a lot of people with disabilities on YouTube. This got me thinking of how in the beginning of my blogging journey, I was the only one that had a disability and was a full-time blogger. So while I was watching Grace’s video, I instantly got an idea on how I could help promote other disabled bloggers like myself, because I think it would help other young people and kids with or without disabilities understand more about themselves and show everybody has their differences and we should respect each other.

I decided to ask three of my favorite disabled bloggers to help me out in this post. First off we have Hayley-Eszti who is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, she also suffers from a chronic illness called M.E. Sara is a lifestyle, crafts, book blogger that suffers from Muscular Dystrophy. And Michelle is a lifestyle blogger that suffers from Cerebel Palsy. All of the ladies were asked the same questions and gave me their honest opinions about them.

First question, when did you first get the idea to do a blog?

H: I came across some bloggers and really enjoyed reading their content. It wasn’t until I became ill and bedbound that I decided to start my ownone, I never thought I’d be good enough before but I so desperately needed a creative outlet which could be done from my bed or when in hospital and a blog seemed like the perfect way!

S: I had wanted to do one but just never really got around to it and wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about etc. Then back last March I think it was someone I followed on Instagram who also has a form of Muscular Dystrophy started a blog and after I read hers she inspired me to bite the bullet and start my own.

M: I started thinking about it at the beginning of last year but didn’t actually take the plunge and set it up until September.

Question two, why do you think there’s not a lot of disabled bloggers out there?

H: I don’t really know, I don’t see why there shouldn’t be! I have had a positive response from other bloggers when discussing my disability on my blog but for a long time I felt like people wouldn’t be able to relate to me as I was different to 90% of other girls, I always wanted a fashion blog as fashion blogs are what inspired me in the first place but for a long time I felt like I wouldn’t fit in or that people would be rude or put off because I had a wheelchair. I was actually so wrong and when I did put an outfit post up showing my wheelchair. Everyone was so sweet! As a community blogging can often be very appearance driven, fashion, beauty and “perfect” girls but life isn’t like that, we are all different and we should embrace who we are and show the world that we still have things to say that other people might be interested in. I want to see more disabled/handicap bloggers, because so many of them are so lovely.

S: I think there’s probably more than you realise, just maybe not all of them incorporate their disability into their blog.

M: I think with anything starting to blog is nerve-wracking and alot of people don’t think people will be interested in reading what they write.

I wanted this post to bring in more awareness in the blogging community, that not everybody is the same. We might share the same content every now and then, but our views are always different. I don’t think disabled bloggers are any less different from the rest, we all have a story to share and once we feel comfortable in our surroundings, we can truly be ourselves. Thank you to Grace Mandeville for inspiring me to write this post and help spread the word of the less traditional bloggers of the internet. I also wanted to say thank you to Hayley-Eszti, Sara, and Michelle for answering my questions and I’ve linked their blogs at the top of that Q&A section if you want to read more about them and their blogs. Down below I got the idea to add even more blog links, of ONLY bloggers with any kind of disability. I’ve tried my best on doing a mini summary of them and their blogs too. Click a link and get to know these people too!

  • Mermaid In Disguise – Beth is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogger that suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
  • The Disabled Diva – She is a blogger, author, and mother. She blogs about her disability, living California, going to Disneyland, and just trying to put a smile on your face! She suffer from different invisible illnesses.
  • The Disabled Foodie – David is a wheelchair user and a foodie! He does restaurant reviews in the New York City area. He does these reviews in a different way from most, he focuses his attention on the restaurant’s access for other handicapped people.
  • When Tania Talks – Tania is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and health blogger. She suffers from a number of different illnesses, she has two blogs. Tania Talks Health is her second blog, which has more information on her conditions and provides advice for others.
  • Around and Upside Down – Vicky is a fashion, beauty, food, and travel blogger. She suffers from EDS hypermobility type, she discuss a wide range of disability topics, especially a segment called “Wheelchair Fashion” it’s similar to the normal “OOTD (outfit of the day)” posts that all the other fashion bloggers post, but she focuses on what works and looks great with sitting in a wheelchair!
  • Hash It Out – Jane is a blogger, host of her own Podcasts, and activist. On her blog and podcast she talks about different topics of people with disabilities, in real life or in the media. You can find her podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Podmatic.
  • Curb Free with Cory Lee – Cory is a wheelchair user and a travel blogger. He talks about the times where he’s trips are both accessible and not so accessible. His life goal is visit all seven continents and he’s got four more to go!
  • Words I Wheel By – Emily was born with a disability called Larsen syndrome which affects her joints and muscles. She blogs about disability experience and encourages people to understand it in more accepting and supporting ways.

Vloggers That I Love #2


It’s the second month of the year! It’s a good thing that I’ve decided to do these once a month because I don’t even watch three others in a week. I don’t like anything but the daily vlogs apparently, because I’m very, very addicted to them. I have to give the two I’ve selected for this month a lot of kudos because I don’t think I would be able to do a vlog everyday. I’m not all that interesting at the beginning of the week, trust me! If you haven’t watched these vlogger’s channels you really need to. Enjoy!

  1. PointlessBlogTV – You’ve heard me talking about Alfie’s channel a lot in the last month or so. When I wake up around noon or two in the afternoon, I’m very anxious that I’ve missed it so I literally go on Twitter first thing and load up the link if it’s there. I have watched a few of his main channel videos, not a lot though. I don’t understand how people like Alfie can do a different vlog everyday. I mean, when do you sleep? He’s got THREE different channels. So he’s always got something new coming along. That’s crazy!
  2. SacconeJolys – The SacconeJolys are a family of vloggers, originally from Ireland and now they live in England with their two kids: The parents and creators of this channel are Jonathan and Anna (both have separate channels as well) their children are Emilia, who is 2 and Eduardo who is almost a year old. Plus their six doggie friends. It’s a full house but they are really interesting! I’ve talked about them to my nana a lot and I’ve just found their videos quite recent. They recently went to Disney World and then went to Playlist Live afterwards. I watched that whole week of vlogs religiously! When Emilia met Cinderella, Anna, and Sofia the First I just bawling my eyes out. So many emotions were floating right out of me that I couldn’t control it.

Vloggers That I Love #1


I’m getting my feet wet again with creating this little drawing last week on paint. It’s not perfect by any means, but I do think it’s adorable! I just wanted something simple but yet appealing to others, because let’s be honest where do we mostly watch vlogs? On our computers and laptops. I’m still not familiar of a layout of a tablet so that’s why I didn’t draw one. I’ve recently gotten myself into watching different vlogs. It started back in early December. From there it has kind of grew into more and more vlogs that I liked to watch and so I thought I’d go back and forth each month and share a couple of my favorite vloggers. I think I’m only going to focus on two people a month, so I don’t overwhelm myself with different videos. So I hope you enjoy these other vloggers too!

  1. Zoella – I am a new fan of Miss Zoe! I’ve only visited her blog twice, but she’s a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger! She’s had her blog and vlogs since 2009! When I saw that she had written a book about a girl who has another life writing a blog, I thought it was awesome because people still don’t know what to think of both bloggers and vloggers. There are a lot of stereotyping with other non-bloggers but that’s life right! Anyways, every single vlog she’d put up, I’d watch! She’s bubbly and sounds so genuine!  I actually love her vlogs on “MoreZoella” instead of the others. it’s kind of like writing up a lifestyle blog post but the only difference is that you’re actually seeing it for yourself what she’s doing and talking about, so it’s more personal really!
  2. Polka Dots And Cups Of Tea – I thought it would be really special if I featured this post with the Queen of YouTube with a new vlogger to me. Tanya is a new friend of mine. I found her blog by accident, I had just gotten on the 1D bandwagon and somehow I saw her post about taking her daughters to one of their concerts. I read it, followed her on Twitter, and haven’t been the same since! I love talking to her about life and even though she is a mum, she is extremely fun and honest! I recently started watching her vlogs. It’s so nice to know what her voice sounds like! That’s the one thing that being online and writing blog posts doesn’t have, a way to know how they sound like. Anyways, I love watching her vlogs, she goes about her day with and without her kids, does OOTDs and what make up products she uses!